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Supertartory -
We’ve finally arrived, the final frontier. Ahead of us stands the cannibal God Aldebaran. She stares down from the heavens with dagger-like rays, piercing your soul. It’s one last trek. One final journey to get to the top of Aldebaran, to burn alive.

Aldebaran is NSB’s most recent release, being released in 2016, it’s another 6 hour album. While not as long as Daughter of Darkness, the similarities to both albums are incredibly prominent. Aldebaran feels like a direct ... read more

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Supertartory -
Hellodecatur compared this to FKA Twigs and that's honestly a perfect comparison. It seems that Sufjan is trying to go for a more R&B and synthpop inspired album, with the controversial Video Game (a song I really liked) with its very synth-y instrumentals and repetitive lyrics and the grandiose closer America which seems to be a huge political statement and a look into this new sound. Sugar, to me is the best song of the three. While America is amazing, its replay value isn't all that ... read more
Supertartory -
Everything Everything return from two quite massive albums. Get To Heaven being their biggest release to date, receiving universal acclaim and so many people referring to it as their favourite albums. Then we had A Fever Dream, which while for me had a dud or two in the tracklist it still stood out as an oddity in their discography. It felt dark and unsettled with darker themes. Re-Animator in a way feels like another Get to Heaven… that’s a good and bad thing.

Re-Animator feels ... read more
Supertartory -
It’s been a long while since I last wrote anything, I’ve been busy with school and other more, depressing matters which I might get into in another review, but for now I wanted to start this day of reviews with probably the most niche of the three I’m going to be reviewing. The Flaming Lips up to this point have been very hit or miss for everyone. They had some amazing records in the mid 2000s, and then in 2014 they came out with two of their best EPs in Strobo Trip and 7 ... read more
Supertartory -
I was curious to see what Tom MacDonald was all about, considering I see a lot of talk about him so I decided to listen to his most recent song.

I imagine the people who actually enjoy this shit are the kinds of people who make attack helicopter jokes and believe they're "woke" for being aggressive to everyone who identifies as not cis.
You're not cool, or woke. Fuck off, fuck you, fuck this stupid fucking song.

Here are some links to support the ... read more
Supertartory -
Now we have NSB’s debut record. While it is a compilation that was released in 2008, it features their oldest known material. Dating back to 1998, I would consider it a debut of sorts (plus I have it tagged as 1999 so). This is where it all began, in a sense. This album is to me, incredibly interesting as it really shows where they began, and in ways you can definitely hear more modern influences in these smaller songs. The album is 15 tracks long, most of these songs are relatively short ... read more
Aug 14, 2020
Please check out my new instrumental electronic album!
Thanks so much! :D
Aug 10, 2020
Aug 9, 2020
What do you think is the most underrated album of all time? This is for a list.
Aug 7, 2020
Hey! I see you're another Biffy fan (whcih seem to be few and far between on AOTY), I was just wondering if you're going to rate the rest of their albums?
Jul 9, 2020
Hey, I was wondering if you would mind listening to my album! :)
Listening link and more info here:
It will be on spotify and more soon, but for now its only on bandcamp. Thanks so much!
Jun 30, 2020
My new song is released on Soundcloud:D
You can listen to it if you want
Here is the link:
Jun 24, 2020
LIST QUESTION- what was the first album you listened to that piqued your interest in music?
Jun 19, 2020
Hello there! I have a new album out if you have time to check it out, thanks! <3
Jun 14, 2020
Hey! Whats your favourite hip-hop record? For a list
Jun 6, 2020
Hello There! I have a new song out called "Lucy" it's not gonna be on my new album, but hopefully you will still like it

Anyways, here's the link to listen:
I probably give too many high ratings but I like music so shut up.

100 = I love this so much oh my god
90-99 = Amazing, but didn't have that emotional impact
80-89 = Really good, this is a big recommendation
70-79 = Pretty good, that's it
60-69 = Getting mediocre
50-59 = Dull but it's bearable
40-49 = There was an attempt
30-39 = No thanks
20-29 = Bad
10-19 = Trash
1-9 = Jesus Christ
0 = Disgusting
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