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Slipknot - Iowa
My only exposure to this band before this is about half of WANYK and Coreys new dumpster fire of a solo album “CMF2”, so for a while I was just planning on never listening to this bands shit cause I just thought it was all garbage like CMF2 (i don’t remember anything from WANYK). But then decided that was stupid and jumped into this album, cause I saw people gassin this up for a long time and decided now was the time to give it a shot.

Hoooooooly SHIT! This is genuinely one of the hardest metal albums I think I’ve ever heard in my life. Everything about this album just goes so fucking hard it’s insane! Coreys vocals on here are deadass 1 to 1 exactly what I look for in my metal music, aggressive as fuck and in some pockets kinda terrifying! Production across this whole thing carries my attention through its entire runtime, I legit did not feel bored at all on any of these songs, I was trapped in a metal cage getting my head torn off, put back on, and then ripped right off again over and over and over. This is easily top 5 metal albums for me, so fucking glad I gave this a chance.

Best Tracks: ALL
Worst Track: Iowa (if i had to pick)

Track Ratings
1(515) / 65
2People = Shit / 100
3Disasterpiece / 100
4My Plague / 100
5Everything Ends / 100
6The Heretic Anthem / 100
7Gently / 100
8Left Behind / 100
9The Shape / 100
10I Am Hated / 100
11Skin Ticket / 100
12New Abortion / 95
13Metabolic / 100
14Iowa / 90
I’m glad you liked this album. I recommend you check out their self titled album as well
Iowa is actually one of my favorite slipknot tracks ;-;
Iowa is the best track tf are you on
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