Green Day - Father of All...
Feb 6, 2020 (updated Aug 13, 2020)
Another edit, because, no, this is beyond garbage. I genuinely cannot think of a redeeming quality from this album now, and I don't ever want to listen to it, I don't want to fucking touch it with a 10 foot poll. Stay away from this shit, please.

This really grew off me, God this thing sucks.

I didn't really have high expectations for this album, now they weren't exactly low but let's just say I wasn't expecting the next Dookie or American Idiot. Was I right? Yea pretty much this isn't that good but, it's not bad. It just kind of... exists.

So Father of All... Motherfuckers is the newest punk album from Green Day, it's more pop punk if anything, which isn't bad and it does use that title well in some places; but then there are also parts of this album that make me wince and want to crawl into a ball. It's speculated that this album was a middle finger to their record label Reprisal, and if that's the case then good on you... I guess. Make a shit record that not even you care about as a "fuck you" to their label. With that out of the way I can call this album pretty much nothing. What can I say, this is an album that means nothing to anyone... but it does work.

This is a fun album, I will give it that, there are songs on here like the title track, Oh Yeah!, Sugar Youth and Take the Money and Crawl that are genuinely fun songs that I enjoy listening to, while their lyrics may not be anything to write home to, it's nothing abysmally offensive. It's no UNO, DOS, TRE. The best songs here are the ones that are about nothing at all and just want to be fun, while most of them do do this; some end up doing a complete U-Turn and becoming about nothing and sounding like nothing, the biggest offenders of this are Meet Me On the Roof and I Was a Teenage Teenager. These songs aren't exactly bad but they're not fun; and as being fun is all this album has going for it that's not a good thing. When a song doesn't even have the basic thing the album functions on it's not a song that I want to listen to. Now the singles released for this were also not bad, they weren't amazing (apart from the title track) but they were fine songs, and did showcase the album pretty well in my opinion. Fire, Ready, Aim is a quick burst of energy, that sounds fun, lyrically it's pretty ehh to bad. Oh Yeah! Is pretty similar, in fact I could sum the entire album up with "it sounds fun but, the lyrics are ehh to ok at best."

There is one outlier though, the 8th track. This song surprised me honestly, it sounds really nice and is actually written pretty well? It's actually a song that has a weight to it and sounds like something that could've come from one of the early 2000 albums. Lyrically it seems to be quite self aware of what album it's on, and Billie seems to speak personally on the track, which surprised me as well, this song isn't about nothing, and is a fun song, but is also a song that does actually hit really well. The lyrics are quite heavy especially for this album, and really for any Green Day song as the song deals with themes of the world fucking ending, like what Green Day song does that? Either way it was a surprise but an incredibly pleasant one, and that chorus hook is so nice I love it. It's also one of the only songs with no autotune which is nice too; it's produced really well and seems to be the one song they cared for on this record and really tried to make something good, and they succeeded, now if this shows anything for what Green Day's speculated next album could be then I am all for that.

Overall this isn't a bad album, it's not a good album. It just kind of sits there like a duck, and occasionally it'll do something mildly interesting. That's the best way I can describe this, but I'd tell you to give it a listen, it's not even 30 minutes and isn't something terrible, it's harmless fun.

Favourite Tracks (asterisks imply standout): Father of All..., Stab You in the Heart, Sugar Youth, Junkies on a High*, Take the Money and Crawl, Graffitia
Least Favourite Tracks: Meet Me on the Roof, I Was a Teenage Teenager

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It really does grow off the more you think about it. Great review!
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