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Redfoo - New Thang
New Thang
Dec 27

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Pink Floyd - The Wall
we came in?

Pink Floyd: #17

Been putting this one off for a while. Well... I guess its finally time. This is something I'm pretty sure I've said already in my Nostalgia Critic review, but this album is my 2nd favorite album of all time. This was also my first review on this website, but that review sucked so it is now long gone.

For most of my favorite albums ever, the general case is that it is an album where I love to death pretty much every single song. Now other things factor in but the ... read more

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Jimin - Face
Corey Feldman - Former Child Actor
To start off, I should probably say thank you for 150 followers, I really don't know why people follow me. Second off, sorry this one's been so long to come. I'll get more into specifically why this album took so long to get a review for but the other reason I've been inactive in general is that I've just not been in the mood for reviewing, so this review will be the last for some time. I'll finish up Pink Floyd series after the break and start getting back into reviewing other stuff, but for ... read more
Pink Floyd: #21

It's really no surprise Roger Waters is my favorite member of Pink Floyd, something you could probably tell by now since I've said his name like a million times. I love big, bombastic theatrical music, and well... have you heard the wall? So I think its a given that I loved this album. This really feels like he took The Final Cut and improved on it massively, though knowing the history this was written around the same time as The Wall. The band were actually considering making ... read more

David Gilmour - About Face
Pink Floyd: #20

There are four eras of Pink Floyd: The Barrett era, The Entire Band era, The Waters era, and The Gilmour era. Barrett era was short lived but a large cult classic. The Band era was the peak of collaboration, starting somewhat shaky with Ummagumma and evolving beautifully to Wish You Were Here. Animals really marked when the Roger Waters took charge of being the leader of the band, all the way until him leaving the band. Timeline wise, Waters has yet to leave the band but Final ... read more

Counting Crows - August and Everything After
Adventures in reviewing random albums I really enjoy.

I've had a complex history with this band and album. I think its right for me to go over some of that as its essential in my feelings about this.

Like many people, my introduction to this band was Mr. Jones. I think the way I heard about this song was from an Artv video about songs that ruled the 90s. He talked about Mr. Jones and the short preview intrigued me somewhat. I listened to the song in full, thought not much about it, and that ... read more


hii! i just dropped a new single. it’d be amazing if you could check it out. let me know what you think!
Over a year ago, I asked you and many other AOTY users what album you would want to be friends with. Welp, I decided to bring the concept back, with a sorta 'sequel' to that list and a reverse question:

If an album was personified as a person, what's one album you would avoid at all costs, whether it be cause of corniness, flat out racism or if it's simply a bad album.

Thank you for your time if you do end up responding and have a good one :).
Megan The Stal-lion :letsfuckinggo:
thank god lmfao, sorry im late to respond. I was a bit puzzled when I heard you left, but It's great to know your doing well. Stay safe and keep doing your thing 🤴🤴👌😎

i dont really come by discord that much, lmfao
How are you doing stal? I miss you man, where are you gone?
Stal i think you should hear former child actor by corey feldman again album is a misunderstood masterpiece that only people who are VERY smart can coprehend
He and I are brothers...
pink floyd :)
pls fortnite review


Most likely am done with this account. Will come back if I ever feel like reviewing here again. I will still check my shout box occasionally but besides that this account is dead.

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