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Imagine walking into a recording studio, writing, adjusting some music, pouring all your energy and passion into an album and getting a big thumbs up from the recording manager. While I don't know if that actually happened, it might as well have. Because these 7 young adults from Canada who named themselves Arcade Fire sure deserved it. I'm constantly questioning myself: How? How is is possible to create such a musical masterpiece right at the beginning of your career? Whatever it was, this ... read more

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TheBricker -
Morrison Hotel is often seen as a comeback for the band after their previous two albums which didn't really live up to the expectations set by the debut and Strange Days. Naturally, it's not as incredible as the first two albums by the band, but this does seem like a refreshing classic rock album with enough elements of 60s psychedelia the band got famous for. The songwriting is still there, after all.

Roadhouse Blues, the opener, is nothing like any other song here, though. Mainly because ... read more
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Not sure if this one in the grand scheme of things was even intended as an album by The Beatles, but hey, it worked! Combining music from the soundtrack of the film in one half and some unreleased singles in the second half, the album proved to be solid enough. I feel like it doesn't really seem as well thought out to me than some other albums of the band at their later career, which does bring it back a bit in my personal ranking, but it has enough good material for me.

I will admit, the ... read more
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This is such a grower of an album. The jazzy sound, followed by the dreary song tone are two of the main things that already destined this album for greatness. And then it came out to be David Bowie's goodbye. What a way to go out, definitely quite a style. To be fair, with all things considered, I actually think this album isn't really among the greatest things he's ever created. Don't get me wrong, Blackstar is awesome, but I don't know, I just feel like Bowie has made better albums. But this ... read more
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Due to some problems which slowed down the dynamics of the band, In Through The Out Door's release only came 3 years after the previous album. At this point, Led Zeppelin had lost their superstar status and could have either made a comeback record or whatever they wanted at that point. And they settled for the second option, which divided critics and overall was considered one of the least compelling albums by the band. But I disagree. The bigger use of synths and the unconventional songwriting ... read more
TheBricker -
There it is, the album which went down in history as one of the greatest works of art, which is impressive even for The Beatles, who seemed to outdo themselves even at the point when they maintained the title of the most successful on the planet at the time. This one really is a masterpiece in a way. The combination of drugs, no more touring and other activities than music proved to be the things The Beatles really needed to have the creativity explosion they had in later side of 60s. The album ... read more


May 19, 2021
Apr 27, 2021
love the led zeppelin IV review!
Jan 9, 2021
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3; 3,5 - Bad
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