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Taylor Swift - Lover
Aug 23, 2019
Well time to listen to this, I have no idea what to expect.
So still on the first listen this is, really boring actually. Like it was nice at the beginning but it's dragging for sure, jesus christ I'm only on track 12

First impression? That got really dull really quickly, it was a challenge to not turn it off. Ok so, this isn't bad, if it was shorter it would be fine but like, 18 tracks????? Come on. The album started fine, I enjoyed the couple few tracks, but then I got so fucking bored, I was counting down the tracks by track 10, this is an hour-long, which thinking about it isn't that long. But fucking hell this feels like an eternity. There are standout songs, but then a lot of the songs are just dull, bland pop with no charm to it. I can see the connection to 1989 here, but that album had charm to it, and also wasn't fucking bloated with mediocre pop drivel.

I was hoping I'd enjoy this, and I tried to, cos I liked the opening tracks, but it just got dull, and boring, and any other word that describes boring. Even if you like pop, this feels like a slog, when every song sounds the same, it gets boring very quickly. Some songs sound unique yes, which is a nice break, but there's too much drivel for them to really have an effect.

Paper Rings is probably the best song honestly, it's really fun and I like it a lot. London Boy is another fun one honestly, it may be quite cliche but I like it a lot, it's again, fun.

Favourite Tracks: I Forgot That You Existed, Cruel Summer, Lover, The Archer, Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince, Paper Rings, London Boy
Least Favourite Tracks: I Think He Knows, Cornelia Street, Death by a Thousand Cuts, Soon You'll Feel Better,, ok honestly everything after Soon You'll Feel Better I got bored of, so just everything after that point here.

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