AOTY 2023
yeule - softscars
Sep 27, 2023
It appears that glitch pop is a genre that has a tough time with engaging me in the same sense as all other genres that I enjoy. I wouldn't say that the situation is hopeless by any means, though, there's plenty of good tracks here and I'd say that the overall theme for the album is pretty well selected and obviously memorable, as Softscars appears to be the album that has caught the attention of the reviewers here by the masses. But maybe that's just the website's algorithm. Either way, the music's alright, but how alright exactly?

That was a rhetorical question, I don't think I could give out a good answer to it. The music's just fine, none of it captivates or bothers me that much. For such a potentially good mashup of genres, the album's actually pretty tame and even somewhat safe. And it does work fine with tracks like Sulky Baby and Dazies, Fish In The Pool is also quite nice with that added moment of ambience to the album. But the rest? Yeah, there's not that much to comment on.

Before I managed to complete this review, I received a message on Discord about Yeule when someone noticed that I had listened to their album. Obviously it's irrelevant to the review, but just in case, I would like to mention that someone else on a different Discord server apparently wasn't very fond of their music. As for myself, I wouldn't go that far, like I said, this type of music doesn't bother me. But as of now, I'll be leaving Softscars and Yeule behind.

Playlist percentage: 0%
Notable tracks: Sulky Baby, Ghosts, Dazies, Fish In The Pool, Aphex Twin Flame
Rating: 6,7/10

Track Ratings
1x w x / 65
2sulky baby / 75
3softscars / 60
44ui12 / 65
5ghosts / 70
6dazies / 75
7fish in the pool / 75
8software update / 65
9inferno / 60
10bloodbunny / 55
11cyber meat / 65
12aphex twin flame / 70
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