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I want to add as many AOTY user albums as I can here and do my best to review/ rate them. Don't be afraid to send me your own stuff!
Also sorry if I am brief on your album, it's probably because I have so many to check out and the fact that I don't have to much space for each blurb.
Albums and EPs will be ranked on the first half and singles will be on the second half

Elitimesfour - t;he_si..gna_l
While I've always loved Eli's music, their new singles really just have blown me away to the point that I think I could now consider them to be my favorite AOTY artist. MDMA, Obelisk, the Versus singles and Inbloom were all AMAZING. The way they combine house and drum and bass with this lo fi, sample based sound design is legitimately amazing. So yeah, you could say I was excited for this. And I mean like as excited as I would be for any other major release. And this did not let down.

Breathless Ft. Isabella
Euclidium Ft. Motha
In Bloom
New Ventures
The Signal
Our Last night
Elitimesfour - from an unknown
24:01:2020, 00.26
I am a total sucker for this type of sort of ambient house influenced stuff. 4/4 kicks with some kind of wacky hats over anything electronic will most likely interest me. And this is no exception.

17:02:2020, 01.36

31:03:2020, 11.40

29:02:2020, 21.37
It's just an interlude, but I'm really not crazy about the sound of it. To me it's basically just lo fi nothing.

27:12:2019, 22.55

23:03:2020, 22.45

14:03:2020, 02.00

19:11:2019, 03.32
Elitimesfour - 405-obelisk // .mdm_a
MDMA is my favorite song by an AOTY producer soooooooooo
Elitimesfour - liminality
This isn't something I'd usually expect to hear under your Eli alias, but nonetheless, this fucking BANGS. I absolutely love the vaporwavey production. I find the drums to be especially good, I love how cavernous they are, plus the the whole song is just totally drowning in that nice, 80's type plate reverb. the sax especially sounds good in the mix near the end. Despite being so incredibly reverb heavy, it still manages to sound very full and dense. I do wish it was longer though if I'm being honest.
Loving this a lot! Eli vaporwave album when?
Elitimesfour - Io
this track sees Eli moving in a more ambient/deep house type vibe, and I must say, they pull it off!
Elitimesfour - I,,n:BLO_om/
major disgusting and distorted banger
As a whole this Is certainly one of the most consistent AOTY projects, but I do wish it was expanded on. Every track is just WAY too short so instead I'm gonna break this down as one big song rather than a bunch of separate ones.

The intro is super cool. I especially like the guitar and vocal samples 20 seconds into the intro. However, it doesn't transition nicely into the Angel's Share section. Luckily though, this is the only track with a rough transition like that. I really like the Angel's Share section also, the ear piercing high pitched ambient sounds are super cool and pretty ominous. I've listened to this whole project quite a few times now and Ominous is certainly a good word to describe most of this EP.
The choir vocals throughout are some of my favorite moments on this EP. Especially the ones at 2:30. The way you work with ambience is super cool, it's very cacophonous. The trap beat on the Futu Risk section was really cool. The 808s worked surprisingly well with the ambience of the instrumental. And I think the inclusion of Life After God was very smart also nice as it is one of my favorite singles of yours, it has grown on me quite a bit since my original listen of it.
The last 2:40 of the EP really are the best moments though. I love the 808 and organ combo at the 7:20 mark and the trap beat it lead into was really cool too. I loved the little plucky chord during the beat as well.
Deal In Blood really is the best moment on here though. I love those scream samples, but honestly the the beat it is over just makes it so much better. I kinda wish it ended on more of a bang rather than the ambient outro, but it was still really good. Overall a really great project.
I think this honestly should have just been added to Azeezus before it was actually fully released. All you'd need to do is improve the transitions on this one, add it to the end and it would have made Azeezus even better. But both on their own are still really good.

