Weezer - Pacific Daydream
May 20, 2021
What Happened To Weezer: Part 11

Fucking shit Weezer. Now before this review, I kinda liked this album. I thought it was a nice album that you could relax to and I liked the poppier approach to this album and didn't mind it too much. This is why 8th grade me should've for having these opinions, as well as being a terrible person as well. This album is White, but turn it into Make Believe, and add new cliches that were popular in 2017.

People often like the opener "Mexican Fender" because it has a guitar. However, the song is so slow and so repetitive. This song really reminds me of a better "Beverly Hills", however, it does a better chorus and isn't as annoying as "Beverly Hills". "Beach Boys" is so cheesy, I mean the production is so clean and crisp but in a bad way. Not as bad as Raditude, but not great. Everyone hates "Feels Like Summer" and it's not perfect and has some good lines. Except for "I'm spiritual, not religious, I'm a Libra, if it matters" like what the hell. But holy shit that chorus is annoying as hell! It has this weird EDM drop that would come out of 2013, and just yuck. "Happy Hour" is so fucking cringe-worthy. And I kinda like some of the stupid lines like "Maybe I'll meet a scientist in sweatpants and a hair tie, We'll conversate about ghetto birds and MIDI keyboards". Beautiful. "Weekend Woman" is actually a surprisingly great song. The poppier direction on the song really works for the song and really helps give that summer vibe. "QB Blitz" is an amazing acoustic song and has some of my favorite moments on the album. "Sweet Mary" is an alright song that does have an interesting melody. "Get Right" is just very meh, I really don't care about this song. It's very boring. "La Mancha Screwjob" is bad, filler, and plain annoying. I really hate that squeaky thing that happens in the intro and the outro. Also that chorus fucking sucks. The album ends with "Any Friend of Diane's" and it's meh. It's just a meh way to end a kinda bad album.

Overall, this album is just kinda bad. It's not that great, which sucks since I love that cover art. It gives a really grand vibe, although it doesn't really vibe with summer. It's not great, but it's not the worst.

Oh, that reminded me about that Black album that's coming. I can't wait to listen to that album finally since- I should really stop talking.

Favorite Tracks: QB Blitz, Weekend Woman

Least Favorite Tracks; Mexican Fender, La Mancha Scwrewjob, Beach Boys, Get Right

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