Feb 14, 2019*
98/100: still love it to bits but Jesus just cut 2 minutes off of Tender. TWO MINUTES. And this would be a well deserved 10/10. Gosh darn it Blur, you've done it again!
Also, you know, I'm not in my Blur phase anymore and I don't have that strong a connection with it, certainly not the one I had just last year. Still, without a doubt a masterpiece and Damon Albarn's highest point out of all his projects.

0/100I can't decide whether I should demote ... read more
Feb 13, 2019
Japanese Kraftwerk?
The first few tracks are great but in the second half, it gets a lot less fun or remarkable.

Tbh I just feel like listening to actual Kraftwerk now.
Feb 12, 2019
Y'all better listen to this right now goddamn it
Feb 10, 2019
Music: is a beautiful and complex art form that allows humans to express their deepest and purest emotions while touching listeners and bringing people closer.

Also music:"Her boob gets so floppy
She uses it as a fan to wave away his sickening B.O.​
Now rubbing it off with a brick"

In a seriousness though, I don't think it's possible to comprehend the sick amount of joy this album brought me. I know it's probably not the "correct" way to enjoy it, but eh. It was so much ... read more
Feb 10, 2019
I thought analyzing this thing and really seeing what it's about would make me appreciate it more but instead it just made me notice more and more flaws in terms of lyrics. Contrary to every other EE album, it doesn't paint these big pictures of the present world or have a larger concept. Instead it only sketches a small image of 2016,that image really just being about Brexit and Trump. The production and instrumentation is still a huge strong point as it is with all of their albums, but the ... read more
Feb 9, 2019
It's just so pretty
Feb 8, 2019
Aaah this brings me back... For some reason I downloaded this from my parents' library years ago, but I'm glad I did.
Feb 4, 2019
GODDAMN Mladic always makes me feel like I'm getting best up in an alleyway I stg it hits so hard oh my god.
(Can you tell my obsession with GY! is rising?)
Feb 3, 2019
96/100: FINALLY I've wanted nothing more than to really clicked with this album, to feel what everyone feels when they listen to this, and I think I finally do. I don't really know what's changed, whether it's me or just the way I listened to it, but it feels like I'm hearing it for the first time all over again and I feel finally how intense and raw this thing really is. It's just so brilliantly put together and so passionately played. I know 85 is still a fantastic score, but honestly, what ... read more
Feb 3, 2019
Can we start giving Arc the appreciation it deserves? K thankssss
Feb 2, 2019
In my opinion, this album's biggest flaw is some serious pacing a song placement issues.
So I made my own tracklist!

Side A:
1- Fill In The Blank
2- Destroyed by Hippie Powers
3- 1937 State Park
4- (Joe Gets Kicked out of School for Using) Drugs with Friends [But Says This Isn't a Problem]
5- Unforgiving Girl (She's Not An)

Side B:
6- Vincent
7- Not What I Needed
8- Joe Goes To School
(Although honestly I could do without that song all together)
9- Cosmic Hero

Side C:
10- Connect the ... read more
Jan 31, 2019
I knew this was going to have mad indie-mac-demarco-rex-orange-county-soft-boi-itis and uh
That's it.
There isn't even a hint of originality or innovation on this thing, and I know an album doesn't need to be innovative to be good, but this just takes all the most common and worst tropes of the scene and mashes them together to create something so lifeless, uninspired, and generic that it becomes annoying after the first 3 songs. It only exists to serve a certain, fairly large niche that ... read more
Jan 30, 2019*
89/100: Honestly, I'm addicted to this thing.I don't know what it is about it, but in the past month or so I've had this thing on constantly. It's just so fantastic but I seriously can't put my finger on why.

85/100: Kind of expected this to have very severe indie-mac-demarco-rex-orange-county-soft-boi-itis but it is actually great. I'm impressed.
Jan 26, 2019
ouch this kinda hurted.
Anyone who knows me knows how much I live for Paramore, I am indeed their little bitch
But AWKIF is uh haha oh noooooo
I mean, they were like 16/17 so it's forgivable but still it's got some wince-worthy moments especially that screaming/growling whatever the hell that was in My Heart oh boy. And the fact that I know it's their now main guitarist before puberty who, you know, wrote all the instrumentals on self-titled and After Laughter. ANYWAYS bye
Jan 26, 2019
I haven't heard this thing in a while but I was really in the mood for it tonight and GODDAMN
this is such a 10/10, not even, it's a goddamn 1928^15/5 jesuuuus I love it so much.
lyrics: on point.
instrumentation: on point.
performances: on goddamn point.
production: ON POINT
pacing: O N P O I N T
Re-listen value: fjbhfgaofi aaaaaah bro take the highest posible re-listen value you can think of and multiply it by 27 this bitch never gets old, she's the gift that keeps on giving
I just ... read more
Jan 20, 2019
As someone with a strange love for Scottish accents (blame Trainspotting) and indie rock, this was very enjoyable.
Jan 19, 2019
Don't care if my amount of 9s is going up now, this thing deserve it. It's a masterpiece. Seriously, it's just so well produced and so interesting. It never gets boring or overwhelming. It has the perfect ballance between being loud and glitchy and being light and soft. I could listen to it all day, there's always something new to find in it. Just really incredible.
Jan 18, 2019
My mom was telling me yesterday about how on CBC radio they played some singles from this album as part of their "taste tester" segment and people really didn't like it because it was so sad... Yet here I am, having so much fun! Sure, the lyrics are sad, this IS Bradford Cox we're talking about, but it has such a fresh and fun sound. This is possibly Deerhunter'smost upbeat album (from the ones I've heard) and I am all here for it! Finally, 2019 has begun!
Jan 16, 2019
This album put me in a really terrible mood and made me have mini mental breakdown about my carpet.. so uh...
I mean, I think it's good music, but just for that, nuh-uh stay the fricc away from me thank you.
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