AOTY 2023
Man, this album was… something?

I was hoping that with a bit more refined pop production, this would MAYBE be decent, but I mostly walked away from this album really indifferent. Ill start with the positives tho: Irresistible is a pretty cool way to open up the album, but not really as grandiose and as solid as the last albums opener, Uma Thurman is a pretty catchy pop tune, Novocaine and Twin Skeletons are easily some of the best songs off this album, and Favorite Record is a sweet little pop song. With that out of the way, everything else on here was annoying as shit. The title track is actually one of the worst FOB songs ever, its a complete train wreck of a song with annoying overblown production and vocals, Centuries and Immortals were pretty much about as annoying and trash as I remember, I never really liked those songs anyway. And everything else was just really forgettable radio pop bullshit. Its honestly so fucking sad to see what these guys have become, with how overproduced their songs are now, compared to their pop punk 00s era where they felt like they were making songs they really connected with. This is no different to what Imagine Dragons have been doing for pretty much the same amount of time. Awful.

Im just hoping, PRAYING that somehow MANIA can pick this up, but seeing the ratings and my original score for it (i cant really remember anything about it), the future is looking bleak.

Best Tracks: Irresistible, Uma Thurman, Novocaine, Favorite Record, Twin Skeletons
Worst Track: American Beauty/American Psycho

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