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The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers
Pitchfork's 200 Best Albums of the 1960's: #166

I can picture myself buying this record as a kid in the sixties and telling my conservative parents: "No, No Mom it's not that hippy music! I swear, just look at the album cover. It's country music." The album cover belies nothing but one spin of the record gives it all away.

From the jump 'Artificial Energy' sounds like it could have been a Beatles song and 'Goin' Back' is a mesmerizing and dizzying track. And throughout the record, ... read more

The Impressions - Keep On Pushing
Pitchfork's 200 Best Albums of the 1960's: #167

Overrated/Underrated?: Overrated

The name Curtis Mayfield is just about synonymous with politically charged R&B and soul at this point. He would establish this primarily during the 70's after leaving the Impressions behind to launch a solo career. And while the Impressions seem like nothing more than a light-hearted pop group when compared to Mayfield's solo career, Mayfield's activist mentality is far from dormant in his work with the ... read more

Peter Brötzmann - Machine Gun
Pitchfork's 200 Best Albums of the 1960's: #168

8 jazz improvisers get together and see if they can make their instruments sound like weapons, they succeed. The disorienting and at times, frightening chaos found on the titular track somehow seems to be a more devastating critique of the Vietnam era than Bob Dylan or Phil Ochs could ever hope to produce.

The parallels to the coming No Wave movement, as well as noise rock in general, are almost to obvious to point out. But, the sheer ... read more

The Sonics - Here Are The Sonics!!!
Pitchfork's 200 Best Albums of the 1960's: #169

A lot of the archetypal early rock n' roll is hard to admire in the modern day. What was edgy then is sometimes conservative to the point of boredom nowadays. But the garage protopunk of the Sonics still sounds noisey and visceral even in the modern day.

Gerry Roslie's gritty vocals lead a vicious assault on your ears accompanied by a blaring saxophone and blaring guitar solos. And the lyrical content was enough to make conservative parents ... read more

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - The Inflated Tear
Pitchfork's 200 Best Albums of the 1960's: #170

There really is no one like Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Kirk became blind at a young age and started travelling with rhythm and blues bands in his early teens. He made a name for himself by playing multiple instruments at once. And by that, I don't mean guitar and harmonica a la folk singers, I mean he played multiple horns at once, often in other-worldly sounding harmonies. This is one of Kirk's better albums but missing from it is the political rants ... read more


Hello fellow man/woman/pronoun, what’s your favorite album to exercise to? I’m gonna put all the submissions into a list and listen to pick the most uplifting tracks and organize them into the AOTY Workout Playlist 2020.
Yeah tbh I think you’re probably better off starting somewhere else with him. If you want to get a feel for Nick Cave in general I’d say listen to some of his 80s work in post punk (either From Her to Eternity or Tender Prey would work), then try a few of his albums from the 90s (Murder Ballads is my personal favorite of what I’ve heard). That said, the only thing I think is essential to you going into Ghosteen specifically is Skeleton Tree, as both of these albums deal with his son’s death.
Nice! My wife is from Union, so right near by.
I grew up right in that phantom land known as central jersey. Monmouth county to be exact.
New Jersey what up!!!
Yay! Glad you like her work! She has been getting booked for album art a lot; she also did the cover of ALASKALASKA's debut this year. Her use of color and the format of her work is just incredible. So glad you checked her out!
Hell yes... I really respect the Summerteeth over Yankee Hotel opinion! It's always so hard for me to decide which is best. Personally I vibe with Summerteeth more, but in the end I think Yankee is objectively better. Good reviews!
Hmm...well you could say potatoes are annuals when grown indoors. You aren't inherently lying there either. If you grow anything with your students again might I suggest mint/catnip or Chamomile? Super easy to grow, grows fast and lives for a few years too 😁
Oh no D: I was just thinking about the lad actually, what a bummer. Still, you did your best! Growing potatoes indoors isn't easy and you kept it alive since winter! If you haven't already, check the soil in the pot. The potato might have left a lil friend ;)


I teach high school and I like music and books.

My reviews are always long and rambly and sometimes contain off-topic tangents, personal anecdotes and weird comparisons. I pretty much write for my own sake and if other people like it for some reason, that's cool too.

If you like my writing and want to see what I have to say about other things here's a blog I write about religion: https://thebibleasis.home.blog/2019/05/16/what-is-the-bible-as-is/

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