The intro is good, I don't remember it being this dense when I first heard it, but it sounds really good here, puts me in the spooky atmosphere.
The transition between that and Cryptropism sucks though, it's way too abrupt and totally ruins the atmosphere. The actual song itself Is great though, it feels cleaner and I love the new additions, this is honestly better than most of what was on actual Azeezus, even if the transitions on that project were better.
The transition between Crytropism and Wasteland Nostalgia wasn't seamless like most of Azeezus but it works, and just like before, this song is also still really good. I do feel like the gunshot percussion is a little cheesy, but I love those synths a lot.
This transition to Wombsys was also kind of normal sounding. It works, but wasn't seamless. I love that synth bass I must say. The phasing synth chords are cool too. That is a super strange snare for this type of beat but it is super cool and works. This whole intro for Wombsys is something totally new for you. I love hearing the old elements of Wombsys on this one as well.
Concrete Castles - Parallax
Wow I'm glad I listened to this again because it has grown on me a ton. I definitely think this is your best crop of songs to date

Home (Hue Land)

Falling (To The Sky)






Spaceship (Back To Hue Land)
That loop near the intro is super cool, but I wish it was extended on. The radio samples were really cool too. I like that melody played by the synth after the radio stops for a bit. Something about it is just super pretty. I think this is definitely one of your best songs. It's genuinely super beautiful.


Oublier (They Forgot About Me)


But I Don't Care.
Concrete Castles - playsound("Ep.wav")
Oh my god please make a whole chiptune project that is just more consistent than this holy fuck. That'd be such a great album. Just focus on songwriting and everything else is easy haha. Catchyness is key in chiptune, and the highlights on this project really show that.

I honestly really dig this intro. I wish it was extended into a full track though, but as it stands, it's fun and has some good melodies.


These chords are much more interesting, I also love the melody during the intro. I remember the second time you showed this to me I wasn't digging the slow first half, I love it now though. It's so blissful and calming, gives me those psychedelic tingles. I love that bass that slowly creeps in as the track picks up speed too. The whole second half is honestly fantastic… and yes haha, this is one of your best songs. It's just super fun and blissful. Waves is a good title also, the chords do feel like 8 bit waves honestly, and the whole track has that chill beachy vibe.



Concrete Castles - The Album of Obscure Sorrows
This album, while maybe in terms of the sounds used isn't the most unique thing on AOTY, everything else about it is very unique. The fact that every song kind of sounds to be in a strange time signature certain is one of them. But you are definitely a music nerd in a very different way than I am, and that is because you really seem to love theory. My main issue however, is that you use arpeggios WAAAAAAAY too much. I sometimes use them as an excuse for not being able to think of a good melody and I am curious if you also do the same. Either way, I do think this is your best project that I have heard so far, and I can't wait to hear your future releases!










