Trippie Redd - A Love Letter To You 4
Nov 22, 2019 (updated Nov 22, 2019)
I have been a pretty unapologetic Trippie Redd fan even if he had a pretty rocky start with some very inconsistent mixtapes. I thought he only had good things in his future when he released the fantastic 3rd installment of his A Love Letter To You series. However, he didn't go up from there and this is just as inconsistent as his early mixtapes. Mostly because it is 21 tracks, which when he announced the tracklist, it had me worried. This is a definite step up from the painful experience that was '!' But I would still take A Love Letter To You 3 or Life's a Trip over this thing any day. However, that doesn't mean this isn't without its highlights.
Leray has a very pleasant acoustic Instrumental with Trippie probably talking about his relationship with Coi Leray and his feelings after breaking up with her. It is spoken word until the last half where he begins to sing. It's a pretty compelling moment and legitimately entertaining to listen to. "I wasn't necessarily looking for happiness, just bless pain" legitimately hits, that is probably the best lyric on the whole album. I remember him having a pretty funny and immature reaction to the break up on his instagram, deleting all his posts, unfollowing everyone, turning his profile picture black and saying something along the lines of " unloved" on his bio. Still, his reaction then doesn't affect the fact that this is a good track and a good opener to the project. It is very short though.

Love Sick has a decent instrumental but the best part about this whole song is the vocal performance. He has many different melodies and flows throughout and an extremely catchy chorus. I do wish there was another verse in the song, it just kind of ends after the second chorus and a reversed version of the instrumental with some fireworks.

Love Me More has grown on me a bit, even if the lyrics are still very annoying and sour. I like how much he experiments with his flows. It does have a pretty boring instrumental however.

Real Feel is one of the best songs on the album. It has a very good instrumental and some very catchy melodies from Trippie. It's also more of a full song with three choruses and two verses. I really hate the " I wanna feel on your butt line" this album seriously contains some of Trippies worst lyrics, not that I listen to him for his lyrics, but when they're this bad it's kind of hard to ignore.

This Ain't That could have been alright if everyone's favorite rapper lil Mosey didn't ruin it.

6 Kiss has an extremely typical instrumental but the features help it stand out. Juice WRLD has the better performance of the two features but it's nothing all that special for him. YNW Melly has a pretty underwhelming performance but again, Trippie sounds pretty good.

Till the End of Time has a very corny intro with someone saying that they needed to listen to Trippie Redd for whatever reason but the instrumental and hook quickly draw you away from that. While they're catchy, the song seems to be missing something. It feels strangely empty and has a very underwhelming ending. I wish he took the time to write one more verse in this song. It ends out of nowhere and leaves you wondering where the second verse ran off to.

U Deserve It… another example of bad features. Trippie sounds pretty good and the chorus is catchy but these two features bore me to tears.

I was waiting for the beat on Hate Me to drop but it never did. It sounded cool at first but it was repeated until I just wanted the song to end.

Wow, another terrible feature on All For Me. The autotune is very sloppy and it sounds like Smokepurpp is trying to do a Nav impression.

The Grinch is a little short but I love Trippie's cutthroat performance and the very distorted bass heavy instrumental.

Death had grown on me even more. I love the instrumental, the flows and Dababy's feature was pretty fantastic as well. One of the few exceptions to the general theme of terrible features on this album.


The beat on M's is adorable and I love it a lot. Yachty definitely sounds good over this blissful beat but he sounds kind of off beat. Sadly, Pi'erre has painfully boring verse.

I'm very upset about Lil Wop being on The Jungle Book. I have no clue who he is or why he is on here, he sounds terrible. Trippie's performance Is pretty good but this instrumental is one of the best on the album. I love the vocal samples.

Abandoned is by far the best on the whole album. Trippie has every emotional performance, the chorus in this song is so powerful and the feature adds a lot as well. I wouldn't be angry or worried if Trippie Redd announced a full acoustic album because this song is fantastic. It also reminds me of the guitar ballad on Life's a Trip, How You Feel.

Yeah, I can't rap like Trippie Redd because oh my god… his flows in this song are fantastic and the feature doesn't disappoint. I love the boom bap instrumental as well.

The first and last third of this album are actually pretty good and if you had just cut out those 6 tracks in the middle, this would be a lot better and actually pretty solid but the quantity over quality aspect of this album near ruins it for me. On many tracks, even on some of my favorites, the song structuring can be pretty questionable. It could be on purpose, as a way to make sure you are getting a very to the point track but it leaves many of these just sounding unfinished. A "verse chorus verse end" song is very underwhelming and that is the majority of this album. There isn't really a lot to say about this album, it's decent but I feel like people are just going to end up forgetting about Trippie Redd if he keeps releasing mediocre projects like this one.

Leray 7-10
Who Needs Love 7-10
Love Sick 7-10
Love Me More 5-10
Real Feel 8-10
This Ain't That Ft. Lil Mosey 3-10
6 Kiss Ft. Juice Wrld and YNW Melly 6-10
Till The End Of Time 5-10
U Deserve It Ft. Chris King and Quanta 5-10
Hate Me ft. Youngboy Never Broke Again 5-10
All For Me Ft. Smokepurpp 4-10
Sickening Ft. Tory Lanez 7-10
The Grinch 7-10
Death Ft. Dababy 8-10
RMP 3-10
M's Ft. Lil Yachty and Pi'erre Bourne 5-10
Bust Down Deux Ft. Youv Dee 7-10
The Jungle Book Ft. Lil Wop 6-10
Chosen 7-10
Abandoned Fr. Mariah the Scientist 9-10
Can You Rap Like Me Pt. 2 Ft. Chris King 9-10
Album 60-100

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