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Mar 30, 2020
Welcome to a rewrite of one of my favourite reviews. Now why am I rewriting this you may ask? Well I just knew I had more to say than I already did say, I want to expand on this album, and you know what, fuck it right a full essay on the thing because that’s what it deserves, so expect this to possibly be my longest review as it’s less of a review and more of a full on analysis of this exquisite album. One of the best albums of all time if not (comparatively) the best album of all ... read more
Mar 27, 2020
This is a powerhouse of pop. Dua Lipa returns three years later with her sophomore record, which is full to the brim of tunes that WILL get you dancing for the full 37 minutes.

Now I of course have heard Dua Lipa before, Don't Start Now has been on the radio nonstop for the past 3 months and I'd heard of her since before then, on shows like Top of the Pops, but I had never really sat down and listened to her, until now. I was planning to listen to this album to begin with but then I saw it ... read more
Mar 25, 2020
What actually is this
Mar 24, 2020
Where's he going!!!!!??
Mar 23, 2020
Yeah I like this more than Can't Cool Me Down.

Will makes another amazing song, in a genre, we haven't seen before? It's a new approach for sure, and I mean we expected this, but I think this song shows that CSH can go down new avenues and still make hits, this song is amazing. I love the acoustics and the garage-y feel which we haven't heard in a while, the trumpets too sound really good. All of it sounds solid and of course, Will's lyricism is impeccable. I'm really excited for this record.
Mar 28, 2020
What album should I review?

Yeezus by Kanye West
Kid A by Radiohead
Reflektor by Arcade Fire
Mar 24, 2020
Hey, I have a song out! When you have the chance to, give it a listen. Haven't added it to AOTY yet, so here the YouTube music video link:

I wrote this song and filmed the video while in quarantine. Took many inspirations from Chinese folk and alt-country. The concept of the video and song, I'll leave as a surprise (no spoilers of course), plus it's up to interpretation. Hope I can cheer some people up and get everyone together in these uncertain times, enjoy!
Mar 14, 2020
if you had to choose a live performance of a song that's better than the original studio recording, what would it be? it can either be something youve experienced yourself or something from an official live album (cough cough its for a list)
Mar 6, 2020
plez lisen to me almbum: it's good and approve by @zeltyy
Feb 29, 2020
Hey, I just released my debut album:)
It would be nice if you gave it a chance.
Here's the link:
Feb 13, 2020
Me and AZIZ have dropped a new song, please check it out:
Feb 13, 2020
Hey! I just wanted to say I love reading your reviews. The way you so beautifully convey your thoughts and emotions in your writing is awe-inspiring. You have an uncanny ability to make corporeal the most abstract of ideas. In truth, your reviews make be feel like the most novice of writers, but they also drive me to try to better my reviews. You're one of my favourite writers on this site! 😁😁
Feb 9, 2020
Okay you were right Connorparty is fucking great
Feb 5, 2020
What is the most extreme/emotionally heavy album you ever heard? (it’s for a list)
I probably give too many high ratings but I like music so shut up.

100 = I love this so much oh my god
90-99 = Amazing, but didn't have that emotional impact
80-89 = Really good, this is a big recommendation
70-79 = Pretty good, that's it
60-69 = Getting mediocre
50-59 = Dull but it's bearable
40-49 = There was an attempt
30-39 = No thanks
20-29 = Bad
10-19 = Trash
1-9 = Jesus Christ
0 = Disgusting
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