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Here’s another commissioned review, and today it’s on Paramore’s album Brand New Eyes. Now I’ve been a fan of Paramore for a while, I adore After Laughter and their self-titled, but I had never really gone too far into their catalogue. Now I’d obviously heard their popular songs, their hits, stuff like “Brick by Boring Brick” and “Misery Business” but never had I sat down and listened to one of their pre-self-titled albums, so, Pinky on ... read more
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Ari comes back with an album that definitely rivals thank u, next in terms of… pretty much everything. While I don’t feel that positions has the high highs that thank u, next had, it also doesn’t have any of the lows thank u, next had. It was a very consistent and really enjoyable listen.

I happened to listen to this with someone special as well, we wanted to share our first listens and I feel that definitely helped form my opinion on this. Hearing them love it so much made ... read more
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A friend recommended me this song and I really liked it, while not perfect I wanted to at least bring some light to this artist. If you enjoy Lil Darkie you'll probably enjoy this too. It is edgy, and the lyrics can be a bit whiny at times, but overall this was an enjoyable song, I did like it. I got a similar pleasure from listening to this as I would Lil Darkie, and I see that as a positive.

The first half of this song is great and while it does lack a little on the second leg, it's still ... read more
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I am in utter awe at what I just listened to. There Existed an Addiction to Blood was an amazing album that I still return to today, but this… this is a different beast entirely… this is something that lives and breathes, and feeds on your fear.

You wake up in a dark room, your head hurts slightly. Where are you? Your vision is blurred and seeing is difficult, you look around to see if you can identify anything, but all you can see are light glows from the ceiling. They look like ... read more
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That closer is awful though
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Welcome back Telepath.

This was definitely a better listen than the previous release, but by how much I can't say. The memorability still isn't here yet, and while there are definitely some stellar tracks, I still do not see myself returning to this that often. It's an improvement, but not by much.
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“Looking at the boy across the sink
Thinking "What the hell have you just done?" ”

Cavetown has never shied away from more personal topics in his writing, but to me “Sharpener” has hit me the hardest. It’s a song dealing with self-harm and body issues, not liking the way you look and cutting yourself to deal with it. It’s a pretty straightforward song, but the way it tackles these topics is incredibly mature to me, it shows that Robbie has gone ... read more
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So Poppy released a noise album. I'm not exaggerating this is a straight up noise, glitch project that is incredibly harsh to the ears and not for the faint of heart.

This was a complete surprise to me, was anyone really expecting this? I mean she said she was going to release a noise album, but I don't think anyone expected something as harsh and brutal as this. This thing is genuinely battering, but I love it. Is it the best noise you could ever listen to? Of course not, but honestly it's an ... read more
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This album while interesting to begin with, ultimately felt quite lifeless and uninspired. While I know this is an earlier release for the artist, he's still finding his strengths and weaknesses, but here it sounds like if you took all that was boring from other releases and meshed them all together. It sounds nice, but it feels cold and empty, and not in the good way.

It comes off as formulaic almost, boring, dull. While there are moments I enjoy I ultimately won't come back to this much, if ... read more
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How long is the adequate length for a song? 3-4 minutes maybe? 5 if we’re feeling adventurous? Some people would agree with that, then I know other people would say that 10 minute songs are normal lengths, maybe even 20. But should there be an “adequate” length for a song. Today we look at another long song from The Flaming Lips, this EP features three tracks in fact. The first of which is 6-minutes, the second is 6-hours and the third is 4-minutes.
Yeah you read that right ... read more
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I always come back to you. Like an old friend, one who can always make me feel better, make me feel something. Picking up the needle and dropping it down, letting you spin, letting you spin for those 44 minutes, letting the music consume me, letting you consume me whole. How could you be so perfect? So utterly flawless? And how can you help me so much, making me feel something more than sadness, you make me feel more human than anything else ever could, how?

What makes you so different to all ... read more
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I like the airhorn
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So I impulsively decided to listen to this entire thing and, this surprised me, in a good and bad way.
Now this isn’t a bad album, definitely not, I enjoyed most of it, my issue comes from later on in the record, where things start to die down a little, but before I get into that, I want to talk about what I feel this record is trying to say, what it means and, if you should listen to it.

This is an album that seems to slowly die, slowly kill itself off. Beginning quite noisily and ... read more
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A friend told me to listen to this when it released, then I forgot all about it until I saw it on the upcoming page for tonight. So when it hit midnight, I started to play it. Now I have never listened to beabadoobee before, the only song I have heard that is remotely with her is “Deathbed (Coffee For Your Head)” and I know that isn’t technically her, so this was my first exposure to her and… this was a huge surprise! Much like the Poppy album earlier this year, this ... read more
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So this album was recommended to me, when I recommended them Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers, so it was sort of an album trade? Either way, I liked this a lot more than I anticipated, was it because my expectations weren’t that high? Or was it because this was actually good… well let’s find out.

Don’t expect this to be some deep analytical review, as I don’t think this is that kind of album, it doesn’t feel like one I need to analyse, nor want to, it feels more ... read more
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Already we have another commissioned review! This time from @AzHusky on Twitter, so thank you so much,,
They asked me to write something on Ricky Montgomery’s sort of self titled (It’s his name backwards) and I was more than happy to, as I absolutely adore this record! I’ve been meaning to write something new on this for a while, but never got around to it, so better time than any to do it now I suppose, especially when someone else has asked for it. If you wanna ... read more
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So this is my first “commissioned” review. I’m going to start accepting suggestions of sorts through my kofi ( Basically, I’ll still obviously accept suggestions from everyone but it’s a way to support me and to get me to review that album as soon as possible (I’ll try to do it within the 24 hours).
Anyway, the first album that’s been sent to me is from @piinkkyyyy and… I really like it.

I’m glad that my ... read more
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So I was told by multiple people to listen to Halsey, so I finally did. This review is dedicated mainly to a friend on Twitter, go follow her at @0TTERBEANS, she’s cool, anyway on with the review.

Manic is my first introduction into the world of Halsey. I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about not just this album but Halsey in general. I know a lot of people absolutely adore her music and a lot of others really do not. I had no opinion up until this point, so now I can finally ... read more
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This is the last time you’ll ever see her, you just don’t know it yet. Leaving her house, a kiss goodbye before making your way down the pavement, walking down the sidewalk, riddled with cracks and trash, the leftovers of people’s previous travels.
“All your kind, they’re coming clean
They shut their eyes, they miss their scenes
All your kind, they spool and lance
They crash their kiss, they harmonize
All your kind, they’re, all your kind, they're
All your ... read more
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Sufjan is finally back, with his most divisive album since 2010’s Age of Adz, and even that album got a lot more praise than hate, so what makes The Ascension so controversial? Why don’t people like it, and on the other hand, why DO people like it? Well, I’m here to hopefully answer that, and give my own take on the record, and don’t worry, I have a lot to say, it is Sufjan after all.

I’ve been wondering how to write this for a bit, I didn’t want to write it ... read more
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