Weezer - Van Weezer
May 24, 2021
What Happened To Weezer: Part 15

The home stretch, the finale (so far), and it's meh. Like, it's just ok. It's not like Teal, but it's just ok. The fact that we waited a year and a half (I mean I obviously get why it was delayed) kinda made it feel like this was gonna huge and big. I remember this album was announced because Rivers kinda apologized for the Black album (Where I'm coming from: https://loudwire.com/rivers-cuomo-weezer-big-guitars/) and I was intrigued to see Weezer do metal. I mean Maladroit has some metal moments and they fucking slap. However, this album is underwhelming.

"Hero" opens the album and I don't like that. Not that I don't like the song, I like it, I think it's a cute song with some cool guitar riffs. However, I don't know why this is an opener. It doesn't sound like one to me, I can kinda look over that since I do like the song. "All The Good Ones" is very ok. It reminds me a bit of "Beverly Hills" except it's way better. I mean I like that one part where the guitar is performing an ascending tapping line at the beginning of the final chorus. Other than that, it's fine. "The End Of The Game" really helped sell me on this album. Now, this is what you call an opener. It's fun, a great song, and really helps set the mood for this album. It really makes me wanna get up and fucking destroy a mosh pit or something. "I Need Some Of That" is good. It's not really flashy, but it's pretty good. "Beginning Of The End" is actually also surprisingly really good. I really love the mix between Van Halen (no shit Rohan, how else did the album get its name) and Queen this has, especially that solo. I also really love that part where Rivers says "Scrounging and scavenging down in the dirt" as well as the music. Quite original I might say. Aw shit, "Blue Dream" exists. Why is this literally just "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne? Like, I'm ok with sampling (I mean I like me some of that rap music) but they don't even do anything with it! This just makes me want to listen to the original song again. Now here's something controversial, I like "1 More Hit".I like the darker tone of the song and I think it's well written, even if the "daddy" line exists. Also, why does the thrash metal bridge sound too similar to "Master Of Puppets" by Metallica? "Shelia Can Do It" and "She Needs Me" are literally the same in quality. They're pretty meh and they are bland as fuck. They leave my head when literally anything comes on next. "Precious Metal Girl" is the ending and I like it. It's just a nice acoustic song to help balance all the chaos of the electric guitars.

Overall, this album is just fine. Nothing special. I mean kinda sucks this was in the works for a year and a half and OK Human came out. So that kinda sucked. I mean, I wanted a pop-metal album, I got one. I'm at least happy with that.

So what happened to Weezer, I guess time. I mean times change, but I feel if Weezer felt more genuine I feel they would be a lot more respected. Without the pandering, the constant release schedule, and just Raditude, they wouldn't be a fucking meme. I mean they're planning a quadruple album possibly next year, and I am extremely worried about how that's gonna turn out. I feel like it going to be like Green Day's trilogy. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait until it comes out. I feel weird that this series has ended. This series will continue when Weezer drops a new album. Until then, go listen to some Weezer.

Favorite Songs: The End Of The Game, Beginning Of The End, Precious Metal Girl

Least Favorite Songs: Blue Dream, She Needs Me, Shelia Can Do It

Cant wait for part 16
@Risker Can't wait for part 17
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