Arctic Monkeys - The Car
The Arctic Monkeys return after four years of practically silence (besides one single and a live album) with their seventh studio album The Car. The Car in short feels like a much more refined Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino. It has all the characteristics that were shown in that album, all the quirks and qualities but the blandness and nothingness has been trimmed down to make this a much more enjoyable experience to listen to.
I’m sure a lot of people were hoping that Tranquility Base ... read more
The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language
I will always make it my duty to review the new 1975 album when it releases because I have an urge to pick apart everything Matty Healy does because he’s a pretentious prick and most of his work is as pretentious as he is. But, today something truly special has happened. The 1975 have actually released a good album, a really good album.

Coming from what I can only consider to be their most cluttered, messy, pretentious, annoying and of course longest record, Notes on a Conditional Form, ... read more

The Microphones - Microphones in 2020
I think this might be the third write up I've actually done for this album but there's just so much that I feel like I need to say. I'm bursting.
Phil Elverum is probably one of the most important songwriters alive and active currently. He has released masterpiece after masterpiece and his music has touched hundreds of thousands of people, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like The Glow, Pt. 2.
Phil never stuck to one idea though, he always wanted to push the limits of what a ... read more
I feel a heavy need to talk about this album, so here we are.

I don’t think it’s an unpopular opinion that Yungblud is a bad artist. He writes terribly, he sings in an annoying, whiny manner and his entire “punk” façade is completely fake. He’s a posh white working-class cis boy who never suffered a day in his life. He went to a private school for God’s sake! I’m sure he means well (I’m saying this for legal reasons) but he just ... read more

Teen Suicide - honeybee table at the butterfly feast
“Hawk perched on a fence
Coyote lying dead
Looks just like the family dog
She looks just like the family dog
Apple tree in the backyard
The sweetest thing I saw by far
Apples falling around your head
The ground turns green to red” – Coyote (2015-2021)

Teen Suicide and Sam Ray by proxy have been around for a while and have become quite a big staple in the lo-fi, bedroom pop and emo scene since the early 2010s. You probably know Teen Suicide from albums like DC Snuff Film/Waste ... read more

Black Thought & Danger Mouse - Cheat Codes
I haven’t listened to many of the hip-hop releases of 2022. Not because I haven’t wanted to, it’s mainly because I haven’t seen many that have really jumped out at me. There’s only been one other and I still haven’t got around to listening to it mainly due to the fact that this one came out more recently (and I can put it in my albums that released in August video) and with the incredibly high praise I’m seeing it receive, I sat down and listened.
I can ... read more
Leonard Cohen - Death of a Ladies' Man
This isn’t my first Cohen album don’t worry but, this was the one I wanted to talk about. I see very divided opinions on this album all over the place. People on rym all say it’s messy and horny and just plain bad while I hear people like Will Toledo and Jarvis Cocker praise it. So, what’s up with this album? Is it actually any good? Well, I’m going to hopefully try to answer that question for you here.

Dead of a Ladies’ Man is definitely an enticing name ... read more

Perfume Genius - Ugly Season
I’ve been sitting on this album for much longer than I anticipated to. I just was not sure how to tackle it. How do I write about something like this? I just haven’t been sure.
Perfume Genius released probably one of the biggest left turns I have ever seen any artist pull. This album sounds absolutely nothing like anything he has done before but somehow it still works wonderfully and still contains that shine that Hadreas has retained throughout all of his work.

The first thing ... read more

black midi - Hellfire
I haven’t written a normal proper review in a while. A lot of my reviews recently have all been about personal experiences and have shown me at my most vulnerable. Today though that changes because today we’re reviewing the newest Black Midi record! A record that I have been excitedly anticipating really since Cavalcade as even when that released, we knew there was another album coming soon. Half the material they played live during their Cavalcade tour was material from this album. ... read more
Keo Blau - Dawn Chorus Soundtrack
Sometimes I wonder if I've found the right one. Who is the right person for you and do you think you'll ever actually find them. You see people around you constantly and you do wonder "could they be the one?"
You see it in media; you see it in music, movies, games, you see it everywhere but doesn't it make you stop and think "can I find the one?"

