Metric - Fantasies
Nov 10

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Jul 4, 2019
Y'all are haters. This album is full of BOPS.
May 20, 2019
Dedicated is no E*MO*TION. It's more accurate to say that Dedicated is E*MO*TION's older sister or cousin. She shops at IKEA, drinks wine in moderation, and goes to bed at a reasonable time. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing. While E*MO*TION is a pop sugar rush, Dedicated is what you take to calm down. It's classy, subtle, and elegant. Sure, it's not as good of an album as its full-length predecessor, but I'd rather listen to an album with its own distinct identity than an album that tries ... read more
Apr 26, 2019
I don't know why Marina aspired to soundtrack HomeGoods everywhere with this album. These low-fat, gluten-free "bops" aren't it for me.
Jan 11, 2019
A year ago, I really liked this album. Things are different now, though. Maybe it's because the album was hyped up by some of my friends. Maybe it's because it filled a void in pop that's now filled by better music. Regardless, listening to it now kinda feels like a chore. For the most part, it's supermarket music. Some of it is pleasant to listen to. Hell, "She Loves Control" is still a bop to me. Other songs, like the overrated "Havana" and "Into It," were a ... read more
Nov 30, 2018*
Alessia Cara showed up on our collective radar with the introvert-feeling-awkward-at-a-party anthem “Here” back in 2015, which had the same Isaac Hayes sample as the immortal “Glory Box” by Portishead. As an introvert who detests parties (aside from family gatherings), I was like “same,” but despite this bit of kinship I had with her, I didn’t really pay attention to her. By the time she won Best New Artist at this year’s Grammys, I honestly ... read more
Jun 1, 2019
You have almost twice as many perfect scores as 40-49 ratings, which I've barely ever seen here. Despite how extremely positive you are, you also manage to have the most ratings in the 70-79 range, which would seem more harsh than users, such as me. It's really just aesthetically pleasing to look at. Idk if that's a good explanation or not.
May 31, 2019
Just gonna say that you have one of the most interesting rating distributions I've seen on AOTY
Apr 27, 2019
Do you mind sharing your all time favorite album so I can put it into my community picks list, please?
Nov 12, 2018
hahahah pls!!! i'm dying to know your opinion about Jaloo, i hope you like it. YEEEEEEEES, Ivete Sangalo is amazing, she have the power to spread her music to everywhere without being the audience her usually aim, i really like some of her songs.
Nov 9, 2018
Do you only listen to women?
Nov 8, 2018
ohhhh thank you! i saw you made a review to Rosalia, so can i suggest you an album? "#1" by Jaloo. He is a brazilian singer, well, Jaloo likes to mix experimental pop with the music from the state of he lives (i don't know if you know but brazil has a huge catalogue of own music genres - worldwide is bossa nova, samba etc) . i usually don't listen brazilian music even i'm being brazilian but Jaloo has a powerful that i couldn't resist. (if you listen and need help with lyrics i can help it!!!!)
Oct 25, 2018
jesus.. i think i'm in love with your library..
100 = Albums that are a part of my soul.
90 = Albums I love. / Albums that helped with my development but aren't 100s.
80 = Albums I really like.
70 = Albums I like.
60 = Albums I kinda like.
50 = Albums I feel so-so about.
40 = Albums I kinda dislike.
30 = Albums I dislike.
20 = Albums I really dislike.
10 = Albums I hate.
0 = Albums that should be deleted from existence.
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