Vistas - Is This All We Are?
Aight, pretty sure at this point there's nothing this band can do to get me off their hype train. It's a little more laid back than their previous release, but it still encapsulates how Vistas want to sound. They're incredibly fun, lyrically beautiful and instrumentally all three performers work around their skill sets to form an extremely enjoyable listen.
Considering these guys released an album in 2021 and an EP earlier this year, people would've possibly perceived this to be a record rushed ... read more
Holding Absence - The Noble Art of Self Destruction
I completely missed this release and I am very unimpressed with myself... This is absolutely sensational! The vocal work is stunning, the chorus' are HUGE and everything about it is extremely enjoyable!
Humanity's Last Breath - Ashen
Producer: "Hey guys! How brickwalled do you want that limiter?"
Band: "Yes." sorry "Ja."
Don't get me wrong, this shit hits hard, but it's not standing out to me. "Labyrinthian" is an absolute slapper and I'll always stand by that. "Death Spiral" is also laden with groovy guitar sections, my weakness in modern metal. The production is very, very good for what it is though, so I can't discount that. It's good for anyone in a 'megamad' moment.
RJ Thompson - Live at Abbey Road
RJ Thompson has been one of the best finds of the past few years for me and this live album holds him to the consistent high that he's been riding. Ever since his sophomore Lifeline, I've been enamoured with his musical talent. His ability to construct a track while holding no instrument back is beyond me.
This live album blends music from his latest two albums together along with some new tracks played specially at Abbey Road. The consistency of this album is making it a firm favourite over ... read more
Nothing But Thieves - Dead Club City
I'm so over the moon with some tracks and others less so, but ultimately I've come out the other side quite pleased! The lads are delving into a popper side and it's very clear with their singles but they're keeping their rock roots, however it's at a minimum. That being said, it's still NBT at its heart, but it's not the album I expected at all in the best and worst of some ways.
Vistas - Everything Changes in the End
This is so irresistibly catchy and flows with precision. Ever since I first listened to Vistas they've become one of my all time favourite acts. This album is packed to the brim with happy Indie Pop/Rock sounds from three close buds. I saw 'em live in York a month or so ago and crikey, their music works wonders in person.
Vistas are nothing short of pleasing with this release and as they continue to grow their sound gets more refined.
I can see where these lads came from leading into their sophomore from 2022. It's still holstering the bright Indie Pop notes of their music that they continue to release to this date and is thoroughly fun.
Avenged Sevenfold - Life Is But a Dream...
(W)hat are we doing here?
(T)his stuff is questionable.
Foo Fighters - But Here We Are
It's not as instrumentally knock out as I hoped it'd be, but it's still really solid. It holsters a pain and anguish due to reasons that I'm sure are universally known. I can't really rate this any lower just due to the lineage of this band, as well as the lyrics being on top form. It's not surprising thanks to Dave Grohl's phenomenal run as front man. One of the best Foo records for a while, for sure.
Bilk - Bilk
Instant Smells Like Teen Spirit riff, besides that 'Daydreamer' is very catchy. Other than that, no other song really grabs my attention. It's a very one hit wonder kind of album to me. Shout out for the Club Penguin mention.
Leaving Laurel - when the quiet comes
Gordon pays homage to Pierce alongside Fulton's brother Griff in this heart string harmony of a record. It's the record that Gordon wished he could have made with Pierce one day and he's done it justice. This is categorically one of the most beautiful works of House and Chillwave you'll hear all year.
For those of you that don't know, Pierce was an all time inspiration for me in music production and his side project of Leaving Laurel has been something of a masterpiece ever since they ... read more
Karmanjakah - Ancient Skills
Fuck it, this is beyond beautiful, sod my limiting of rating EPs no higher than 80.
This is one of a kind, featuring some of the most mesmerising uses of reverb, delay and synth play that have ever graced my ears. "Flying" is shooting up there as one of my most listened tracks of the year due to its simplicity and angry/sad feel. Though these songs feel like an amalgamation of anger-sadness, the chorus' hit me in such a way that it lifts my soul beyond the clouds. Look at me getting ... read more
Sleep Token - Take Me Back to Eden
Coming into this Sleep Token release, "The Summoning" had me switch my opinion of this band from "meh" to "whoa, alright". Them releasing so many singles was an odd choice, but hey, we're here now. Unfortunately for them, the latest single "DYWTYLM" soured me on this. Still, I'm giving this a chance, maybe it works in context with the whole thing?
Well... I listened to the whole record and it feels like it doesn't know what it wants to be. Where does it ... read more
Veil of Maya - [m]other
Despite there being some interesting tid-bits sprinkled throughout, this is another standard metalcore album. It's not bad, but also not astonishing.
Richard Jacques - Sonic R
Release this on pretty plastic disk with indents that converge into sounds using very fragile spiky thing above it when spinning please and thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
I thought Illenium could be the guy to break the barrier and make some EDM that could actually interest me, but I'm clearly thinking way too highly of the lad. Every song structure is the same as, every vocalist is badly mixed and the tracks do not make me wanna dance at all. I'll give him praise in that he's managed to get artists from the likes of Spiritbox and Motionless in White to Nina Nesbitt and Grabbitz onto this album, but fuck me is it a massive snore fest.
Drain - Living Proof
Maaaan, some of these songs go hard. From "Devil's Itch" to "Imposter" I was consistently stuck with stank face. There's some of the less screamy songs on this record, such as "Good Good Things", and it still fits with DRAIN's sound. I'm unsure if this is better than California Cursed, but it's still a butt ton of fun if you're a Hardcore Punk fan.
The Lottery Winners - Anxiety Replacement Therapy
Intro track aside, "Worry" is a capital B.O.P. The anthems don't calm down going into "Burning House" and the welcoming "Money" and "Long Way Down" chill you back out again with some slower choices. The former of which didn't quite grab me at first listen, but will likely grow. The latter however is beautifully written, performed and the production is clean. It picks right back up with "Sertraline" with a fast paced, catchy tune to tide you over ... read more
Some of this is passable, and a fair bit is upbeat enough to keep my attention, others are grating and don't really give me anything to latch on to. "Brainwashed" is a bop, though.
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