I mean, not really saving rock and roll, considering this is basically a pop album, but… ok i guess.

I really don’t know how to feel about this album, cause I used to love the shit out of a lot of these tracks as kid back in my youths. I remember very distinctly even calling this their best release yet (yes, higher than all of their previous efforts, even FUTCT and Folie a Deux). However, as the years went by, the more I respected and appreciated their 00s runtime, and the less I came back to… this.

This album is less of a dilution of their sound before, and more of a tsunami flooding of just completely washing away the youthfulness they had back then. Their pretty much making millennial stadium rock akin to Imagine Dragons or shit like that. Not saying their aren’t any great tracks on here, as the title track is actually a very well made love letter to Rock as a genre with Elton John and Patrick Stump singing passionately as fuck!!! I also really liked the opener “The Phoenix” with its grandiose production and string sections, its a damn fire way to open an album after 5 years. Other than that and a few other moments, there really isn’t any reason to listen to this over any of the 00s records. Im very afraid for what awaits me with future albums, as this is not a good look for them so far.

Best Tracks: The Phoenix, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark, Where Did the Party Go, Death Valley, Save Rock and Roll
Worst Track: tie between The Mighty Fall & Rat a Tat (both because of terrible guest features from Courtney Love and Big Sean)

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