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Mike Patton Project: #6

Well with the new Mr. Bungle album now out, I guess I should review these two albums so I can go in chronological order and review the fourth album while it is still relevant. The California review will be coming tomorrow, but for today, we have Mr. Bungle's second album, Disco Volante, and definitely the weirdest of the group.

Like said before, this is definitely the weirdest Mr. Bungle album, maybe just a little too weird for me. The album is mainly made up of ... read more
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Mike Patton Project: #5

We could probably thank Mike Patton's wife partially for this album, even though they are no longer married. She was Italian which meant as a result Mike now can speak the language fluently. This is also the first album I've ever listened to that is primarily in a different language than English.

If you didn't know, this is a covers album of 50-60s Italian pop music performed with an orchestra and backing band. The orchestra really adds an extra layer. My favorite ... read more
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Mike Patton Project: #4

Here is the first 2000s album I have in this series, and there will be a lot more to come with the break up of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle somehow meaning to Mike Patton he needed to start like 10 more bands to replace those two, but its mostly good music so I won't complain anymore.

At face value, the debut self-titled Tomahawk album seems just like another run of the mill collaboration Mike Patton has involved himself in. This is probably what a lot of others think ... read more
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Mike Patton Project: #3

To describe these first three albums in my series, also the first three chronologically, I would use an analogy with the three bears' porridge from Goldilocks. The first, The Real Thing, is too mainstream or accessible, the second, Mr. Bungle, is too weird or Avant Garde, so this third album Angel Dust is just right balancing out the two. Realizing now this is a terrible analogy because this is my least favorite of the three so far. Maybe I just like the extremes ... read more
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Mike Patton Project: #2

I didn't really like this album on first listen. I am not really someone who listens to that much experimental or Avant Garde music. I mean I'll dip my toe into the pool sometimes, like with this album, but it is not my main genre or style of music I listen to. Though as I've re-listened to this a few times a long with certain songs on it, it has really grown on me. It has grown on me so much that I wouldn't doubt that it could eventually be one of my all time favorite ... read more
Oct 26, 2020
Sep 13, 2020
Thank you for the continued support, I really appreciate you.
Jul 24, 2020
Welcome to the site
I have started a series here where I review and rank every Mike Patton project. I Will not include individual songs but I will do eps ( I might make an exception though for a certain Fantomas song and any others that reach the length of an album or ep). I don't think I will do live albums unless it's new material and the same goes for compilations. I might regret this being that there are a lot more projects that he has does than I realized when I thought of this idea.
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