Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia
Mar 27, 2020
This is a powerhouse of pop. Dua Lipa returns three years later with her sophomore record, which is full to the brim of tunes that WILL get you dancing for the full 37 minutes.

Now I of course have heard Dua Lipa before, Don't Start Now has been on the radio nonstop for the past 3 months and I'd heard of her since before then, on shows like Top of the Pops, but I had never really sat down and listened to her, until now. I was planning to listen to this album to begin with but then I saw it shoot to the top of the charts and, yeah I knew I had to sit down there and then and listen to it on release day. So here I am, a little late because I had other more important matters to attend to *cough* Animal Crossing *cough* but I'm here with hopefully three reviews today? Fingers crossed.

From beginning to end (almost) this album is full to the brim of bangers, each one of them instantly recognisable as not only Dua Lipa but as their own songs. What do I mean by this? Well if you were to play me any of the songs here I would most likely be able to recognise it instantly, and probably name it too, every song feels like a single, the only other album I've described that way is Teen Dream by Beach House. That isn't to demean the actual singles either, as each one of them are bangers and get stuck in my head all the time. I'll start with the most recognisable track, Don't Start Now. Everyone's heard this song, especially if you live in the UK, I know I have, it's been drilled into my brain but I'm still not tired of it, surprisingly. I still dance along to it and sing along to it each time it plays as I listen through the album, and I think that's something impressive, I don't get tired of it, I don't get tired of any of this. Each song hits the same as it did originally and each one I can see myself going fucking ham on the dancefloor to.

The album seems to use a lot of influences from older pop songs, which I assume is the point... you know given the name. The album seems to use a lot of elements from 80s disco especially on songs like Future Nostalgia, it also seems to use elements that I haven't heard since 2012 pop, Don't Start Now reminds me of a pop song from the early 2010s and I love it. Physical sounds like a mix of a disco song from the 80s or 90s fused with more modern synths, even the lyrics of the song feel like something from that era. That's something I also really like about this album (for the most part) the lyrics are about nothing, they're about dancing, partying, having fun, nothing substantial, they're just about having fun, and really we need an album like that, especially during this quarantine. It helps that each one of these songs makes you want to yell the lyrics along like you're in the shower.

Now it's not all sunshine and vaporwave as, the album does dip a little by the end, the two closing tracks are probably the weakest songs on the record, Boys Will be Boys being the weakest of them all. Good in Bed lyrically isn't that bad, compared to the rest of the album, and neither is it really sonically either, as it still does what the rest of the album has been doing, taking influence from older generations of pop. It just, to me doesn't sound good, it comes off as annoying and it does get stuck in my head, but it's not the good kind of earworm that's for sure. The latter track though is a different bag of worms, they aren't earworms. Boys Will be Boys is the weakest song in general, lyrically and sonically. It sounds like a song from Lover, one of the more forgettable ones. It strips most of what made the album unique and gives us quite a bland "female-empowerment" song. While it's not as bad as a song like You Need to Calm Down, it's definitely comparable, in fact the similarities are really noticeable. Lyrically this song is extremely poor, lyrics like "that was sarcasm in case you needed it mansplained" just make me cringe. "If you're offended by this song, you're clearly doing something wrong". It's a really poor way to end the album as it kind of distinguishes everything that had been done prior. It's a song I can't really stand because of its preachy nature and it gives off this vibe of "women are better than men get fucked" which isn't what feminism is???

Songs like Hallucinate are songs I feel really encapsulate the sound that Lipa was going for on this record, not saying she hasn't on other songs but it's songs like these that make me realise what she was trying to make, and how she succeeds. It's an album that gives off the feelings of driving down neon streets as the world jumps around you. The sky and ground are neon and are dancing along to your radio, the sun sets over the sea as you drive off into it, and above it. It feels like a neverending disco. A time-travelling nightclub that flies through space, outlandish I know! But that's the point!! It's just fucking fun. The album seems to perfectly blend older influences from older generations of pop into our new generation of pop, creating this sound of futuristic nostalgia

Favourite Tracks: Future Nostalgia, Don't Start Now, Cool, Physical*, Levitating, Pretty Please, Hallucinate, Break My Heart
Least Favourite Tracks: Good in Bed, Boys Will be Boys
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Mar 30, 2020
Great review!
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