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since I rated this so high, I feel almost obligated to explain why in a more detailed and longer review than what I usually do since the general reception is so negative. I’m absolutely willing to do that, and it’s not like I have some emotional connection with BLACKPINK or anything, I just simply think this is a great album and I had a lot of fun listening to it. however to do that I’m gonna need another listen or two, which means delaying yet another review. I’m sorry for continually doing this, I feel like every other review it’s “I’m sorry, not today, I’ll do it tomorrow”, but this time I genuinely need a better grasp. so hopefully for the last time for a while, come back in a day or two for hopefully a review I’m proud of! now with that out of the way, lemme get to the second topic in this opening paragraph. bots. I think it’s a really childish thing to spam 100’s on albums just because you “Stan” an artist. there’s nothing wrong with having a different opinion, and botting something for the sake of botting is the definition of pretentious. I just think it’s stupid and gains nothing. with that being said STAN BLACKPINK ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’… (but in all seriousness, stays tuned for the actual review!)

The title track starts off the album really strong. The production and sound palette is really unique and it keeps me coming back. The hook gets a little old, but that’s really its only flaw. This song got me dancing and having fun and that’s all I could ask for music at this point. Shut Down I think is the first miss though. The violin/cello thing that pollutes the track the whole way through is pretty annoying. I’m not really in love with these lyrics either. I just don’t think when everything comes together that they compliment each other well. The trap beat is also really obnoxious. Typa Girl is the worst song on the album though, and it’s not particularly close. It starts off alright, I like the initial instrumental, but then it switches-up rather abruptly into the most generic trap song I think ever created. It’s like they had something good and decided no it’s time to be lame. The lyrics also kinda suck. Like, the pre-chorus is really good, but the chorus and verses are insufferable and it completely ruins the song. Yeah Yeah Yeah is next and it pretty much saves the album. The synth in the chorus perfectly captures a great summer jam. Never mind that summer is over tho. It’s just a fun song that I could listen to for a while. Simply put, BLACKPINK doesn’t do anything to sabotage themselves. Hard to Love is next and it follows Yeah Yeah Yeah perfectly. Both are similar in their vibe and like the previous song it’s just a fun song. I don’t see how people could hate these two songs, they’re just great pop songs overall. Maybe overproduction but I’d argue the production is great. And also if you wanna nitpick the lyrics are fairly shallow but that’s really it. Everything about these two tracks are excellent in my opinion. Next we have a ballad in The Happiest Girl which is just a great track and continues the nice little streak this album has built itself. I don’t have much else to say, it’s a slower song that manages to keep my attention and feel rewarding. Also one thing I haven’t mentioned is how consistent in quality the vocals have been on this album. It’s all been great, incredible at times, and it really shines on this song. Tally follows which might be a forgettable song and the pre-chorus reminds me so much of When Can I See You Again from Wreck-It-Ralph. I also think its album placement lowkey sucks. But it’s a fine song overall, I really like the guitar that backs the track throughout. The lyrics could be better admittedly tho. Ready For Love closes us out which is a REALLY fun song that makes me wanna dance. The song is all supported by great production. This would be a perfect closer for the album if not for the lyrics, which I kinda hate. But I can excuse them for the production, which, like I said, I love. It’s not like I can understand most of it anyway lmao.

So there we have it. I’m hoping you could understand a bit more why I really enjoyed this album. If not oh well, it’s just our opinions anyway. But yeah thats why I had a great time with this album. If I rated albums critically, it would probably be a lot lower, but I rate them based on my enjoyability. It’s just how I view music, something we all enjoy, and I can sit here and list real reasons why an album isn’t great, but that’s not fun.
Favorite Track: Yeah Yeah Yeah [4]
Other Favorites: Pink Venom [1], Hard to Love [5], The Happiest Girl [6], Tally [7], Ready For Love [8]
Least Favorite: Typa Girl [3]

Track Ratings
1Pink Venom / 85
2Shut Down / 60
3Typa Girl / 40
4Yeah Yeah Yeah / 95
5Hard To Love / 90
6The Happiest Girl / 90
7Tally / 80
8Ready For Love / 85
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