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the13thbeach -
"You can't have my heart and you won't use my mind. You can't stop my voice 'cause you don't own my life, but do what you want with my body."

If any song deserves a #JusticeForX hashtag, it's this one. Firstly, the album version featured R. Kelly, who already had a history of sexual predation on minors back in 2013. While I admittedly like R. Kelly's part, listening to HIM out of all people singing "Do what I want, do what I want with your body" was always at least a bit ... read more

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the13thbeach -
Miss Olivia is tryna come for Alessia Cara's, Lorde's, AND Kelly Clarkson's gigs all at once with diminishing returns. The intended demographic for SOUR is clearly teenagers, and I've aged out of that group years ago. Thus, the intense insecurity, self-pity, and teenage angst present throughout the album come off as cringey instead of relatable. The sis even starts off the album with "I want it to be, like, messy." Well, she succeeded. The first verse of "brutal" alone is ... read more
the13thbeach -
Pulse Demon sounds like what would happen if the titular demon possessed my sound machine. Its malevolence irritates me so much that it was almost painful to listen to this album. This is truly an album that is criminal due to the violence it inflicted on my hearing and my spirit.

Final Verdict: Criminal
the13thbeach -
“Lil Mariko can do screamo no question, but screamo dudes can never do 'Where’s My Juul?'” [sic]

This is some big stupid fun. Lil Mariko is like a kawaii Ayesha Erotica who loves violence instead of cocaine. Also, I must commend her for being the only musician to employ screamo vocals I actually enjoy. It helps that she juxtaposes those vocals with cutesy or valley girl vocals. The range! The short length also helps, since this kind of music is best experienced in small ... read more
the13thbeach -
There was a Latin craze in the U.S. in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Latin music became very popular outside of the Hispanophone American population, so some Latin musicians who primarily recorded in Spanish were crossing over to the Anglosphere, and some Anglophone musicians, especially those who spoke Spanish or who have Hispanophone roots, were crossing over to the Hispanosphere. The half-Ecuadorian Xtina fell into the latter category, even though she spoke absolutely no Spanish, so ... read more
the13thbeach -
I’m sure that the unfortunate situation with Taylor Swift and her pre-Lover masters is common knowledge among music enthusiasts by now, so I won’t dwell on it. So let’s get this review started. Fearless was never one of my favorite TayTay albums. Under my new rating system, the original standard version of Fearless obtained a 66, making it just an OK album. This is a stark contrast to the vast majority of albums that followed Fearless; the average rating of Taylor’s ... read more


May 19, 2021
Your perfect 100 collection is beautiful
Mar 27, 2021
How do you even remember shit like that omfg
Jun 1, 2019
You have almost twice as many perfect scores as 40-49 ratings, which I've barely ever seen here. Despite how extremely positive you are, you also manage to have the most ratings in the 70-79 range, which would seem more harsh than users, such as me. It's really just aesthetically pleasing to look at. Idk if that's a good explanation or not.
May 31, 2019
Just gonna say that you have one of the most interesting rating distributions I've seen on AOTY
Apr 27, 2019
Do you mind sharing your all time favorite album so I can put it into my community picks list, please?
Dec 22, 2018
ys It is
Nov 12, 2018
hahahah pls!!! i'm dying to know your opinion about Jaloo, i hope you like it. YEEEEEEEES, Ivete Sangalo is amazing, she have the power to spread her music to everywhere without being the audience her usually aim, i really like some of her songs.
Nov 9, 2018
Do you only listen to women?
Nov 8, 2018
ohhhh thank you! i saw you made a review to Rosalia, so can i suggest you an album? "#1" by Jaloo. He is a brazilian singer, well, Jaloo likes to mix experimental pop with the music from the state of he lives (i don't know if you know but brazil has a huge catalogue of own music genres - worldwide is bossa nova, samba etc) . i usually don't listen brazilian music even i'm being brazilian but Jaloo has a powerful that i couldn't resist. (if you listen and need help with lyrics i can help it!!!!)
Oct 25, 2018
jesus.. i think i'm in love with your library..


I'm a gay 25-year-old Latino American. Divas reign supreme in my world. I started fresh with a new rating system on September 25, 2021 and I'm gonna take it slow! My rating distribution will skew positive cuz I ain't got time to listen to music I don't/won't like.

How I rate:
1. I assign one of the following ratings to each song on the album: 100, 90, 80, 60, 40, 20, or 0.
2. I add all the ratings together.
3. I divide the sum by the # of songs on the album and voila!

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