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Alkaline Pink - make u watch me light myself on fire
it me on vocals

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Alkaline Pink - make me feel so good
Weezer - SZNZ: Winter
just came back to say that yall are criminally underating this
Alkaline Pink - sableye V (WHERE ARE WE NOW)
Alkaline Pink & Elitimesfour - ⭐0 b s c U r i t Y⭐


sure thing! id love if u checked out some of my new tracks too <3
hey!!! I just dropped my new mixtape, “…Ill be gone soon” on all major streaming platforms!!! Id love for you to give it a chance<3 if not thats ok too<3
nice to see you visiting your shoutbox. hope you get out of the rut you seem to be in and i understand the album thing.
You haven't been active on here as much, hope you're doing well
Yo Alky! What's an album you think is better experienced whilst listening to it at nighttime? This is for a list btw, you can pick as many albums as you like. Reasonings are optional :)
Ohh lol that’s dope! Glad to know ur doing well. U still listening to new stuff or just taking a break off releases and other people’s music in general?
hey alkypink!!! i got a new song out <3 pls listen if ur interested! its my best ever !
Over a year ago, I asked you and many other AOTY users what album you would want to be friends with. Welp, I decided to bring the concept back, with a sorta 'sequel' to that list and a reverse question:

If an album was personified as a person, what's one album you would avoid at all costs, whether it be cause of corniness, flat out racism or if it's simply a bad album.

Thank you for your time if you do end up responding and have a good one :)
nice 666 followers

i got a new ep! love if u listened!

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