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Car Seat Headrest - Nervous Young Man
Before you go and read this review I just want to say that this has taken me over half a year to complete and I am immensely proud of it. It's by far my longest review and will probably stay that way for either a while or forever, I don't really want to go through this again. While it was fun to analyse it also got stressful at times because of the pressure I was feeling writing this, hoping that people would actually read it. I hope you do read it and enjoy it. I obviously can't post the full ... read more

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Tapir! - The Pilgrim, Their God & The King Of My Decrepit Mountain
This album isn’t a complex one. It has a simple overarching narrative that tells the story of someone making a long and treacherous journey to where they believe to be their paradise, their heaven. They will travel through the darkest of caverns and face devilish creatures face to face, and they will travel across an ocean filled with naysayers and whispering waves before they shall finally arrive at the foot of a great, tall mountain. But this isn’t the end to their journey as they ... read more
And finally we get Scrapyard III as tomorrow we will be receiving the final two instalments in the form of a mixtape which includes the first three (which is why I wanted to review the two of these before then).
The best way I can immediately describe this third instalment is much more witch house inspired. It’s definitely the one that flows the best of the three and feels like an actually cohesive project which leaves me interested in the final two for sure.
“EVEN IF I TRIED” ... read more
We move to the second installment of the Scrapyard series with Scrapyard II which features more songs than the previous, even if it’s only one extra song and that song is around a minute and a half in length. We open with “DUSTCUTTER” which is already a much better start than the previous entry in the series. It instantly hooks me by being catchy and I adore the glitchy, unnatural elements of its production. It works really well as an opener with the opening sequence sticking ... read more
Ethan P. Flynn - Abandon All Hope
An album that I stumbled upon quite randomly on Twitter. Funnily enough it was from a post by the developer of the game ULTRAKILL talking about his love for folk singers screaming and losing their voice at the end of songs and he happened to use the closing track to this album as his example. I enquired further and then decided to check out the full thing as I also happened to recognise the name. I knew him as another Windmill artist, not one that I had been following but I had seen him around ... read more
The Last Dinner Party - Prelude To Ecstasy
This is an album I’ve been long awaiting and it’s everything I could’ve wanted and somehow more. I’ve been following this band since the release of their debut single “Nothing Matters” and I’ve been truly in love with them since. I’ve seen them live twice (the most recent being just earlier this week) and they were two of the most fun gigs I’ve been to ever. This band has been to one to watch for a very long time and finally being able to ... read more


After that, the list will be gradually added to, a bit like RYM's "featured reviews" on the front page. So if you're interested, please shoutout 4x AOTY review links, including at least 1 from you and 1 from another user. (Reminder: minimum 3,000 characters). Finally, if you don't want to be included in this list because another user has chosen you, please let me know.
In parallel, I have just published my second review of my new series "No Sleep on This:
and my list has just been published:
Thank you in advance for your support. Love
Hi furry
I hope you're well! Voila, I'm launching a new list of communities that I'm offering you to participate in (if you want to, of course). This is the first wave and I've thought of you for the launch. To pay tribute to all the enthusiasts of this site, "Long Reviews - AOTY Guide" will group together all the reviews of over 3000 characters (minimum) that users wish to highlight because they are particularly proud or fans (Regardless of publication date). The aim is to give priority to writing, without underestimating oneself, as the list will above all be a place for sharing, with everyone having a place here. You'll have several choices: either submit your own reviews, and/or submit those of others. In the interests of sharing, we'll initially try to limit the number of reviews appearing on the list. For example, it won't be possible to have more than 2 reviews included per user. To continue..
Hi im making a community list about best 3 songs in a row heres one for example king of carrot flower pt 1 king of carrot flower pt 2&3 and aeroplane over the sea. would you be intrested in takeing part in the list let me know
Howdy Trystan!
How are you doing?
Hey Furry Music! I'm currently creating what's known as a network graph or "Atlas" of AOTY, and someone mentioned YOU! :D To ensure the highest accuracy possible, as well as allow as many members to take part I'm asking all users mentioned if they'd like to take part as well! The following link will take you to a form if you do decide to take part: Hope you had/have an awesome day, and thank you in advance if you do decide to contribute to the Atlas!
fellow long reviewer?
Hey! My project Act Tragic finally completed our sophomore album, IN THE AFTERLIFE. We have spent the last year using GarageBand on my iPad to record and mix this record, so we know it isn’t professionally produced but we make due with what we have. It is influenced by indie rock, alternative rock, folk, and many more genres with influences ranging from Depeche Mode to Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse to New Order, Radiohead to Death Cab, and many more! We would love to hear your ratings and reviews of this project so we can grow as artists and keep doing what we love! .
when are you dropping nervous young inhuman review as a book 😢
hey ! my best friend just dropped a new single and i did the cover art. would be greatly appreciated if you could check it out if you’re into lo-fi/indie folk stuff!!
I just wanted to say that you are incredibly talented at writing long form reviews, and your style of writing is absolutely fantastic. Most of the reviews you've written are longer than papers I've turned in for college. Keep up the great work man!


I probably give too many high ratings but I like music so shut up.

100 = I love this so much oh my god
90-99 = Amazing, but didn't have that emotional impact
80-89 = Really good, this is a big recommendation
70-79 = Pretty good, that's it
60-69 = Getting mediocre
50-59 = Dull but it's bearable
40-49 = There was an attempt
30-39 = No thanks
20-29 = Bad
10-19 = Trash
1-9 = Jesus Christ
0 = Disgusting

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