- Space Is The Plaice
After being reactivated, Pussyfoot Records attempts to establish a stable and safe connection between the phat beats of the past and the ambient routine of the present.
 - The Burning Spider
Another set of naïve, dance collages, using, this time, a retro touch of blues, that sound like elementary studies of a digital technique.
Did I see Moby smiling?,
 - Never Forget My Love
The good news is that Joss Stone looks like her daughter and the bad news is that Joss Stone sounds like her mother.
 - Next Position Please
Although I'm not certain that they used up the previous position, they called the qualified Todd Rundgren to help them dig the power-pop past properly, so that they reach the annual FM finals smiling.
 - Variéty
The glory days are gone, leaving behind a lamentable spectacle, without imagination, without exaggeration, without exaltation, just a rudimentary dramaturgy that makes things even worse.
 - Florist
A soft diary, filled with tiny, spring snapshots that are simply passing by without much notice, while they make our life more beautiful, like it should be.
 - More Songs to Learn and Sing
The updated version of a deficient compilation, despite its messy changes, still omits those pictures that started everything before swinging and falling.
 - Duran Duran
After having succeeded in being considered part of the New Romantics, the british band got used to adore its fancy outfit and turned to music to talk about its heroes.
 - Elephant Shoe
After having crossed the gates of minimalist depression, the scottish duo moves slowly from shadow to shadow, looking for a young and ignorant one, susceptible to nestle its indie snoring.73
 - These Songs for You, Live!
Although I'm not certain of the necessity of this compilation, which contains live recordings from 1971 to 1973, I' m absolutely certain that Donny Hathaway was a great soulman.
 - Rasta Business
Never ending Rasta business for Burning Spear, who knows very well, after all these years, how to be profitable with a cause.
 - Into the Fire
Unfortunately for Bryan Adams, there was only one way to overcome the commercial triumph of "Reckless": lock himself into the fire and get burned!
 - The Future is Medieval
After following the latest suggestion of the british band, I admit that I couldn't make any connection between the future and its supposed, medieval nature.
It's not just a communication problem, but it certainly is a deeper matter of inspiration.
 - Glorious
Gloria aspires to become glorious, so she turns to a new production team which, judging by the result, it doesn't seem to possess the know-how to meet her obsession.
 - Revolution Now
Released on his own, Deltic Records and recorded in various studios, Captain Sensible's third album demonstrates, with too much clarity, his crucial lack of concentration.
 - Permanent Vacation X (10 Years Label Anniversary)
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Permanent Vacation, its main artists and friends collected 16 brand new anthems and dances from dusk till dawn.70
 - Alpha Games
Beyond illusions and expectations, there was a time when this band didn't have the means but it had the world in its hands.
Now that it has the means, it let the world alone to continue its orbit.
 - King of America
Well, the good news is that Elvis Costello re-introduces himself as a reborn roots rocker, without his Attractions and the better news is that he has some new stories to tell about the King of America that will keep us awake all night long.
 - Extreme Witchcraft
This is a fair soundtrack to one of these moments, when you reflect upon things that you didn't make in time and you try, retroactively. to make them happen with dubious results.
 - Gonna Get You
For its sophomore album, Freeez flew to NYC and showed up, without any previous notice, to Arthur Baker's office, asking for a juicy collaboration on current rhythmology, which culminated in the super-addictive "I.O.U.".
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