Weezer - Weezer (Black Album)
May 21, 2021 (updated Jun 14, 2021)
What Happened To Weezer: Part 13

This was the first album that was being promoted, and I was hyped. I remember the ads being very weird. I mean, Fortnite. That's all I really need to say. Just, Fortnite. I kinda wish there was a Weezer-related dance. Maybe there is, I don't play Fortnite. And I remembered I liked the first three singles that came out (as in the first three songs) as I think they're still some of Weezer's best. But, when I listened to the rest of the album, it's not good. I was in science class with the most confused look on my face.

I've mentioned that I liked the first three songs as "Can't Knock The Hustle" has some of the funkiest moments on a Weezer song as well as try-hard lyrics which are kinda funny. "Zombie Bastards" is a nice song with an amazing riff behind it. Also "High As A Kite" is a really nice song with an awesome bridge. Can I just say that the lyrics are absolutely great, I really get the feeling that Rivers just forget everything and just mellow out. Who can't relate to that? Then the album decides to take a giant nosedive in quality."Living In L.A." is so overproduced and those "woah"'s are so fucking annoying. Just, get it away from me. "Piece Of Cake" is so dumb. Those "doo-doo"s just annoying and terrible. Also the line "She cut me like a piece of cake" is cliche with a song title like that. "I'm Just Being Honest" is ok, but I feel like it's a bitter version of a song from EWBAITE. Like, I think it's about some "high-brow" critic, and the scenarios they in represent Weezer's music. I don't know, I'm just pulling something out of my ass. "Too Many Thoughts In My Head" is very meh. I honestly keep forgetting it exists. Also that rap verse, Rivers we already established that you rapping isn't exactly the best idea. The last three songs are legit some of their worst songs. "The Prince Who Wanted Everything" is just so bad and dull. I appreciate the intention but it's so dull and flat. "Byzantine" is a major no for me. Those lyrics, the production, the music, just no. And the album ends with "California Snow", what a terrible way to end an album. Who actually decided this should be at the end of the album?! This is so bad, just skip this song.

Overall, a huge disappointment from what I wanted. It really sucks that Weezer hit another bad point in their career. One more bad album, I'm gonna be pissed.

Favorite Songs: The first three songs

Least Favorite Songs: The last three songs

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