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we came in?

Pink Floyd: #17

Been putting this one off for a while. Well... I guess its finally time. This is something I'm pretty sure I've said already in my Nostalgia Critic review, but this album is my 2nd favorite album of all time. This was also my first review on this website, but that review sucked so it is now long gone.

For most of my favorite albums ever, the general case is that it is an album where I love to death pretty much every single song. Now other things factor in but the ... read more

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Adventures in reviewing random albums I really enjoy.

I've had a complex history with this band and album. I think its right for me to go over some of that as its essential in my feelings about this.

Like many people, my introduction to this band was Mr. Jones. I think the way I heard about this song was from an Artv video about songs that ruled the 90s. He talked about Mr. Jones and the short preview intrigued me somewhat. I listened to the song in full, thought not much about it, and that ... read more
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Pink Floyd: #19

Conflicted, I am on this one. So this was the band's attempt, or I should more say Roger Water's attempt, to follow up The Wall. Viewing it from that point there's no way this album could live up to the epic that is The Wall, so I think it's more appropriate to view this as a b sides album of The Wall, like Amnesiac by Radiohead or Steal this Album! by System of a Down. This is pretty much a Roger Water's solo album, only thing making it still Pink Floyd is that David Gilmour ... read more
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Pink Floyd: #18

I should probably start off by clarifying this isn't really a Nick Mason solo album. This is a Carla Bley album where Nick Mason did some drumming and production, the minimum to get his name on it, in hopes it would sell more. Spoiler: it sadly did not. So while this may not really be a Nick Mason solo album, Mason got his name on an album better than most other solo albums of the other members

When I saw the low scores on this album I really wasn't that excited to do this. ... read more
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Mike Patton: #43

Wait. Is it really happening? Am I finally gonna be set free! Over these 43 albums I have grown a tremendous amount in my music taste. I'd say Mike Patton is someone who will continue to influence my taste in music for the rest of my life, I love the man. While I am so glad to finally be done with this I am sad to finally let go of this series. I atleast can hold on to the fact I'll probably have to revisit it atleast once a year with how busy the guy is, Patton never ... read more
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Mike Patton: #42

Wow its been over a month now since I've done a new review in this series. I essentially ran a marathon but stopped 3 feet before the finish line to take a nap. Well it's almost time to finally wrap this series up.

I did not expect to like this as much as I did. I mean the last Mr. Bungle demo I listened to, Bowel of Chiley, I did really enjoy but I was kinda just expecting that to be an outlier. This however proved me wrong. Mr. Bungle's demos they released before their ... read more


Jun 20, 2021
Jun 12, 2021
Wassup Stal
Jun 10, 2021
Hi, i have broken my left toe and i have a question for a list

All albums are now people and you hate music. Which album would you like to verbally assault the most for a solid hour? Let me know why if you feel the need to.
Thanks for your time :)
Jun 4, 2021
May 18, 2021
thank you so much for your submission, I really appreciate it!!!!
May 17, 2021
Hey ! I’m making a community list for the end of the world, and I would love for you to contribute.


“The surrounding buildings, in ruins. The remaining survivors, scrambling to find anything that remains. Fire flickers in the pitch-black, creating just a sliver of radiance. Miraculously, you find an old device that can play music. You can only play one album as the battery is nearly dead. Knowing that you have little time left, what is the one album that you choose to listen to as you watch the world crumble before your eyes?”

The album topic could discuss a disastrous time, its sound could fit the vibe of a post apocalyptic setting, or it could be one of your favorite albums that you would want to experience for the last time.

Please provide the artist, album, and an explanation as to why you chose that specific album.

Thank you for reading <3

Here’s the list:
May 13, 2021
Hiya! I’m doing a community list of albums people associate with the color red. Do you have any albums that just feel red to you?
Apr 28, 2021
Apr 27, 2021
what's your opinion on cat and chirp?


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