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TehSniper_143 -
Shooting the Movies (EP. 4)

Soooo... 500 followers, eh?

Never really thought I would get to this point, considering the, what seems, hundreds of other waaaaayyyy more talented reviewers out there, but honestly, I cant thank you guys enough. I literally would not be on this site if it wasn't because of you guys, and this whole journey of me discovering new music and sharing my thoughts on it with you guys has been really cool, and has made me discover some incredible works that otherwise I ... read more

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TehSniper_143 -
You ever heard of Happy Madison Productions? I know that might sound like a weird question, but for those who don't know, Happy Madison was a film production studio run by American actor and living sweater vest Adam Sandler. His movies are considered by many in the film critique field to be some of the worst out there and just filled to the brim with tacky, tasteless poop jokes that only the braindead American people would actually enjoy like 8 Crazy Nights and The Benchwarmers (oh and also ... read more
TehSniper_143 -
6 years old

Only thing I know Erykah for was being sampled in one of Logics Young Sinatra tapes (that song is on here as well). So I had little to go off of for this, but DAMN, this was pretty damn good. Vocals were a bit off at first, but I got into them the more the album went on, Production was pretty good on here as well, felt like old school type stuff, but not nearly as dated as 2004 was. I also really liked the lyrics on here as well, they feel really nice and I feel like they really ... read more
TehSniper_143 -
Shoutout to @Pickle

This was really weird. I genuinely really don't know what to say about this album and the songs within it. From the spoken word parts on the majority of these songs, to the weird ass riffs on here. This was really cool to experience, and I really did like this album quite a bit. Only reason its not higher, is that a couple moments on here aren't as great as I had hoped and I am not really THAT big a fan of most Post-Rock albums out there, but even still, this album is still ... read more
TehSniper_143 -
oh no, hobo johnson... oh no.

What the fuck happened, man? You had an honestly not that bad album with "The Fall of Hobo Johnson", and then 2 years later you make THIS?!?! This is somehow on the same level as that Nostalgia Critic album from a few years ago. Like, how in the FUCK could you hear songs like "My therapist" or "Prequel to Animal Farm" and be delusional enough to put that on a goddamn album. I legit wasted 30 minutes on this pos, and I had to listen to ... read more
TehSniper_143 -
Been putting this one off for way too long, now its finally time to do self-titled.

This is a damn good album. The intensity of tracks like "Inside Out" and "Body & Blood" are just as great as their other stuff. Writing on here is still great as well, Daveed is a fucking genius in storytelling, he can really make anything sound fucking terrifying. Production is also really good on here, this is prob their harshest album out of their whole catalog, with tracks like ... read more


Aug 3, 2021
That’s awesome!!!

Thank you so much for responding!
You can check out your response on the list.
Aug 2, 2021
Hey TehSniper_143, I’m making a list named AOTY’s favorite concerts and I would love if you could participate in it!

If you want to participate in the list, you need to include the name of the artist, album toured
(or your favorite album of theirs if it was not a specific record being toured), and sum up your experiences in a few sentences.

I hope you have a great day, and thank you for considering.
Jul 29, 2021
Thanks for following! Peace ✌️
Jul 26, 2021
thnak you for the follow
Jul 23, 2021
Not gonna lie, the playdough cooked in tea one was a banger, but still, happy to follow quality users 👍
Jul 23, 2021
Jul 22, 2021
probably wayyyy too late to answer for that list BUT i would probably say grave house (

the album personifies the two artists perfectly: edgy depressed fucks, just like me!!!!
Jul 15, 2021
lol, true dat. 😄
Jul 15, 2021
Congrats for the 500´!
Jul 14, 2021
and don't worry, feeling's mutual. My username is shit too. 🤡


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