Concrete Castles - #
Pretty cool progression on this one with some cool arpeggios and punchy kicks throughout. I'm just not huge on when the full drums pop in, but only play for like 20 seconds. The synths also sounded out of tune, but in a really cool way that I like a lot. 7/10
Two tracks in and I already think this is better than your most recent album. This production is awesome. I love the synths on here and the simple drums offer a great groove. However at 1:20, everything drops out and a super annoying synth pops in. It only lasts for a little while though because another drop is right around the corner. Though it once again leaves to reintroduce that annoying synth from earlier, and by the end I started lose interest a bit. Not huge on this progression. 5/10
While I think some of the recorded sounds here are cool, there is a super annoying guitar like sound that is clipping and driving me crazy. The progression afterwards is pretty fun though, and I really do love this idea of only using sounds you recorded on the spot. 6/10
I love the synths on here. And the part that starts at 40 seconds is insane. I love everything here, the synths, the melody, everything. It all works so well. This is probably my favorite track of yours, though I have not heard all of your songs yet. This isn't the most unique track out there, but that doesn't really matter, it is just some really great synth wave! 9/10
Woah this is a weird time signature, keeps a good groove throughout though. The deep very rhythmic sounding bass "not the wah bass" sounds totally out of place in my opinion. This whole track is constantly progressing and changing, but my issue with that is that it never really feels like it reaches its destination. Also, those synths that start at 2:55 are WAY too loud, like seriously ear piercing at points. This melodic progression at the end was cool though. Even if it was too loud. 6/10
Concrete Castles - An Abandoned Bus in the Valley of a Forest
(I had to shorten this to fit here, sorry)
I don't know what to do as an introduction so I will just jump right into this!
I was not a fan of the intro, it just sounded pretty boring in my opinion and lowered my expectations for the album… but that doesn't last long 5/10
The second track Escalation, is an absolute banger wow. I really love the progression of this one so much, and the instrumentation sounds great. Especially when it drops. I love the synths on here so much and the crazy arpeggios were cool too. The very rhythmic bass playing throughout most of the track adds a lot too, it really has a certain bounce to it. 9/10
I really do not like the intro to Spaghetti, the mix is pretty off, some things are WAY too loud, and the arpeggios here are pretty obnoxious. I love that bass sound though, I really wish I had it for my tracks Haha. After the beat drops it is a little better though, but not nearly as good as Escalation. It's also super short so I'm not sure about the point of it. 5/10
The intro to the Apocalypse was pretty interesting and when that nasty bit crushed synth bass popped in I got pretty hyped. I'm not crazy about where it went after that though, the melody is super awkward in my opinion and the sample chops are mostly annoying. There are certain sections of the track I enjoy, but it should have gone harder. 6/10
I do not like Bombs/Damage at all. I think the robot vocals are a little creepy but that's it. I personally think it feels like an eternity to sit through, it was very boring to me, but not necessarily awful. 4-10
I like the piano on The Concrete Castles and the way it builds up, even if it does sound a little awkward at points. By 2 minutes I was really hoping for a drop… but it really did not go anywhere so I was left feeling pretty underwhelmed. 4/10
He's Dying- 7/10
Bombs 2-3/10
Concrete Castles - Unopinionated
It's pretty crazy how you can go from a fun little chiptune album to fucking THIS! but hey I'm not complaining. I guess this is just what Godspeed does to a man haha
Anyways, to jump into the actual review, I'm sure you were probably waiting for me to say "This is one of your best songs" and here i am haha. this is one of your best songs for SURE.
Right off the bat, this is WAYYY different from your old chiptune stuff. It opens with this crazy drum groove and some super weird and glitchy little plucks and leads assembled into something that is actually pretty catchy and memorable. But if this wasn't weird enough, then stick around. Soon after this little into section Concrete Castles starts this weird rhythmic spoken word section that is SUPER COOL. It's super distorted and has a whole bunch of other freaky effects on it as well. After the vocal section is a super long instrumental outro that I love. it starts off with some detuned leads and a weird warbly sound that i like a lot that the breaks into a drum groove i like a lot, i just wish the drums stuck around a while longer. Then there is another section with this weird bell arpeggio that is very simple and repetitive. But the way the instrumental builds around it keeps it from getting boring. Extra layers of synths progressively start popping in that are quite nice, and VERY microtonal. I also love the way you teased into that distorted section. Speaking of that part, this is one of my favorite things you've done in your songs. again though, I don't think it stuck around long enough.
Overall, damn. this may just be your best song haha.
MALNEEZY - Throwaways Pt. 2
Loading... - I really do love the sound of that watery pad and the little melody that pops in too, but the clipping/distortion is super annoying. The drum pattern is cool also, the reversed hat was a super cool touch. When the other little noise embellishment pops in,the distortion from before started bothering me less, and as a whole, this does feel like a cool intro!7/10
Darker Streets - This also immediately feels like soundtrack music. It feels like the menu screen to some grim shooter game from 2012. The guitar sound was really cool and I love the fluttering pad in the back as well. Your highhat game is really fucking good too, love these rhythms! Again, another very repetitive song. But you really know how to keep a repetitive song from getting boring wow.8/10
Grey Whale City - Pretty curious about what this sample stab was haha. I really wish there was some sort of pad or bass to fill up the gaps of this intro, but the hip hop drum kit is fun. THAT TRANSITION THOUGH HOLY SHIT. The second half is so much fun like wow! The glitchy edits are super fun as well! But damn, this is one of my favorite songs of yours for sure.9/10
Computer Crash - More soundtrack music type stuff now wow. The little glitchy pluck loop is super strange but fun. Also those drums be punchy doe, I love that kick and snare so much haha. The synth bass after that transition is NASTY. This reminds me of some sort of sci fi shooter with lots of bright neon colors. Your sample flipping is nasty wow.8/10
The Hero That Fell With The World - Wow that is one drunk melody haha I kinda ve groovin' at the 0:35 mark. That square bass is a super strange addition to this. I am very curious of how you work with loops. It sounds like you make a loop and export it as a sample, and then chop it up and add any necessary elements after. Woah that transition is insane haha. That WEEW synth is fucking crazy haha. The "do do do do" sample is also so weird like what? 9/10
Hotline Austin - 8/10
MALNEEZY - Last Kid On Earth
while MDMA is my personal favorite AOTY track, this is still one of the most beautiful electronic songs I've ever heard. honestly it just so happens to be made by one of our peers.
MALNEEZY - The Gunslinger
I was instantly blown away by Malneezy's producing skills. It's seriously impressive to see where he has come since releasing this as well.
MALNEEZY - Hotline Austin
The glitchy drums, vocal samples, rave synth plucks, they're all super cool. The progression is fun too. I just wish it was longer.
MALNEEZY - Artificial
good sounds, but cursed by an underdeveloped run time
MALNEEZY - Never Wonder
This isn't one of my favourites you have done honestly. I like what you were going for but it's just not as great as the stuff on your last album my opinion. I do like those synth strings, but that heavy kick and sidechain effect was really annoying. I also thought it felt dragged out after the 3 minutes mark. But for some things i do like, the synths are cool as well as the weird percussion, and i do think the trippy echos worked very well too.
While yes it was spooky at first, it quickly became bland and annoying once it never really progressed past the glitchy and weird foundations that were built up within the first bit of the instrumental. The glitches were cool but I couldn't stand the weird lead honestly. Plus the whole mix is super flat, thin and grey. I know you'll have better stuff down the pipe in the future though.
Motha - OFF
Humming Drone 6/10 it's kinda boring, cool sounds though.

