AOTY 2023
I checked this out pretty much mainly cause of @megumicarrot (shoutout to her, btw, really cool person!). So, I just jumped in from there, and I must say, this is actually pretty good. I really liked IRyS's vocals, her singing is really great, and I actually really liked the writing on here. Sure, the sound can get a little bit generic at some points, but at the same time, it's still a pretty fun time for when it's on. Also found the general concept pretty interesting too, seeing this half-angel half demon character experiencing the world for the first time, I think it's pretty cool of an idea. I'm interested in seeing what else she can put out, as this is a pretty cool effort. Pretty good.

Best Tracks: Only in Hope, Joy with You, Bare your teeth, Flower of hope
Worst Track: Nameless Sadness (not bad, just ok)

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I recommend Unison by Houshou Marine. Surprisingly experimental pop for a Vtuber
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Jul 11, 2022
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