th_initiator -
▲ = Outside, Superman That, SS San Francisco, Footwork in a Forest Fire, Smoke Don't Care, Top Picks For You, Wild Wild West, Postpostpartum, Knees, Bye Storm
▬ = Ground Zero
▼ =
th_initiator -
▲= Jail, Hurricane, Believe What I Say, Moon, Heaven and Hell, Jesus Lord, Lord I Need You, Pure Souls, Come to Life,
▬ = God Breathed, Off the Grid, Praise God, Ok Ok, 24, Donda, Make Me New Again,
▼ = Donda Chant, Jonah, Junya, Remote Control, Keep My Spirit Alive, Tell The Vision, No Child Left Behind,

+25 because bangers
- 10 because part 2s kinda sucked
th_initiator -
▲ = Mystery, Blackout, Don't Play, Underwater Boi, Holiday, Humanoid / Shake it Up, Endless, Fly Again, Wild Wrld, Dance Off, New Heart Design, New Heart Design, TLC
▬ = Alien Love Call, No Surprise, Lonely Dezires
▼ =
th_initiator -
▲ = Learning, Whisper, Waxman, Play, Feel Good, Changing Contours
▬ = Erased, Harmonizing, Pictures, Ride
▼ =
th_initiator -
The instrumentals are great, but what the fuck was Axl doing on the mic here?
th_initiator -
Genuine question, is it possible to leave a negative score?
th_initiator -
▲ = Intro, Palapalapa, Like We Used To, (re)constructed
▬ = Deconstructed, Groundation Intervention, We're All Totally Fucked, I Can Hear Them Too, Mercurial
▼ =
th_initiator -
▲ = She Says What She Wants, C'Mon C'Mon, Iggy & Angus, Sinking Ship, Keep on Thinking, Money City Maniacs, Seems So Heavy, Suppose they Close the Door, On The Horizon
▬ = Chester the Molester, Stand By Me Yeah, I Wanna Thank You, I'm Not Through With You Yet
▼ =
th_initiator -
▲ = Lovers In Death, Nervous Passenger. The Storm The Storm The Storm
▬ = The Knife The Knife The Knife, Nickels and Diamonds, What You Feed, What You Starve,
▼ = Bad Bite, The Silence The Silence The Silence, Life and Debt
th_initiator -
▲ = Fault, Personality Girlfriend, Armageddon, Fine in the Family, Everything You Wanted, The Victim,
▬ = Formaldehyde, Utopia, Poison Pen, What You're Scared Of, Was it Worth It
▼ =
th_initiator -
▲ = The Evidence, Undilated Lovers, Psithurhythym, The Prince is Back
▬ = Forest of Your Problems, Shifting Basslines of the Cornucopians, Susurrations, Rhthym is Our Business, Xylophobia, Forest of Your Problems
▼ =
th_initiator -
▲ = The Way We Live Now, Dungeness.
▬ = Message From The Spirit World, They Didn't See It Coming, How to Beat the Lie Detector, Nineveh. The One Who Held You Up, The Patriots, Intention, Smalltown Boy, From a Place of Love, The Heart of the Wave, Cradle You
▼ =
th_initiator -
▲ = Watercolour. Talking With My Hands Again, Loathe
▬ = Blank Slate
▼ =
th_initiator -
▲ = Aboard, Now Disappear, Alone, Invisible, The Blue Elephant. Life Unknown. Forget Me
▬ = Safe Passage, Blues Inside Me, I Cannot Speak, Safer Passage, Like Stone, Now Disappear Again
▼ = Summer Sun, Story Told
th_initiator -
▲ = Theme Song, No Sleep, Gallows Humor, Safer Skin, Eve, Garamond
▬ =
▼ =
th_initiator -
▲ = Desert High
▬ = More-More-More, Shuffle Step & Slide, I Was a Highway,
▼ = My Lucky Card, She's On Fire, Vagabond Man, Spanish Flu, West Coast Junkie, Stackin' Bones. S-G-L-M-B-B-R. Hey Baby, Que Paso
th_initiator -
▲ =
▬ = The Beach, Delicious Things, Lipstick on the Glass, Safe From Heartbreak, Feeling Myself, The Last Man on Earth
▼ = Smile. How Can I Make It Ok, Play All the Greatest Hits, No Hard Feelings, The Beach ll
th_initiator -
▲ = Devastation. Fed Up, Dominate
▬ = Below, No Return, Phantom Pain, Hell of It
▼ = The Past is Dead, Skin, I Won't Give It Up, The Answer, The Last Riff
th_initiator -
▲ = As Blue As Indigo, Sleepwalker, Blue Mist in My Head, Stop Beating on My Heart, Beauty
▬ = Funeral, Built to Fail, Shame, As Long As You're Next to Me, In The Autumn of My Years
▼ =
th_initiator -
▲ = On The Move, The Other Black Dog, Centrefold, Waitin' On Ya, Don't Need You, Gold Chains,
Smiling With No Teeth, Whip Cracker, Easy, No Looking Back, Bye Bye
▬ = Drown, I Don't See Colour, Black Dogs!, A Song About Fishing
▼ =
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