You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around (remix)
the instrumental is actually pretty awesome, Grimes' vocals just don't really fit in though. 6/10 or maybe a 7 because the beat is so great.

Submersible Wisdom. It's a vibe but it falls into the background, sounds pretty trippy for the most part though. 7/10

Glowinglass. Another vibe, the sound of the album is growing on me. 8/10

Long A1ry Night. Damn I am vibing. This is growing on me so much. I'm floating. 8/10

Good Day. I love this production. Once again... A VIBE

Trapping The Day Inside the Night. I love this production so much. It's so simple yet experimental in a way. That crazy breakbeat over the airy chord is SO COOL. I also love the glitchy bridge. 8/10

KI Haven. This has a bit of a slow start but it gets better as it goes on. 7/10

I Try. I love the production on here, not sure if the samples fit in well though. It also loops waaaaay to much and ends up being a pretty anticlimactic closer.
Motha - the sky is quite pretty today
Wow you really like Grimes. I like the instrumental here but I honestly can't stand how the vocals sound over top of it like half of the time, they sound like they're in totally different keys.
Minecraft. The second chapter.
I don't like the way that Tame Impala sample was EQed, it sounded kind of ugly and low quality. It also doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose in the mix and nothing is built off it. The ambience afterwards is super cool though.
The ambient loop here is super chill and has some really pleasant textures that I love a lot. It feels like being hugged by a big pink warm fluffy cloud on a day when you need it most.
Interesting textures, but this wasn't as comforting as the last ambient loop track so it ended up being kinda boring after a while.
Rhythm of the blues.
Not as warm and fluffy as previous tracks wow. The ambient middle section kinda falls into the issues I had with the last track, it just doesn't expand on anything note worthy for too long and becomes kinda boring.
Extreme ambient.
The effects mixed into the ambient pad on this one are super weird and kinda eerie. One of them reminds me of a dungeon sound from Skyrim actually.
The sky is quite pretty.
I LOVE that percussion loop. It is super strange yet has a fun groove anyways. The pads that pop in a bit later are cool. And being a synth hoe myself, hearing those synth pads also pop in for a bit at the 1:00 mark was nice. There's also what sounds like a super reverbed guitar that sounds pretty fluffy. I'm glad the percussion changed slightly at 2:00 because it was starting to feel kinda stale.
Overall a really cool album and definitely one of the best user projects I have heard. This is probably the most consistent one besides Avenades most recent album that is. Though, there are clipping issues on a handful of tracks and I thought the last two songs were somewhat weak compared to everything else. It also didn't feel as "soul-crushing" as I was really wanting it to, I also didn't pick up on the concept whatsoever while listening.

Death Loop: Birth

Sleep Paralysis.

Every Goodbye You Said.


