Swans - The Burning World
Sep 22, 2019
This was a really weird listen, but I didn't hate it. Honestly, I kinda liked it.

This is a very not Swans Swans album, this is practically a country album, but there's a silver lining (if you want to call it that) it still has that Swans sound that we've got used to, especially from Children of God, songs like Let it Come Down, Mona Lisa, Mother Earth, Jane Mary, Cry One Tear and See No More still feel quite Swans-esc but still sound unique. That's how I'd describe this as, it's definitely a unique album, it's nothing like any other Swans album, and probably never will be, Gira hates this record, and I can see why he would but, I personally like it.

The opening track is very country-esc and caught me by surprise, as I wasn't really sure what to expect from this album, hearing that surprised me, but I got used to it quickly and throughout the length, it got quite fun, if you can call dark country fun. I'm not a huge country fan but I do like the genre, I can see why people would dislike this, country isn't for everyone but this is definitely not a bad album, it's definitely leagues better than Filth and Cop.

Honestly, this album didn't ever feel boring or dull to me, it stayed pretty fresh throughout, I feel this is a grower but even on my first listen I enjoyed this a lot, I feel it can only grow further, songs like See No More and God Damn the Sun have to be some of Swans best songs period, especially God Damn the Sun, what a sad way to end the album, God Damn the Sun is quite a unique song from Swans, it's incredibly heartfelt and sad, which I haven't heard before from any Swans album, new or old, it took me by surprise but I loved it, a lot. Swans can get very personal, without losing their edge.

This album is far from bad, it may not be anything overtly unique but I feel it's definitely worth a listen so you can form your own opinion, people hate this album, but I feel this is overhated by far, this isn't bad, it's actually quite nice at points, if you can detach that already formed Swans sound from your mind, and listen to this openly, you'll probably like it, unless you hate country, if you hate country then you won't like this.

Favourite Tracks: The River That Runs With Love Won't Run Dry, Mona Lisa, Mother Earth, Jane Mary, Cry One Tear, See No More, God Damn The Sun
Least Favourite Tracks: Can't Find my Way Home

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