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The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
Apr 5, 2023 (updated Nov 8, 2023)
100th Review Special!
(I don’t count the Melanie Martinez one, YOU CANT MAKE ME)

Did I ever tell you guys I was a Beatles fan at some point?
I’m pretty sure I mentioned it in my Mollusk Review, I only touched upon it briefly though.

Around the age of 10 my mom introduced me to the Beatles, and I thought they were pretty good.

But over time, as I aged, I became more cynical and more negative about a lot of things in my life.
It also didn’t help I discovered more of The Beatles “controversial” history.
(Specifically John Lennon)
So, the Beatles haven’t aged that well for me.

Thankfully, two years ago, I’ve been changing and improving as a person, I’ve just been a lot more happy now.

I’ve been rediscovering a lot of the things I liked back then, so
it was kind of weird revisiting this project.

This was my personal favorite project from them back then, and it still is.
While I think Revolver and Rubber Soul are their best work , and I think Sgt. Pepper was definitely essential for what music would later become in the future, and the White Album is their most experimental and influential (for better or worse).

I just think the more laid back tone does it for me. The Beatles didn’t really care for this project, same for the fans. The Beatles in particular didn’t want to try to be more grand than Sgt. Pepper and instead made something more simple and fun.

That’s what I really like about this project it’s most consistent with its writing, and tone. It doesn’t feel like one song is put above the other and is allowed to stand on their own.

I also think this project contains some of their best work.

Magical Mystery Tour - 7.5/10
This intro is more reminiscent of Sgt. Peppers intro track, while not as great, I definitely think it’s a good enough intro for this album.

The Fool On The Hill - 8.5/10
In terms of instrumentals this is probably one of the Beatles more unique, and interesting.
I also think this song (and the album as a whole) paints such a great picture in the listener’s brain.

Flying - 8/10
Great interlude! One of the few interlude songs that the Beatles made, not a lot of fans are huge on this one, I can definitely understand that.

Blue Jay Way - 7.5/10
I honestly think this is one George’s more weaker songs, It’s a memorable track, just not a memorable George Harrison song.
It’s probably one of the more stranger tracks here

Your Mother Should Know - 7/10
Kind of a filler song here, it has a good and catchy beat with it,
But it’s kind of lacking with repetitive lyrics.

I Am The Walrus - 9/10
This is when the album takes a turn for the better, with probably one my favorite Beatles songs, the sounds, the mixing, the lyrics, the goddamn video. It’s such an amazing and impactful track, I can’t help but come back too.

Hello, Goodbye - 8.5/10
The instrumentals really carry this one for me, the gutair sounds great on here, I think the ending probably my favorite one here.

Strawberry Fields Forever - 9.5/10
One of the most unique songs I’ve ever heard. So many switch ups in one song too, a Beatles song at that! This was one of the Beatles songs that took the longest to make and it absolutely shows, might actually be their best song.

Penny Lane - 9/10
I absolutely love how lively this song feels, it really feels like you’re exploring a town of sorts with so many unique attributes to it.

Baby, You’re a Rich Man - 8/10
A much more simple song, that’s really ear catching with its random guitar solos throughout, it’s a jam.

All You Need Is Love - 8.5/10
While definitely a cheesy and corny song, doesn’t mean that the message is any less true, and the ending so beautiful and sweet, that I honestly can’t help but love this song.

While not perfect, I think when it shines, it shines.
I’ve always thought this was their most underrated project from them, it’s definitely overshadowed by their work before and after,But somehow I’ve always find myself always coming back to this project particular.

It’s such a joyful and weird project that I don’t think the Beatles would ever replicate.

Thank you all for reading this, have a good day :)

(UPDATE: My thoughts have changed drastically, I think this album is fucking fantastic.)

How bad was the beatles' lore for you to drop them? (I have no clue what the backgrounds about the beatles lives so I'm genuinely curious)
@FYFAYAS (Year 1) John Lennon abused and cheated on his wife, before abandoning her and his son.
He was also just kind of a bad person to himself and his closest friends.
Paul sued his band mates just to spilt them up ,he also has a giant ego.
Ringo is kind of a weirdo, he made “toys”
George is the best one.

I heard this information around middle school, I was already just sad that year, so that information just kind of crushed my spirit at the time.

I might’ve gotten some information wrong, I don’t remember a lot from then.
If I got any information wrong please let me know!
Great job on the review!
It’s nice to know that I’m improving!
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