Dadawah - Peace and Love - Wadadasow

Brief Review: Quality reggae that heals the soul. That’s it p much. Each track having to do with freeing yourself from prejudice and the pain of humanity, and peace across the world. Its a really nice easygoing listen for its entire runtime. It may not be for most people, especially if your not really that into most reggae stuff, and also if long songs intimidate you. But still, great listen all around!

Mommy Long Legs - Life Rips

Brief Review: Shame I didn't like this as much as I wanted to, cause I actually kinda the punkish instrumentation on a couple tracks. But the problem with these types of albums is the vocals just kill most enjoyment I could get from these songs. Half of the time listening to this album I was just straight up annoyed by the songs on here, and the other half I was just kinda bored? I get that it's just kinda a punk thing, but still, this was pretty rough to get through for ... read more

The Backseat Lovers - When We Were Friends

Indie rock at best most beautiful. I seriously haven’t been attached to an album like this in a while. Everything about this album is pure class, from the production, to the lyrics and even down to the vocals, which I think sounds amazing. Most of the songs on here just feel really nostalgic with how they sound, like “Watch Your Mouth” and “Kirby Girl”. Im honestly really happy with how this album came out like, and I may end up jumping ... read more

Vokon - Stairways

Brief Review: Nice little synthwave tunes, but other than that there's really not much else to this album. Cool ambient background music, with some admittedly cool sounding production. But theres really not much else to this album. Its just cool for what it is in the background. Next!

Earth, Wind & Fire - September
do you remember?
Calsutmoran - UXALETON TRIBE

Brief Review: Some interesting ideas are present within most of this 20 minute beat tape. However, each song has at least one element that just ruins the whole thing. I think if you remove those elements, this could’ve been a cool beat tape. But overall, this is pretty bad. I literally have nothing else to say about it, other than that, so lets just move on.

Untold - Black Light Spiral

Brief Review: Im all for artists embracing noise and glitchiness in their music if i manages to create interesting and amazing art, with most artists like Sematary and Amaii being able to do that. However, with this album, it just kinda creates a weird and surprisingly boring experience, as it doesn’t really do anything with its noise. I mean, tracks like “Sing A Love Song” and “Wet Wool” are literally just unlistenable with these awful ... read more

Slayer - Show No Mercy

Slayer is a band that Ive been meaning to get into for a while, and my co worker told me about this album how at the time, it was considered one of the craziest things to come out then (considering thrash metal and metal in general wasn’t really a thing back then). So with that, I gotta say, for 1983, this was heat. The riffs and vocals are honestly super tight for a majority of the time, and the satanic imagery of the album isn’t as boring or cliche as most ... read more

Revocation - Deathless

Revocation is awesome. Their 2019 album "The Outer Ones" is a damn amazing piece of TDM. I was excited to see what other things they have in their discog, specifically with this older album "Deathless". And DAMN, this is almost as great as their 2019 album. The riffs are complete killer, the production is on fucking point, and the vocals are just as amazing as they've ever been, arguably even more threatening. Everything on here is fucking awesome. ... read more

Supercell - Supercell


From what I can see, this is prob one of the more popular vocaloid albums / artists (at least for its time so I've been told). And with that in mind, I can see why this was popular back then. It does have that thing where it really feels like a pop album stuck in 2009, sort of in a similar vein to that one BEP album. That being said, I still had a decently fun time on here. Sure, it does feel like a sorta generic anime album at points, ... read more

الجن - قطع رأس ثعبان شاشترا

Brief Review: Ten-minute-long demo, and it shows tbh. Granted, it's an interesting demo, I kinda liked the ambient atmospheric production to it, and I felt like the general sound of it was pretty cool. But other than that, this isn't really something I'm gonna come back to again. I am interested in what this band is able to do with a fully finished project, but I guess this is pretty cool ig. idk

Kendrick Lamar - Bitch I'm In The Club
1000th rating, boys.


The Longest Johns - Between Wind and Water

Brief Review: I was introduced to The Longest Johns a year ago thanks to a friend of mine, and I really like a lot of what they do most of the time. And a good chunk of this album is no exception. Granted, it kinda has the same problem as "Written In Salt" where its only vocals and it leads to some tracks just feeling kinda empty and almost unfinished. Their more recent albums fix this problem a bit, but it still plagues their older material, this one included. ... read more

Casiopea - Dramatic

Brief Review: Nice collection of jazz tunes, but other than that nothing too amazing. I did really like some tracks here and there, and I thought the production and sound was great. But as it went on, I felt a bit tired of its sound as it went, even though for the most part it was the same quality for the most part. Its a fun time for a couple tracks, but after a while it gets a bit tiresome and drags on. But besides that, its a pretty decently well made album.

Lamp - Lamp Genso

Brief Review: This was beautiful. Felt like a soundtrack to one of those japanese cafes you see in like Tokyo or something. The production carries this cozy vibe that just fits perfectly with what it's trying to do. And the vocals, just *chefs kiss* amazing. Everything just falls in the perfect place with this album, and it just leads to an amazing listen front to back. If I had to give a complaint, it'd prob just be that I feel this didn't have to be 50 minutes, and maybe ... read more

Steve Lacy - Apollo XXI

Not super familiar with Steve Lacy outside of a couple of features here and there. His voice and music generally just haven't really been something that's interested me from what I've heard. And this album kinda proves that for me tbh. Most of these songs sound very demoish, with barely finished instrumentals, and honestly really weird and off sounding vocal takes that just kinda feel like Steve just kinda going on autopilot. Also, this albums writing is pretty bad tbh. ... read more

Gabbie Hanna - Trauma Queen
"Deep down I believe you know you're a monster, too..." - Future (Throw Away)
The saddest part about this album is that this could’ve been good. This could’ve been at the very least decent had it done a couple things differently, but it just gets everything wrong. Although I will say the first 3 tracks were actually pretty decent, we’re YUNGBLUD actually kinda has a likable attitude and comes through some surprisingly decent vocals. But after those 3 tracks, the album just nosedives into this super unlikable pop punk crap made albums like ... read more
NAV - Demons Protected By Angels
I actually kinda liked Navs last album from 2 years ago, as I felt it was a bit of an evolution and showed that he could hold his own when he was on a song by himself. He appears to have completely removed that from the equation on this new album, as this was honestly some of his most insufferable material since 2019. There are some flashes in the pan, though like “Never Sleep” and “One Time”, where I feel like Nav is able to hold his own combined with the features. ... read more
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