Limbo: Life

Limbo (Interlude)

Limbo: Death & Rebirth




Death Loop N○2317
Flamingooooo - Yugen (幽玄)
I really love the horns and Asian sounding instrument that opens up the track. They complement each other greatly. While they never really build up into anything instrumentally grand, the melodies and progression stay interesting enough to keep my attention.8/10
Man'noyaku .8/10
I love the cute little plucky pad thing the song opens with, as well as the return of that flute like synths and a super airy, almost windy sounding pad too. The strings added are so beautiful as well. I like this vibe of synth versions of acoustic instrumentation blended with more psychedelic airy sounds.9/10
I love the organ this song opens with, the melody is very well complimented in this environment. The airy white noise sounds great with it too, really creates a beautiful atmosphere. The drums are nice, but I think some more electronic sounding ones would have done more justice to this sound. The strings sound absolutely stunning when they come in at 2:30 as well. I'm definitely digging this more as an album cut than I did when it was a single. This has slowed my heartbeat, chilled my breathing, and got me feeling calm as FUCK. This is much better on this listen8/10
This song feels very well at home on this album. All of the sounds are very familiar to me on this project. But I think by the 1 minute mark the repetition really starts to drag. It's not as hypnotizingly repetitive as the other songs, rather it just got boring.5/10
I like the little pad the song opens with a lot. It's really cute sounding and just feels so itty bitty and tiny. But this too was dragged out WAYYYYYYY to long. It does fall into the background, but not in the good ambient way, just in a boring way. The sample is pretty interesting though. I wouldn't say I am too fond of it though after the gimmick wears off. After that it just becomes boring again.5/10
Flamingooooo - Chaotic Mind
Catto song is such a banger wow. Other than that though, I personally just find it's a mix of kicks with too much bass and some underwritten songs. Some of the compositions are also kind of awkward. But that's just me, everyone else seems to be liking this album. I see potential also, so keep it up!
Flamingooooo - Panacea
I absolutely love the pillowy bed of synth ambience this song opens with. It has a subtle pulse to it that I love a lot and it also happens to feel kind of blissful and psychedelic. Especially when the extra layers pop in around the 1:20 mark. This shit sounds like pure bliss and has me floating by the 2:00 minute mark. I think the more repetitive nature of this song works much better than it did on Exosphere. The flute sounding synth starts at about the 2:20 mark is amazing. I love the melody it plays and it complements and totally blends into the beautiful floaty bed surrounding it. This song is fucking LUSH. By the 4 minute mark i sort of imagine myself floating in space if space was made of warm and soft clouds haha.
Flamingooooo - Bumblebee Dubstep
It's so cool watching all these AOTY users improve at music. I remember when all the music from users on here was pretty much expected to be bad or mediocre, which is sometimes still the case, but certainly less so now. And this track is definitely worth your time for it is neither of those things.
This is a really fun peice of dubstep that is pretty engaging throughout thanks to a very good progression. Most of the synths are very good and it sounds like a LOT of time was put into these very complex drums. I do have a few issues, for example the mixing is a little off during some parts do to the thick layers of synths during most of the track. Some just tend to sound a little too loud compared to others. I'm also not sure about the ending. While it definitely sounds good, I'm not sure if it fits in, the Nardwuar Fanano interview sample was pretty funny though.
Flamingooooo - Exosphere
I love that wavy chord the song opens with, it's very lush and beautiful. I love that accordion type synth that pops in with the drums as well, it plays a very calming melody that I really love. I am kinda waiting for a house groove to pop in personally, but maybe that's just me. I do think this intro is extended a bit too much, but the added layers of strings sound fucking amazing with all the other synths when that change up finally happens. The drums are kind of annoying to me by the 3 minute mark, I really wish some sort of groove kicked in, it feels like it's supposed to be building up to something rather than be the actual groove of the song. The sampled section was pretty interesting afterwards though and it actually felt very relieving to see the drums leave. Overall I think this definitely could have been better, but I did enjoy it.
AZIZ, CRAZYF1R3, Elitimesfour & MALNEEZY - Fatal 4 Way (Versus Vol. 2)
I really like the sample chops here and the crazy breakbeats really add a kind of glitchy feel to it as well.
I do think the progression could have been better though. 75
Pretty lo fi, I could imagine these samples being used in some jazz rap song. I obviously would like an extended version, but you were on a short time frame so it's understandable.
I really love these samples in the intro, they really compliment each other. Cool beatswitch too, the trap percussion slaps SUPER hard, cool 808 as well. The last bit was good too, I like the way it kind of deconstructs.
I love the house groove and the eerie samples. The hat patterns are pretty fun, but beyond that I do wish it progressed a little bit further with a more groovy section that introduces a snare and maybe an open hat, because it kinda just feels like a never ending Intro.
AZIZ, Elitimesfour & MALNEEZY - Triple Threat (Versus Vol. 1)

Surprisingly consistent sound wise
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