Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding
Sep 6, 2019 (updated Sep 17, 2019)
So after listening to this like 3 times, I feel that I have a pretty good grasp on what I think. It's definitely a mixed bag. This album is an absolute mess of ideas. It's indie one second trap the next, oh and one there's an orchestral interlude. Anyways, if you ignore the fact that this is like a playlist of a bunch of random songs, it has some good things about it. The super dramatic opener and title track is really good, Posty's vocal performance is really impressive, especially the way he adapts from guitar ballad to trap banger without a sweat. It's very satisfying. The follow up Saint-Tropez is not good however, it's very boring. It has very predictable songwriting and the chorus isn't particularly catchy either. It's pretty obnoxious and formulaic. We're back to the quality tracks right after though with Enemies. The choruses on this album are a serious highlight this time, they're so good they like give me a rush of energy. And it's not like his hook game was ever bad I just feel that he has mastered it on some of these songs. This is definitely one of them. Allergic is pretty confusing. One second it is a god awful indie rock/pop track with an obnoxious instrumental. This pre-chorus is also super familiar, in a bad way, I feel like I have heard it on the radio 100 times before. The vibrato sounds particularly fake on this song as well. However the absolute amazing and cute hook almost makes up for it… Almost. Everybody seems to have contrary opinions on Circles but I personally love it. Again, the chorus is amazing, even though the vibrato can be kind of ridiculous. But the instrumental is pretty cute with a pretty hard groove, I just want some cymbals, why aren't there any? Not even like a high hat or anything. Die For Me is amazing. Why does Future sound like a god? His singing is great, his performance is super captivating and lively and he even pulls off the falsetto thing that turned King's Dead into a meme, this makes me want a new Future project where he becomes a chameleon of sorts. Kind of like Young Thug. Halsey is kind of overproduced or something and her voice doesn't fit in well with Future and Posty. Still, her performance and melodies are great. Take What You Want From Me is another unlikely pairing gone right. Ozzy sounds amazing and the addition of the electric guitar is also really nice and not nearly as cheesy as trap and rock combinations usually are. Travis just kind of does his thing however. Posty has some great chemistry with SZA on Staring At The Sun. The vocal melodies are great. The instrumental is also a lot of fun. The songwriting on Internet is terrible. It's a verse and a chorus and an abysmal, over produced, useless, orchestral section. I hate this song so much. It's like filler, but he tries doing something new on it. I do love the next song however. Goodbyes is a really great collaboration between two of trap's biggest singers. Yes Young Thug is a singer. Another indie type track, Myself (Fantano's gonna hate this thing) is like most of these songs, it's very catchy. It gives me some 80's vibes in some parts for some reason.

Now, this has quite a few highlights, I just find as a whole, it's so unorganized that even though the songs are good it isn't great as a full project. I would have much preferred a trap album or a pop album or even an indie album to this. He attempts to appeal to a much larger demographic as well while still being friendly for casual pop and trap listeners. He is definitely experimenting which I do really like, just some of these fall on their faces in the process. Still, I would say I still had a decent time listening to this pop salad.

70-100, but only because the songs are mostly enjoyable.

Hollywood's Bleeding 8-10
Saint-Tropez 3-10
Enemies Ft. Dababy 8-10
Allergic 5-10
A Thousand Bad Times 4-10
Circles 9-10
Die For Me Ft. Future and Halsey 9-10
On The Road Ft. Meek Mill and Lil Baby 4-10
Take What You Want Ft. Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott 8-10
I'm Gonna Be 7-10
Staring At The Sun Ft. SZA 8-10
Sunflower "the lightest of 7's"
Internet 1-10
Goodbyes Ft. Young Thug 9-10
Myself 7-10
I Know 7-10
Wow 7-10
Sep 6, 2019
Die For Me should've stopped at Future. Halsey just fucking demolished that track
Sep 6, 2019
The only part I liked about that song was Halsey. Actually one of the few songs on the album I can say I "liked."
Sep 6, 2019
You're right, Future is by far the best part of that song. Wish it was his track without features...
Sep 6, 2019
Yeah, Halsey was very much out of place on this track but I'll definitely keep listening to this one just for the amazing Future feature.
Jun 14, 2020
Can't call it a mixed bag and score it 70. Mixed bag is 45 to 60
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