Grimes - Miss Anthropocene
Feb 21, 2020
So Grimes' newest album, described as her final "earth album" whatever that means is an album that upon first listen I was neutral on, but upon further listening I can now say I have fallen in love with this really well-crafted doomsday inspired album. This album is massive in scope and theme and Grimes pulls it off really really well.

This album gives off a feeling of foreboding doom, but it makes it fun, while Grimes is quite well known for being... Grimes? This is an album I really think she pulls off excellently, it's a very diverse record with an eclectic range of songs, but they all still sound like Grimes, they all still sound uniquely from this album, and they all (for the most part) still sound really good! This is definitely the first album of this year (besides Poppy) that I think I will fall in love with. So let me tell you why!!! The album opens with a very atmospheric track in So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth, a song that feels weighted and feels oh so Grimes really. The song feels heavy in its tone and feels like the beginning of some silent apocalypse, which is I feel the overarching theme of this record as a whole. So Heavy is a song that lyrically doesn't do that much, most of the lyrics don't mean very much but narratively and thematically it says a lot for the record, and does feel like a perfect opener really; I wouldn't swap it out for anything here. The same can't really be said for Darkseid though. The only real weak song on the album, Darkseid feels out of place and just plain... bad compared to everything else here. Each of the other tracks given to us on this record all flow quite well and feel intertwined sonically and thematically; even with acoustic cuts mixed with heavier techno songs. They all feel like they're from the same album. Darkseid feels out of place in practically every way, while it's not awful at most points it isn't a song I would come back to... ever.

We then move onto what I feel is the best 3-run of tracks of the year so far with Delete Forever, Violence and 4ÆM. These three tracks are all perfection honestly, and they all work so well off of each other. Delete Forever being a very intimate and personal acoustic track about drug overdosing. The song made me tear up upon first listen. It's definitely one of Grimes' best songs and I feel she works really well under an intimate setting, we then move on from this and are given Violence, a faster track and definitely less intimate but still on a similar level of tone as Delete Forever. This song deals with the personification of Earth and climate change, only a Grimes song could pull that off with flying colours. This is one of the songs that does deal with the overarching theme of the album as a whole, while each song definitely deals with it in some way this is one of the songs that deals with it more head on. That theme being; the end of the world of course! The apocalypse! The Anthropocene! Grimes has dubbed herself Miss Anthropocene after all. The song itself gives off this techno, almost house vibe in its sound, it's a slower song for sure but it still feels energetic and definitely has that replay value. ÆM then closes this 3-track run excellently with a song about... nothing really. Now you could argue for ages about what this song really means but, to me, it's a song about nothing, and that's why it works so well. It's a song that's just meant to be danced to and enjoyed, "the end of the world is coming, have fun!" Is the vibe I get off of this track, and it definitely fits well into not just this run but the tone of the album as a whole; after this track we do take a dive down though, into the pits of sadness :( but don't worry! It's still good! New Gods is one of the few songs here that isn't a single and is a lot slower of a track. New Gods feels like a sort of interlude for My Name is Dark, as both songs deal with very similar themes. New Gods feels like a song about a "chosen one" seeking out God, the God of the apocalypse, Miss Anthropocene herself. The song sounds epic and grandiose and while doesn't do all that much for the grand scheme of the album's sound it's definitely an important track and works very well, especially in My Name is Dark's favour. My Name is Dark takes us into a Nu-Metal inspired world of apocalypse. We continue our mini-narrative as our "chosen one" finds our Miss Anthropocene, the song portraying the perspectives of both characters as we see our "chosen one" asking Miss Anthropocene to "unfuck the world". Honestly the lines "And the angel of death, she said to God
"Un-fuck the world, un-fuck the world, you stupid girl, you stupid girl"" are incredibly powerful lines, in the context of the song and album. While we may see Grimes as some stupid internet troll, there are times like this where she shows her real ability to write something strong and meaningful; she uses powerful imagery to portray a message of death.

The album takes a dark shift from here on out with the next two songs being practically about suicide and the end of the world. You'll miss me when I'm not around being directly about suicide and Before the fever being about the end of the world and the death of everything; while the song is no Earthmover it still does a solid job at portraying the end of everything in its hopelessness. Describing a love that feels doomed to fail in death... and it does. We see the end of the world in full force by the end of the song, before we're then taken to the closing track IDORU. This song confused me at first listen, but it clicked quite soon after what this was. The song itself is a love song, plain and simple but given the context of everything before... this song is actually insanely depressing. Everyone's dead, so is this heaven? The song while sounding happy on the surface is, crushingly depressing in context, and I can't get over that at all. The song sounds like the memories of childhood before death, and the overly positive sound of the song just makes it feel even more depressing. It's an odd choice for a closer but God does it work so well. It's a sickly sweet ending to the end of the world.

I really liked this album, a lot more than I really expected to, mainly given the score before its release wasn't exactly high (mid-70s) but I was surprised at how well put together and just how well structured it all is, from start to finish there isn't really a dull point apart from Darkseid. If this is Grimes' final album it's a damn good one to end it all on, and the closing song leaves you with at least a bit of hope.

Favourite Tracks: So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth, Delete Forever, Violence, 4AM, My Name is Dark, IDORY
Least Favourite Tracks: Darkseid
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Feb 21, 2020
Also sorry if this review was messy, I hope you enjoy it all the same??
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