Trippie Redd - !
Aug 9, 2019 (updated 5d ago)
Well the carti song is gone so I guess I have to take some points away...
This thing is really falling off...

I have been a fan of his for a while now and at first I was very hyped for this new album because i thought that Under Enemy Arms was a great single, but the next two, Mac 10 and the title track were much more disappointing, bot bad, but not great either.
Track 1, !
So I wasn't fond of this at first because it really confused me and I still don't think it's one of his best, the EDM beat can really get annoying but the chorus is amazing. The very linear structure is also pretty annoying making it feel pretty brief. 6-10
Track 2, Snake Skin
This has a pretty dreamy and psychedelic guitar backed instrumental that I really like but he does have some pretty annoying vocalizations, though he has improved a lot since his early days on pretty much all of these songs. This isn't his most memorable song, but it definitely sounds decent while it's on. 6-10
Track 3, Be Yourself
Much of this seems pretty dreamy as well and it really fits well with the look of the album cover. This is one of the rare occasions where he is more rapping than he is singing, though he still does sing on the hook. Again, not particularly memorable, but who knows, it may grow on me in the future. 5-10
Track 4, I Try
I'm really starting to miss how raw his earlier stuff sounded, this is much cleaner. Luckily this is a much better song than the last couple the chorus is pretty good and he has a great flow on the verses. This is another very dreamy and pretty song, this is clearly the theme of the album when it comes to the general aesthetic 8-10
Track 5, They Afraid Of You Ft. Playboi Carti
I was very excited for this song for the Playboi Carti feature, he and Trippie seem pretty similar stylistically now, both are very big in this new wave of psychedelic trap that is getting huge, but Trippie is much more sad and dramatic sounding. This Carti feature didn't go as well as I was hoping though, it sounded pretty phoned in, nothing really special about it but again, it didn't sound bad. Everything else about the track however is amazing, it even ends on a guitar solo. 8-10
Track 6 Immortal Ft. The Game
This is really picking up now, and I honestly don't have much to say about this song that I haven't said about the others. But this is easily the best hook so far and the feature form The Game is a nice change up. 8-10
Track 7, Throw it Away
This song has a very nice clean guitar sample and a hook that really pulls at your heart, it sounds pretty compelling, though the briefness of these songs could start being an issue. 8-10
Track 8, Keep Your Head Up
These are all some of Trippie's best beats so far, they are all very pleasant though the title track and Under Enemy Arms really stand out because they don't follow this same dreamy aesthetic. I'm really starting to enjoy this album now and I'm happy, I was worried that I was going to dislike it. 8-10
Track 9, RIOT
I was expecting a banger, and at first it sounded like that wouldn't be the case but he really snarls his way through the hook in a way he hadn't done before. Though the repetitiveness of the refrain right before the hook is pretty annoying. The airpods joke was pretty funny also.7-10
Track 10, Mac 10 Ft, Lil Baby and Lil Duke
The features don't sound great paired with Trippy at all. It doesn't help that I really dislike Lil Baby, but still the beat makes up for a lot of it, it's so trippy, and trippy as in psychedelic, not as in Trippie. 6-10
Track 11, Everything BoZ Ft Coi Leray
It really doesn't stand out much until the Coi Leray feature that doesn't sound particularly pleasant, I actually think she ruins the song. 5-10
Track 12, Under Enemy Arms
This is the lead single and I see why, this is probably the best song on the album, one of my favorite songs of the year so far. It's so catchy and he raps and sings over this pretty weird instrumental with a bunch of pitched up vocals samples and a ton of violins. 10-10
Track 13, Lil Wayne
This reminds me of how on the Young Thug album Jeffrey every song was named after some of his biggest inspirations, and I'd assume that is what this track is for. Overall it is another song that sounds great but is way to brief and kind of underwritten.6-10
Track 14, Signing Off
It is a good summary to the album aesthetically, it definitely sounds very good
and doesn't overstay its welcome. 7-10
Overly, I think a lot of this is some of Trippie's best work to date, except I have no clue why he just decided to stop putting bridges in his songs, that was a pretty strange choice. It does have a pretty rocky start but picks up pretty well starting from track 4 and doesn't really stoop low until near the end. I'm very glad he used his features as well to break up the monotony of his somewhat mediocre song structures throughout this thing, they give you a nice little break. I will definitely return to this and I think Trippie continues to improve, I just hope he doesn't go down this EDM route any further. 75-100
It's starting to shrink on me
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