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Loukeman - Sd-2
Feb 6

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Porter Robinson - Nurture
April’s Albums #23: Nurture

What is real music? Seriously, to you, what do you consider real music? Is it different for everyone? Is there only one true answer? Well, I’ll give you my opinion. To me, real music is something that can transport you to a different place, a new world. You close your eyes, and all you can see is the music, if that makes sense. You use real music as an escape from the real world. Almost like a drug, I believe true, honest to God real music can do that to ... read more

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MGMT - Loss of Life
slight improvement over their last record, after I'm still wanting more. too often does this album and especially their last just completely bore to the point where i want to listen to literally anything else. but this is definitely a step in the right direction, with plenty of incredible songs. the production on this thing is insane. it makes everything so fun and so interesting. like the last song?? holy jesus. why can't all the songs sound like that? this neo-psychedelia production with ... read more
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Black History Month Part I/III: A Love Supreme

got this idea VERY late into February and even then i've been busy and haven't got a chance to sit down and listen to music until today. so apologies for that, but i still want to take this chance this chance to listen to some of the greatest albums of all time, made by Black artists. starting off with A Love Supreme, god this is just absolutely great jazz. everything about this is just so pleasant to listen to, it's just great music to listen to ... read more

Bo Burnham - Make Happy
incredible special, from beginning to end. I really don’t know what to say about it, it works pretty much only as the video, I don’t see myself really coming back to individual tracks, however I can see myself returning to watch the whole thing fairly often. it’s pretty powerful all throughout, especially towards the end when it gets considerably more serious. but this is just a great time it’s fun, it made me laugh, the music is great, it’s a spectacular Bo ... read more
Deftones - White Pony
great album but I dunno I guess I expected maybe a little more? although to be fair I’m already not that big of a fan of metal, so maybe I’m the problem. I got the most enjoyment out of the trip hop track lmao. but I dunno I just found a lot of this to be kinda repetitive in nature and not really as inventive as people claim it to be? maybe it just hasn’t aged all that well but to me it’s just a great alt-metal record
Friko - Where we've been, Where we go from here
that was absolutely spectacular. phenomenal record, all the way through. this is indie, this is punchy, this is fun, it’s just so good man. basically everything I could ask for out of a record. this really did blow me away, I’m glad Friko is picking up steam off of this, I’m so excited to see where they go from here. the production is so fun and punchy, with a healthy amount of reverbance that makes just a perfect blend of sounds for an album like. and the vocalist fits this ... read more


Hello I am back with a new single, this time it is a solo release under my own name and is a cover of the Twenty One Pilots track "Fall Away". This band has meant so much to me the past few years and with the hype of their new record around the corner, I have decided to make a cover album of their music with my own spin on it and this is the start of that project! I hope you enjoy and take the time to rate this. It will be exclusive to Bandcamp and YouTube.
Ur welcome!!
you are welcome
Heyo! your reviews are really REALLY GOOD, I love the amount of love and care you put into your reviews and Nurture being your fav album is a HUGE W! I was wondering if you could review my album CLOUD OCEAN I made last year! It's a narratively driven album about a fictional story of heartbreak and It's been compared to Porter Robinson so maybe you'll enjoy it!

(It's a short 35:48 so it's not stupidly long or made in the year 2023 lol)
Have a great day! ^_^
GUYS PLEASE I AM DESPERATE FOR THINGS TO LISTEN TO. everything I wanna listen to is either a 2023 release that I have no motivation to listen to rn or something stupidly long so PLEASE IF YOU’RE READING THIS GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS!!!
You’re welcome!
TY :>
Np :)
you're welcome


Hii! I'm just some stupid guy who likes stupid music! I’ll review whatever I wanna listen to, while also keeping up with the music of the year. I try to write at least a little bit about every album I listen to. Hope you like what you see, thanks for being here!
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