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StreetsDisciple -
There are a lot of songs to get your head around, particularly with the 30 track deluxe edition, but it scores points for originality. Some of these beats sound fairly fresh and Busta has always been a unique rapper. It's a project that has been in the making for quite some time and is his best project for well over a decade since 'The Big Bang' from '06. While there are some trap rap themes, unlike his last few efforts, he seems more at home here. I'll repeat myself again though, why do ... read more
StreetsDisciple -
While never having the expectation of amazing song after amazing song, you used to always be able to count on Khaled for a banger or two on his albums, but this and his last project hasn't even had that. The beat on 'Big Paper' got me feeling kind of hype but it didn't last. Boring. Generic production. A number of artists featured who I do not enjoy. Cringe Puffy screaming Scarface quotes. Not for me.

Best Track: Sorry Not Sorry (feat. Nas, Jay-Z, James Fauntleroy & Harmonies By The Hive)
StreetsDisciple -
This had been on my to listen to list for a minute. However, the negative reception it has received, due to The D.O.C.'s voice, had made me stay away. For those who don't know, The D.O.C. released an outstanding debut album, but he was then in a car accident and his vocal cords were severely damaged. From there, subsequent rushed surgeries, in an effort to get back on stage, only made it worse. He ghostwrote a lot for Dr Dre / NWA and claims that he was never compensated for his work. He was ... read more
StreetsDisciple -
It seemed more difficult to create poor albums than good ones in '94. The consistency is so high from the golden age. This is another nice east coast/boom bap/jazz-rap album. For a 14-15-year-old, the rapping is great, and unlike other young rappers from back in the day, the lyrics aren't dumbed down for a younger audience, nor is there pop-rap. Shyheim actually spits some gangsta lyrics and curses. Another good boom bap album without reaching any outstanding moments.

Best Tracks: On and On, ... read more
StreetsDisciple -
Best known for their collaboration with R. Kelly on The Fiesta remix, Boo and Gotti only ever released this album as a pair. They hail from Chicago and shout-out the city on track 2 and 11, but this features a lot of southern rap influence, with Mannie Fresh producing most of it and it being released through Cash Money Records.

Their name seems odd. Boo is what someone calls their S.O. and the other has named himself off of an infamous gangster... I must be missing something. Away, from that, ... read more


Jan 10, 2021
Oops, replace that N with an H.
Jan 10, 2021
Lmao that's insane. That's one of the funnier things I've seen on this website. Nope you're doing good, man.
Oct 31, 2020
You know your history man, good shit! Keep it up.


I've recently moved here after leaving a similar site due to biased, hypocritical and nepotistic moderation. Many of my reviews were written ages back.

Fav Artists: T-Rock, MJ, R. Kelly, Joe, Rakim, Nas, Tupac, Z-Ro, Naughty By Nature, Blue Sky Black Death, BDK, DMX, Scarface, AZ, Ne-Yo, Biggie, Prince, Bobby V, K-Young, Barry White, Chrisette Michele, Ice Cube, Dido, OutKast, Paris, The Game, Snoop, Zayn, Big L, Canibus, Large Pro, LL Cool J, Ludacris, Young Buck, Slick Rick, All Angels.

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