Charli XCX - Charli
Sep 12, 2019
@oh told me to listen to this first so I did. Review time

This was, interesting? I didn't expect to like this as much as I did honestly. I've never been a huge Charli stan, but I would be lying if I said I didn't really enjoy some songs off of here, but this album still has some, huge flaws. Starting with Next Level Charli, it sets the theme for the sound and theme of this album, hence the name. This song sounds very futuristic (I won't lie that it definitely does sound like a lot of modern pop currently but it is good). From this song onwards the sonic sound stays quite the same, which isn't a bad thing, well as long as you like the sound. I do so it's fine.

This album definitely sounds unique? (at least to me I don't listen to charting music) The sound is very very bassy and I'd say bordering the EDM line. Some songs definitely sound more so than others. This album gets surprisingly intense too, for a pop album, some of these songs border on harsh noise, and I had to turn my volume down. The opening track, Shake it and Click are the three main offenders. On the opening track it's not an issue, I enjoyed that, but Shake it... fucking hell that song is bad. This song is a complete an utter mess, and I hate it with a passion and I've listened to it like twice. It's incredibly harsh on the ears, the rapping on the song is bad too, lyric-wise. This is probably the only song on here that I actively,,, despised. Click is bad too, but I'll get to that.

Lyricism on this album is nothing too special, but it's not bad for sure. For a pop album, this is actually pretty good, which yes does mean my standards weren't exactly high, but I'm glad this surprised me. Not all the songs have solid lyricism though, songs like Shake it (obviously) and Click have... bad lyrics. Click is the song I'll touch on. This is the only other song on here I really disliked. It's your average pop song, in all the bad ways. The lyrics are incredibly generic and are really only there to make it catchy or attempt to make it catchy. Also the word lit is used so that's an instead minus of 5 points. Click also, as I mentioned, is incredibly intense at the end, like merzbow levels of intense, that's not really a compliment, especially when I was not expecting it whatsoever. My ears hurt. The song after Click is quite soft too, so it doesn't make much sense contextually either, so why do it? I don't know.

Last thing to note, this album definitely goes on for longer than it should, while it's only 50 minutes, 15 different songs, only maybe >10 of those are good, the rest feels like filler (2 of those are complete dogshit). The album begins to drag at around track 9 onwards, up until at least track 14. The tracks between there seem completely useless, and incredibly empty. It could be because there are no features on them, but I feel it's because they all sound the same, but gradually devolving until we get to track 13 which is just pain in musical form.

I liked this album, but it's far from perfect.

Favourite Tracks: Next Level Charli, Gone, Cross You Out, 1999, Warm, Thoughts, Blame it on Your Love, White Mercedes, 2099
Least Favourite Tracks: Click, Shake it
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