Poppy - I Disagree
I wanted to rewrite this review as I didn't like it originally so here's a rewrite, probably going to be shorter but hopefully I like it more. The reason I disliked my previous review was I felt I was reaching and just trying to find some dumb excuse to why I really liked this album, in all honesty, there isn't really a reason why I love this album so much, but I feel it has something to do with the last leg, something clicked I guess at the end of the album. The final two songs mainly, Sick of the Sun and Don't Go Outside, honestly these two songs are masterful and I love them to bits, while I also love the rest of the album yes, I don't want to focus on dumb filler or stupid analysing because that's not really what I want to do, while I enjoy analysing things and figuring shit out, I did it with Deathcon I also enjoy just writing my emotions about music and I feel that's where I shine writing wise.

Sick of the Sun and Don't Go Outside, these two songs made me cry on first listen, I honestly don't know why they resonated with me so much, they still do, especially Sick of the Sun. I honestly can't put my finger on why these songs specifically reach out to me. One of the things I do want to talk about though is, well... During Sit/Stay something hit me emotionally, something odd and really unrelated to the album itself but, it's something important. While listening I thought about how loud it was and was thinking about how my mum tells me to turn the volume down occasionally, then my thoughts went to suicide and how... no music would ever play in the house again if I were to die, and I don't know why but that thought really hit me, I don't know why it was this album that made me realise that but it was and in a way I thank it. I don't know why I enjoy this album as much as I do, I just really do, there's just something really endearing about it, but I feel the thing that really makes me love this are the more mellow tracks like, Nothing I need, Sick of the Sun and Don't Go Outside.
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