SK.EIN - Rove
It is just a standard downtempo with Belarusian folk motives appearing in several tracks.

Behemoth - Opvs Contra Natvram
Behemoth became some kind of metal version of Nickelback. It has cringe 'satanic' image, by everything contorted in order to meet mainstream listener. It is more like a melodic radio-friendly black metal.

August Of Octavia+mmxxix - ⁸/₂₉ or base-8 \035
It is some super weird experimental collage of avant-electronics

Mbulelo - Kalibre
EP with gqom mixed with classical sound of detroit techno.

Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man - Real Bad Flights
A slow, jazzy and soul-vibed abstract hip hop. There are Real Good Flights here.

VTSS - Circulus Vitiosus
Sokora Violetov - Q.
Experiments with electronics, noise and Klezmer music.

The Mars Volta - The Mars Volta
Ok, I would never called myself a fan of Mars Volta, but I respected their specific sound and general originality. By releasing self-title album, I would count on some kind of summary of their career and come back to the roots, but we got just a generic indietronic art pop.

Nick Storring - Music from Wéi 成为
Electroacoustic and minimalistic attempt to modern classical music.

Emiter - Where old buildings once stood come new ones
Quite some electroacoustics and experimental shit. The first half is fine, but the latter bored me.

Bastarda & Sutari - Tamoj
Polish, Belarusian and Lithuanian folk played in a chamber format that Bastarda is known from.

Breaka - Breaka 005
Breaka takes upon Amapiano music and adds uk bass elements to it.

Suede - Autofiction
Suede turns in post-punk-revival side. Britpop and slightly glam sound still exists and I can listen to Brett Anderson in every way he sings. It is a fine and solid album, although the middle part went without engaging me much.

Wojciech Kiwer - Miasto, kt​ó​rego nie by​ł​o
Album that is released in the wrong timing. It documents Cracow sounds during 1st lockdown of pandemic in 2020. This period was already documented on too many different ways. And here it is way too standard to bring and freshness. Maybe if it was released in 2020, this topic would be new enough to make somebody interested in. Or in 30 years as a historical view on this period. But in 2022 everyone has enough of covid topics and this album is totally uninteresting to me. ... read more
Chat Pile - God’s Country
A dirty and noisy sludge with post-hardcore neurotics a'la Daughters and industrial metal sound close to Godflesh. All is, however, super original and just fucking good.

The Afghan Whigs - How Do You Burn?
Another Afghans album that missed the mark to me. I should've already gave up with them, but I though maybe I grown up to their sound - apparently not ;)

Machine Girl - Neon White OST 1 - The Wicked Heart
Drum'n'bass hardcore breaks as a soundtrack to Neon White game. I'd play if I had a time only for the OST.

Jack White - Entering Heaven Alive
Songwriter's album by Jack White in which he explores bluesy folk rock.

Ozzy Osbourne - Patient Number 9
A solid pop metal album. It is probably a real and official Ozzy's goodbye to musicall career. After Ordinary Man I was almost sure I won't be able to listen through the whole album. But I got a positive surprise. Of course, it is nothing super extraordinary, but just good hard&heavy songs with eternal Osbourne vocal. That's enough for me to have fun. Apart of that, we get nice guests: Tony Iommi, Jeff Beck, Mike McCready or Eric Clapton. Also Zakk Wylde appears in several songs and is not ... read more
clipping. & Jonathan Snipes - CLBBNG
Great house tracks by clipping. on the EP called "clubbing".

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