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Momend - Spirals
May 15
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Queen II
May 14
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Miike Snow
May 13

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TheBricker -
Imagine walking into a recording studio, writing, adjusting some music, pouring all your energy and passion into an album and getting a big thumbs up from the recording manager. While I don't know if that actually happened, it might as well have. Because these 7 young adults from Canada who named themselves Arcade Fire sure deserved it. I'm constantly questioning myself: How? How is is possible to create such a musical masterpiece right at the beginning of your career? Whatever it was, this ... read more

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TheBricker -
As someone who listened to Twin Cinema and Challengers a lot as a kid, I was very excited to dive into the rich discography of The New Pornographers. So I had some high expectations, but truth be told, I did not get what I wanted from this album. As a whole, this album was pretty messy and chaotic, with the vocal performances not being very appealing to me. The instrumentals are pretty nice, though, and there's the occasional awesome tracks, but other than that, yeah, wasn't a very big fan of ... read more
TheBricker -
Well, I guess I was really right about being more of a "Black Holes And Revelations" type of person when it comes to Muse. Because this album really slaps. For sure, there's a few missed opportunities, but the album constantly delivers quality when it's needed. This is also an album where Muse started to experiment a bit more with genres. As a whole, I really think it's a very good type of a "radio friendly rock" album. I'm kind of running out of things to say here, so I'll ... read more
TheBricker -
After the debut of the small indie band Momend didn't do very well, the guys just decided to cook another album and release it only 2 years later. This remains as the band's final product to date and probably ever, and it's actually a bit disappointing, considering how much of an improvement this album is. With the first few seconds of the album, every listener who knew the band from their debut, breathed in immediate change. There's electric guitars now, there's keyboards now, Momend actually ... read more
TheBricker -
Ever since I got this album on vinyl, I've been listening to it fairly often, and it really has made me realise an amazing aspect about it. It absolutely never gets boring. Each listen feels like a new journey, a new story once again, and I can safely say that because of this, I consider this album to be one of the best concept albums ever made. After Queen's powerful and hard, yet underappreciated debut, they decided to go for a different route this time. So how about an 11 song epic, driven ... read more
TheBricker -
When I first listened to Clannad and their earlier 70s albums, I don't think I gave them enough chances, mostly because I was more excited for the upcoming 80s phase, when the band went more experimental. So I mostly went through the early albums very quickly without going too much into them. That was a mistake and I hope I don't do that again, because while this album doesn't really do anything revolutionary, it's a solid, relaxing music record which has no other purpose. The Irish folk is ... read more


Apr 27, 2021
love the led zeppelin IV review!
Jan 9, 2021
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3; 3,5 - Bad
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0; 0,5 - Absolutely horrible

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