I had no idea what to expect from this project, considering the low user score, the previous project "Bastard" being super great, and many people on a discord server told me that this was his worst project by far. So I didn't go into this project with the highest of expectations, but GOD DAMN!!! THIS WAS THE MOST HATED ONE?!?

I honestly really did like this album, I don't really see the hate that many people have towards this album. The production, while yes is flat and not the greatest of any project, complements the project perfectly in my opinion, with how ominous Tyler's performances are on here. Tyler's lyrics, flow and wordplay is pretty good still, and the concept itself really great and well executed, considering this is basically a follow up to the story that "Bastard" provided. I genuinely got invested into the concept of this album towards the end, especially with the ending (which I wont spoil, in case u haven't heard it :)). I mean, yeah, some tracks could've easily been removed from here to make it shorter, and the bonus tracks definitely don't add anything new to the experience, but still, I really did enjoy this! Lets see what Tyler's next album "Wolf" has to offer.

Best Tracks: Goblin, Yonkers, Radicals, She, Transylvania, Tron Cat, Her, Sandwitches, Bitch Suck Dick, Window, Golden (bonus tracks: Burger)
Worst Track: Analog

Track Ratings
1Goblin / 90
2Yonkers / 100
3Radicals / 80
4She / 95
5Transylvania / 80
6Nightmare / 60
7Tron Cat / 90
8Her / 85
9Sandwitches / 80
10Fish / 50
11Analog / 40
12Bitch Suck Dick / 75
13Window / 85
14AU79 / 55
15Golden / 80
1 Comment
Personally, I think Analog is a good ass track. Fish is way worse
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