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Jan 11, 2019
A year ago, I really liked this album. Things are different now, though. Maybe it's because the album was hyped up by some of my friends. Maybe it's because it filled a void in pop that's now filled by better music. Regardless, listening to it now kinda feels like a chore. For the most part, it's supermarket music. Some of it is pleasant to listen to. Hell, "She Loves Control" is still a bop to me. Other songs, like the overrated "Havana" and "Into It," were a ... read more
Nov 30, 2018*
Alessia Cara showed up on our collective radar with the introvert-feeling-awkward-at-a-party anthem “Here” back in 2015, which had the same Isaac Hayes sample as the immortal “Glory Box” by Portishead. As an introvert who detests parties (aside from family gatherings), I was like “same,” but despite this bit of kinship I had with her, I didn’t really pay attention to her. By the time she won Best New Artist at this year’s Grammys, I honestly ... read more
Nov 19, 2018
I decided to give this album a spin because it came out during my freshman year at college and I was feeling nostalgic. The singles ("We Can't Stop," "Wrecking Ball," "Adore You") were some of the most iconic songs of 2013. Furthermore, I remembered all of the controversy surrounding Miley at the time, how she was a Disney star who adopted a more sexualized image indebted to hip-hop and R&B. I was curious about the music behind all of this. However, upon ... read more
Nov 16, 2018
Among pop stans, Mariah is a meme queen. She's the source material for countless shady, extra, and fabulous GIFs. For instance, the GIF of her saying "I don't know her" in reference to poor Jennifer Lopez is absolutely legendary. When one wants to get their diva on, they just have to channel their inner Mimi. Even bad press can't sully her public image. It seems that mishaps only perpetuate her reputation as a loopy, butterfly-obsessed diva. This loopiness extends to her fans, the ... read more
Nov 9, 2018*
Honeymoon was a return to the sound that made Lana famous, a sound that combined orchestral pop music with hip-hop beats, but even though Lana brought back her past sonic style, I sensed that she was moving in the opposite direction in regards to her lyrical content, Specifically, I sensed that Lana was starting to move away from romanticizing relationships with “bad boys,” realizing the very negative effects such relationships can have on her. Here, she has an entire song called ... read more
Nov 12, 2018
hahahah pls!!! i'm dying to know your opinion about Jaloo, i hope you like it. YEEEEEEEES, Ivete Sangalo is amazing, she have the power to spread her music to everywhere without being the audience her usually aim, i really like some of her songs.
Nov 9, 2018
Do you only listen to women?
Nov 8, 2018
ohhhh thank you! i saw you made a review to Rosalia, so can i suggest you an album? "#1" by Jaloo. He is a brazilian singer, well, Jaloo likes to mix experimental pop with the music from the state of he lives (i don't know if you know but brazil has a huge catalogue of own music genres - worldwide is bossa nova, samba etc) . i usually don't listen brazilian music even i'm being brazilian but Jaloo has a powerful that i couldn't resist. (if you listen and need help with lyrics i can help it!!!!)
Oct 25, 2018
jesus.. i think i'm in love with your library..
100 = Transformative and transcendent; relevant to the person I am today.
90 = Really important, but less so than albums with perfect scores.
80 = Fun and interesting albums with sentimental value.
70 = Same as before, but without sentimental value.
60 = Alright albums.
50 = Average albums.
40 = Albums for basic people.
30 = Albums for really basic people/albums I didn't enjoy but were still unique.
20 = Bad albums with some good songs.
10 = Really bad albums.
0 = Crimes against humanity.
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