Mac Miller - Circles
Jan 24, 2020
"Well, I'm way too young to be gettin 'old", GOT DAMN, this one hit me hard.

This is a posthumous album, where the artist's work and intentions are respected and not the commercial point of view.

I liked "Swimming" (7/10), I loved the simplicity and I found it beautiful, but there were such big auctions for this "Circles".
Despite being a posthumous album, the ambition that Mac Miller had for this album is noteworthy, here we see super conscious lyrics and consistency in production, something that was little seen in "Swimming".

Some letters here are complicated to deal with, not only because of the context, but because they are so incisive and relatable.

The parts of Mac Miller singing were very lowkey, where Mac knew his limits and took full advantage to see the harmony and energy of the album.

I found the lyrics more conscious and the production more consistent than in "Swimming", I found a more solid album.

It is with sadness that we hear this album, and although the environment of this album indicates it, there is an inner joy that I cannot explain, but I know there is.

I loved this album, it's certainly a highlight this year, I'll just leave this here:
"Because everybody's gotta live
And everybody's gonna die
Everybody's gonna try to have a good, good time
I think you know the reason why"

I think now we know why.


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