Girl Band - The Talkies
Sep 27, 2019
This is really unsettling, but holy fuck I LOVE IT.

This album is quite a journey from start to finish, I can't really describe to you what that journey was though as well, I don't know what happened. It felt like a drug trip, but not a pleasant one, while YWGWYW is quite structured but still utterly brutal and chaotic this is that but without the structure. Each song feels so... strange and unpleasant, it prefaces this with the opening track, Prolix, which is heavy breathing in front of a drone for almost 2 minutes. The closest we get to actual song structure here is probably the second track, Going Norway, which is a pretty fun track, but after this we descend into fucking madness.

Shoulderblades is our first step, a little taster. This song feels so wrong, nothing about it works for a "song" there's not really much of anything here, yet it works wonders. It's an uncanny valley feeling, something is very off, but you're not sure what and that's what this entire record is. 45 minutes of uncanny valley screaming. This album features a lot of unsettling imagery, heavy heavy breathing, slurred speech, fearsome yelling and so on. This album has it all, and to top it all off, that drone you heard in track 1? Well, it comes back every once in a while, just to add to that uncertainty, deja vu almost.

Lyrically this album is quite intense and quite well, brutal, songs like Couch Combover speak about public masturbation. Other songs speak of other public acts of indecency, and I'm pretty sure one of these songs is about rape? Either way, this is not for the faint of heart, and I had no idea what I was walking into when I listened to this, but what I got was hell in audio form, while CALIGULA is the devil screaming at you, this is the ambient sounds of hell.

Favourite Tracks: Going Norway, Shoulderblades, Couch Combover, Aibohphobia, Salmon of Knowledge,,, ok basically all of them.
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