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Oct 4, 2019 (updated Oct 5, 2019)
I brought the user score down lol

review ported from RYM:
To start off my reviews on rym, I decided to pick the biggest album of the last day and without a doubt it's Danny Brown's latest effort.

Danny Brown has always been hit or miss with me. When he's not making some sort of avant-garde noise hop thinkpiece like Atrocity Exhibition, he's usually not very good. Though I do greatly enjoy XXX, It has a lot more depth and is tons more consistent then that of Old or even Atrocity Exhibition honestly. Old is an album I've never been a fan of, as I feel like it's overblown (hypocritical coming from someone who says XXX is his best, lol) and a complete turn around in the wrong direction for what Danny Brown was capable of…Which Atrocity Exhibition shows what he exactly was capable of.

And so It's been almost 3 years since AE's release and how is Danny doing?

He's happy. Which I'm glad of, but I'm not criticizing music based on how the artist is doing, I do it based on my personal opinion. And as you can tell from the score…I have a lot of complaints.

A good 2/3rds of this album's tracklist falls short on either the production side, Danny's rapping, or both being a total incoherent mess (ex. Belly of the Beast). The album's flow is nice, but sometimes occasional beat-switches felt extremely unnecessary. As a cohesive project, I'm not sure what people are seeing that makes this hold up in any way. Despite the nice flow, all of these tracks are just Danny's rapping over an abstract instrumental. I'm not sure where to begin with Danny's actual rapping on here, but it was quite underwhelming compared to his previous album. I'm not asking him to make another fantastic release like that…But I'd at least like something that can hold it's own weight as a standalone project rather than just 'Danny Brown and what he's been doing for the last few years (Spoilers: getting worse as an MC)'. Danny has never been a top tier MC in really any aspect, but he was great at keeping things interesting…I just want to know what happened…

But, this record contains positives. To start off, Killer Mike absolutely killed 3 Tearz and was EASILY the best part of the song (I can't really say the same about the other feature-vocals on the album though). The production on this album for the most part was actually very good. It wasn't Atrocity Exhibition, but production wise it could hold its own up against XXX. My favorite produced track is by far Shine (and my overall favorite track). Standing On the Corner is one of my favorite musical acts, so I was so hyped whenever I heard they were producing a song. And as for Danny Brown on this album, he was my main problem…yet he's been at a lot worse points in his career (Rapping-wise).

I can't say I was hyped for this album. But if you're a hardcore Danny fan, I'm sure you'll get a lot more enjoyment than I did. But I'm not sure how people are putting it over 3.5 stars. The album is incoherent as hell (with the only thing drawing these songs together is Danny's weirdness, the abstract production and the happiness filled through from his overcoming of the crack addict that made Atrocity Exhibition) and Danny's genuine technical skill was extremely sloppy compared to his best 2 albums. Perhaps I was let down more than I thought I would have been because i wanted Danny to prove me wrong or that I just wanted another XXX or Atrocity Exhibition. In the end, I got what i expected, sadly.

[i]Favorite tracks: Shine, Negro Spiritual[/i]
[i]Least favs: Belly of the Beast[/i]
Oct 4, 2019
a 35 though
Oct 4, 2019
@phoenixz ikr danny really outdid himself on this one
Oct 4, 2019
your current display name, i'm emotional
Oct 4, 2019
@dumbmoonlight welcome to my AOTY, where gravity doesn’t exist and ‘good’ rappers get bad ratings
Oct 4, 2019
Oct 4, 2019
@Skylah I hope this isn’t another Zuu
Oct 5, 2019
why is it a 35?!
Oct 5, 2019
@okcomputer12127 I don’t like about 2/3rds of the track list and the album feels extremely inconsistent and uneven despite it’s really short run time. I’ve never been a fan of danny when he isn’t making some avant-garde noise hop thinkpiece, but this (along with Old and The hybrid) just feel so underwhelming and mostly from danny himself in making something as sloppy as his rapping ability on this album. I get why some people like it but I knew pretty well I wasn’t gonna be crazy over it...
Oct 5, 2019
...when the album was announced
Oct 5, 2019
woah...... you should put that as your review for the album, that's good Avery damn...
Oct 5, 2019
@thebibleparttwo wtf didn't you just put that on the review?
Oct 5, 2019
@KIDWITHGUNs @okcomputer12127 I was planning on making a longer one on rym
Oct 5, 2019
You wonder why I’m not active here lmao
Oct 5, 2019
@RoJoe I really do
Oct 5, 2019
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