I'm not in a relationship currently and I'm not exactly looking for one either. There are people I like and people I know who ... read more

of Montreal - Marijuana’s A Working Woman
I actually adore this. At first I wasn't a huge fan of this sound but over a short amount of time I have grown to love this. It feels like a very true evolution from I Feel Safe With You, Trash while still very much sticking to those catchy and infectious OfMon roots.
For such an unorthodox song this somehow doesn't manage to lose my interest.
Kevin once again shows that he knows how to make you feel like he has no fucking clue what he's doing.
Mitski - Two Slow Dancers
It would be a hundred times easier if we were young again…

I went to a Mitski gig the other day and it was an interesting experience to say the least.
It wasn’t what I was anticipating, in a good and bad way. The venue was very full (which I expected) but from the position I was stood I couldn’t really see anything as the person stood directly in front of me was ever so slightly taller and we would both move our heads in the same direction to get a better view of Mitski.
I ... read more

black midi - Eat Men Eat
I'm surprised at how short this song is. It goes by incredibly fast and slaps you in the fucking face with everything it has. It goes back and forth between soft sung verses and aggressive yelling. It feels like a tiger hunting its prey. It's anxious and aggressive with its aggressive yelling then when it shifts into its softer parts it feels ominous and tense. The best example of this is right at the end with a spoken verse that wouldn't go amiss in a Slint song before Cameron bursts in ... read more
Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
I have an album that I find very difficult to sit down and listen to. There isn’t really a reason as to why I find it so hard to listen to, there’s just something about it that makes me feel indescribably sad. It makes me feel lonely and cold. I’m in the arms of the snow as it carries me into its storm of a heart.
I am stranded in the cold with nowhere to go. Nowhere is there any sort of warmth or shelter. I am exposed and I am vulnerable, that’s when I see the arms ... read more
Kimmy Sanchez - Yesteryear
This is going to be a shorter review as this is only an EP but it is an EP made by someone incredibly special to me; someone incredibly important to me, someone caring, loving, supportive and so much more so I think it’s only fair I write about this.

This is a three-track teaser EP for Kim’s upcoming album. All three of these tracks feature on the album (not in this specific order but I won’t disclose where they all fall). These are the three songs Kim decided to share as ... read more

Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
Kendrick Lamar: an artist that needs absolutely no introduction; an artist that has made not one, but two albums that are practically universally considered to be flawless masterpieces. I mean, one of them is the second (or first if you’re reading this on aoty) highest rated album on this website, that’s insane! So it’s only fair for people to be incredibly excited and have high expectations when they hear that a new release from Kendrick is dropping, especially after such a ... read more
Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell!
I'm walking home currently and it's a pretty rainy day. The walk will probably take around 30 minutes, but I have my headphones so it's ok. I wanted something to listen to while I walked, and I decided to pick this; it just felt right.

I was on the genius page for Venice Bitch while I was walking as I just wanted to see what some of the comments had to say and one of them stuck out to me.
"Am I the only one that feels like this song is an amazing orgasm?"
It sort of made something ... read more

Everything Everything - Raw Data Feel
I am a huge Everything Everything fan and have been for a while now. I adore pretty much all of their music, especially albums like Get to Heaven and Man Alive. While I do believe they have some weaker cuts (Arc) I wouldn’t say they have a single “bad” album. I enjoy pretty much all of their music; I’d safely call them one of my favourite bands so I was very excited to hear about this album and what their plan was for making it.
You see, Raw Data Feel isn’t one of ... read more
Ethel Cain - American Teenager
Ethereal pop.
My Chemical Romance - The Foundations of Decay
A much more mature and dark MCR, one that has aged with its fanbase.
This track feels like a culmination of everything they've done during their time as a band into one 6-minute epic. It's an incredibly noisy and in your face track with elements of plenty of things we've heard throughout MCR's discography.
But this song has something that pretty much the rest of their discography doesn't.

Now bear with me here as this might be slightly weird to explain, but I'm still going to try. This song ... read more

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