Various Artists - Album of the Year (User's Music Compilation) VOLUME 3
Dec 31, 2020 (updated Feb 6, 2021)
I have links to each song listen below, and we also have two playlists arranged in order on Spotify and Soundcloud. However, not all of the songs are on each so they’re mostly provided for convenience. I also provided as many bandcamp links as possible, so you should support your favorite artists here.
The tracklist is arranged into three acts:

First act: dense electronic bangers
Second act: fun bouncy tunes
Third act: emotional cuts

I arranged this for quality over quantity so we didn’t end up with 50 + songs again. Thank you to Elitimesfour, Concrete Castles, Malneezy and Amazing Blizzard for helping me curate this.

I hope you enjoy!!!

Track 1
Alkaline Pink - Rose Quartz

Track 2
Motha - GlowinGlass

Track 3
Elitimesfour - .mdm_a

Track 4
Concrete Castles - Escalation

Track 5
Trainwreck - Coral Memorial Funeral

Track 6
Aziz - Wombsys Extended

Track 7
CRAZYF1R3 - Death Wish (King of Death)

Track 8
Orchid Inc. - Mama

Track 9
Ryan Benis - Wishlist

Track 10
Schmedess - Scattered//Changed

Track 11
Cosmilk - Mach 25

Track 12
Swandive - Infiltrator

Track 13
The Araby Bazaar - Sally Won’t Sing

Track 14
Rockgati - Autumn Leaves

Track 15
We Are only Human Once - Withering

Track 17
Flamingo - Man'noyaku

Track 18
Malneezy - Last Kid on Earth

Track 19
Amazing Blizzard - Until The End of Time

Soundcloud Playlist

Spotify Playlist

If i had to rank all these songs (as is the AOTY comp tradition)
Elitimesfour 100/100
Malneezy 100/100
WOHO 95/100
Concrete Castles 90/100
The Araby Bazaar 90/100
Schmedess/ 90/100
Cosmilk 90/100
Swandive 88/100
Rockgati 88/100
Ryan Benis 85/100
Flamingo 85/100
Amazing Blizzard 85/100
Orchid Inc.84/100
Motha 83/100
Aziz 80/100
CRAZYF1R3 74/100
Trainwreck 65/100
Jan 1, 2021
Jan 1, 2021
Ay! Already ranked lowest on two lists! Score!
Jan 1, 2021
Amazing work on this compilation and thanks again for featuring me... an idea, if its welcome: include links here to the AOTY pages for these tracks/LPs w/in the text body?
Feb 28, 2021
Implicit Doom vanished???! Oh my god, we have to find him!!
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