Green Day - American Idiot
One of the most wild cases of hit and miss ive ever heard, the highs are REALLY high (mainly American idiot, boulivard and wake me up) but goddamn are the lows low. Outside of those 3 and a couple others the instrumentals become so dull and toned dows as if they were designed to be background noise to an already mononous task and the lyrics are just totally unsubstantial and uninteresting throughout. The pacing is also kinda ass on this thing and it feels like a bunch of unrelated singles in ... read more
The Beatles - Abbey Road
Very solid record and a good collection of tracks but songs like 10-12 let it down with some other mid ones in there.

Album art iconic 10/10

Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

On a real tho some unreal songwriting I am a huge slut for folk and this really scratches that itch I mean she goes 11/11 on this one only reason this isn't essentially a ten is a few marginally weaker songs in the middle. Saviour complex is one of my favourites of all time tho.

Album art 10/10

MJ Lenderman - And the Wind (Live and Loose!)
This shit really clicked with me every song I enjoyed and it had a very smooth and satisfying sound. Very solid rifs and song structure :).

Album art 9/10 too

Laufey - Bewitched
Very pretty vocals and a sound I didn't know we needed in 2023 very refreshing.
Little Mix - Glory Days
This was similar to V by maroon 5 for me but instead there are more decent songs and a lot of songs that are kinda mid but with the most atrocious 2010s instrumental behind it that ruins the whole vibe. Touch and Power are good tho.

Album art is fine 5/10

Have a Nice Life - Deathconsciousness
Ruthlessly dark and depressing with crushing instrumentation and drowned out lyricism. My co-worker miles put me on this shit thanks dude.

I haven't really heard anything else like this incredibly unique art that weighs you down with emotion in a way few albums can.

Album art 10/10.

Danny Brown - Quaranta
He back at it fr. Much slower than I expected for a Danny album. Still had his fantastic unorthodox production with some more serious songs but still keeping a bouncy fun style throughout while having some of the most depressing lyrics possible.

Album art 7/10

AJR - The Maybe Man
Easily the best AJR album, which is mainly found by keeping the song structure simple and not going crazy with the shitty production. There are still bad songs in here, but instead of actively being painful to listen to theyre more boring and unsubstantial to the point of not being worth listening to. The big difference in quality though I think is the writing on a couple sections I actually kinda like such as in maybe man, the dumb song and God is really real especially but this is also met ... read more
Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True
So many solid tracks a very easy listen. Me gusta.

Album art like 2.5/10 tho

Burial - Untrue
Best dubstep album I've heard but that's literally saying nothing.
Probably rlly good album for overthinking at 3am or some shit
Bobby Caldwell - Bobby Caldwell
I mean it was alriggght. Funky instruments with soothing vocals just faded into background noise with only like one song that stuck out to me in come to me. It was fine but nothing I'd listen to for anything other than backing track to anotherore entertaining thing I'm doing.

Album art 8/10

Britney Spears - In the Zone
Fun but obviously a very dated kinda cringey sound that doesn't make for a particularly good listen in 2023.

Album art 4/10

P!nk - The Truth About Love
The first half is one of the best pop albums of the 2000s but the second half is so mid it drags it down a lot to this, literally none of the songs are good. Legit if it was a half an hour album instead it wouldve been so much better. THe eminem feature is horrible.

Idk overall disappointing because it had so much potential.

Album art 8.5/10

Never rlly let's me down
Sampha - Lahai
Im wasnt a huge fan of process when it came out but this was a instant win for me. I find sampha hard to listen to for some reason i find it hard to concentrate for the whole runtime but there was so much variety and interesting intrumentation effects and lyrics paired with his expected great vocals so this ended up a great album that clearly was worth the wait. :)

Album art 7/10

Taylor Swift - 1989
I mean objectively some of these haven't aged well but they're fun and I like them so idc. Singles wipe the other ones tho the not popular ones are mid af.

Album art 3/10

Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version)
I like 1989 it's one of my favourite Taylor albums. However this was just worse than the original. The songs on 1989 just aren't that great but win me over by being drenched in nostalgia and are some fun songs, but this recording drains the energy out of her vocals and dilutes the instrumentals so they no longer have the fun poppy sound that makes me resonate with the original so much. It's just a dulled down album. The vaulted tracks are ok but nothing special eh I was expecting better.

Also ... read more

Britney Spears - Blackout
Just a bunch of really solid sex songs what's not to like. Very surprised how much I liked this given most of the time with pop albums from the 2000s they've ages terribly and I didn't know much outside of her hits.

Album art 1/10 tho that has aged horribly

Meghan Trainor - Title
kinda ass just not my thing.

Album art 3/10

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