Stef182 -
So glad this came finally out and I have to say, they did a pretty decent job in mixing this. Sounds great!
Stef182 -
I was looking forward to hear St. Vincent sing "All Tomorrow's Parties" because it would've fitted so well but all I've got is this spoken word, jazz-like elevator music version.
Stef182 -
What a surprise! Even if I don't want to take away any credit from Halsey herself here, I think Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross really did some magical things with the sound of this record.
Really enjoyed listening to this and probably will also do it again soon.
Stef182 -
It says everything that after the last song ended, I only realized that there was music on. And this already happened twice today. The record is so uninspired and boring over the most parts that everything else distracts me from actually listening to this while playing.
Stef182 -
I really liked Blood Red Shoes last album Get Tragic to an extent where it was one of my favorite records of the year but this EP here.. don't know, it is not only a bit weird but also kinda meh.
Stef182 -
I knew since the first Single dropped that this album probably won't be received that well because it's too overproduced, too uncreative or whatever.
Yes, it's not as good as the first and neither the second record, but can I resist a groovy disco-rock record by a band that I really like since their beginnings and had some of my best concert experiences with? - No!
Stef182 -
Live albums can be so great...but not if the sound is mixed like this.
I guess there are live videos on Youtube with a better sound quality.
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