Ewert and the Two Dragons - Good Man Down
May 4, 2021
For this review, I'm stepping back into a 10 year old past, when Ewert And The Two Dragons released an album which changed my life in many musical ways. For starters, no other album other than this one impacted my love for indie music as much as this one. It featured everything, from catchy melodies to lengthy experimental tracks. It was by far, very groundbreaking for me. Obviously, my little self didn't realise it back in 2011, when he heard this album for the first few times. But right now, it stands as a defining album of my lifetime. After the mediocre reception of their first album, Ewert And The Two Dragons decided to acquire their fourth member, the bassist and guitarist Ivo Etti. And that was only one of the things band did to grow musically. Their sound no longer felt like it was lacking something, along with the improved production and the better songwriting, this album hit the nails on the head. So let's get on with it.
(In The End) There's Only One probably stands today as the most popular song that the band released, which gave them popularity in Baltic states. And it's a well crafted, engaging indie song, I couldn't really ask much more. Good Man Down, the title track, adds more of a western feel to the album, which remains in a few more songs. This time, the song excels with an awesome bass line and a great use of handclaps. Very likeable indie folk track. The same could really be said about Jolene, another well made indie song with a memorable chorus, although the intersection and overall second half of the song is something I like even better. Panda is long and very experimental, so it's easy to see why I like it, with the rhythm parts being exceptional here. Burning Bush, albeit weaker than most of the songs in the album, adds some atmosphere and isn't long, so it really isn't a problem at all. Sailor Man once again is a song which excels at finding some memorable chorus lines, and it's a very good second half starter. The Rabbit pretty much feels like the magnum opus of the album to me, it's like it was Good Man Down, Panda and Sailor Man all combined to make an extremely nice rhythm with some sweet acoustic guitar work. The western and folk vibe remains, so there's that! Definitely a song I love to death. Another song like that is Road To The Hill, a fan favourite with some really good keyboard work. It's also very good to hear the album light up once again after a bit of calmer songs, by giving an energetic performance from the band. Falling pretty much is the only reason why I couldn't give this album a perfect score. It's by far the weakest from the album, and it's kind of repetitive and it goes nowhere. Pretty much the only average song from the album. You Had Me At Hello is the perfect ending to the album, with an exploding nature, which I definitely see as the culmination before it ends.
Ewert And The Two Dragons, a band which was mostly influenced by artists such as Radiohead and Jeff Buckley, really make those influences be heard in this album. Never thought that an experimental indie folk album could be such a big of a success, especially in my life. But there may be some nostalgia talking there. Whatever it is, I always appreciate anything that helps me like an album even more. And this one is up with my favourites, and most likely will stay there for a long time.
Playlist percentage: 80%
Notable tracks: Good Man Down, Jolene, Panda, The Rabbit, Road To The Hill
Rating: 9,5/10
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