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I try hard not to make mistakes when writing in English. -𝒞𝑜𝓁𝓎𝓃𝓃. ✍️(ô_ô )
Porto, Portugal
Pronounced “METAPHOR”. I usually appreciate collections of sounds of any kind that are arranged in a supposedly artistic way. I think that's called music. I'm a positive listener most of the time. I like to give my first impressions. By I may change scores, my opinions change. The scores: 100: PERFECTION; 90-99: ALMOST PERFECT; 80-89: LOVED IT; 70-79: IT'S GOOD; 60-69: IT'S OK; 51-59: IT'S NOT BAD; 50: DON'T CARE; 40-49: NOT GOOD; 20-39: IT'S BAD; 1-29: HORRIBLE; 0: UNLISTENABLE.
Hi! Welcome to my profile. (He/they) :) 🏳️‍🌈 Mexico city I only use this to save my ratings for albums I've listened to. So I don't write reviews.
💽 womble bomble 💽 i listen to music sometimes 💽 any pronouns
17 I rate in increments of 5 on AOTY but personally use light/decent/strong descriptors to accompany a 1-10 score when describing my ratings I usually listen to an album at least twice before rating, however some ratings are only first impressions Rating Scale: 95-100: Masterpiece 90: Excellent 80: Great 70: Good 60: Decent 50: Mediocre 40-0: Varying degrees of bad/underwhelming Library is new/upcoming releases I plan on listening to
he/she/they i mostly listen to albums i know i'll like, don't expect a lot of red scores
any pronouns
i haven't seen the ocean in years
18 / UK / eyes on horizon
Lake Titicaca
Look both ways before you cross the street. Rating Scale- 100: Mastapiece 90-99: Amazing 80-89: Great 70-79: Good 60-69: Ok 50-59: Forgettable 40-49: Below average 30-39: Bad 20-29: Dogshit 10-19: Absolutely horrendous 0-9: One of the worst things ever created
the bedframe
I drink raw tonic water because I'm better than you
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clueless but enthusiastic<3 (He/her) Rating Scale 100 Masterpiece 99 Personal favourite 90-98 Amazing 80-89 Great 70-79 Enjoyable 60-69 Average 50-59 Boring 40-49 Bad 30-39 Terrible 20-29 Shit 10-19 worst 0-9 wtf
Hello I make music and I also listen to music and occasionally I review music. I love music Look at my visual arts if you want: Thanks for 100!
Merry Christmas
Free cookie here 🍪 Stucked in 2021
United Arab Emirates
Love Movies and music.... Uhh, that's about it (I guess)? I rate music on my personal enjoyment 100 - masterpiece 90-99 - excellent piece of music 80-89 - great music 70-79 - good music 60-69 - decent music 50-59 - meh music 40-49 - as a wise man Fantano said "NOT GOOD" 30-39 - BORING!!!!! 20-29 - bad bad bad 10-19 - just awful!!! 0-09 - painfully awful and makes me wanna torture myself
i am anderson and i will rate albums.
Spread love not hate ❤️
Starting anew! We got off on the wrong foot...(16, She/Her) I'm from Kentucky! ✨(✿◠‿◠)✨ I used RYM for about 2 years but the community was too toxic for me so I'm trying some other music rating websites! I hope to be accepted here ❤️ ✨(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ✨ I've heard over 3,000 albums! But I won't be rating them all here 🥺 (▰˘◡˘▰) ♡ ♥ I rate based on the vibe ♡ ♥ 100 = 🤯 90 = 🥵 80 = 😩 70 = 😍 60 = 🙂 50 = 😐 40 = 😕 30 = ☹️ 20 = 😡 10 = 🤬 0 = 👺
New York
Just a guy discussing his opinions on music for personal enjoyment and whatnot I'll probably be reviewing artists I want to listen to, probably mostly hip hop/r&b but I'll definitely go into other genres down the road. Ranking System 100-Perfect in every aspect 90-99-Excellent, near flawless 80-89-Great 70-79-Good 60-69-Decent/Okay 50-59-Average/Mid 40-49-Not good 30-39-Bad 20-29-Really Bad 10-19-Horrendous 0-9-Unlistenable Liked Albums:My favorite albums ever made.
19-year-old Bri'ish music enjoyer (he/him). I write mini reviews. All my ratings are 70+ because I don't like bringing user scores down and don't see the point in keeping track of albums I dislike. My opinions are always changing so my reviews/ratings are not final. 100 - Flawless masterpiece 95-98 - Almost perfect 90-93 - AOTY contender 85-88 - Fantastic 80-83 - Great 75-78 - Good 70-73 - Decent Follow my Spotify:
ǝʌɐ uooɯʎǝuoɥ
🌈 spotify: kleber_fp17 | 𝔽𝕀ℕ𝔼 𝕃𝕀ℕ𝔼 𝕋ℝ𝔸ℂ𝕂¹¹ 💖 minhas notas e reviews são totalmente baseadas NO MEU GOSTO PESSOAL então se não gostar, que surte longe de mim 💖 𝒕𝒂𝒚𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒏𝒂 𓂃  ִֶָ 𝗈𝗇𝗅𝗒﹠𝗼𝗻𝗲 ♥︎ % ❏ 𝗹 [𝙚𝙡𝙚/𝙤/𝙙𝙚𝙡𝙚] 100 = suprassumo 90 - 99 = obra prima 80 - 89 = ótimo 70 - 79 = muito bom 60 - 69 = legalzinho 50 - 59 = dá pra engolir 40 - 49 = ruinzinho 30 - 39 = péssimo abaixo de 29 = pavoroso i'm a savage taylor • justin • ariana • harry • aespa
oi, meu nome é gabriel. pt-br/eng. ★ descrição. 100 • obra de arte 90-99 • incrível 80-89 • muito bom 70-79 • bom 60-69 • interessante 50-59 • nada demais/podia ser melhor 30-49 • meio ruim 10-29 • ruim 0-9 • que músicas são essas? ★ se salvei na biblioteca, significa que quero ouvir. ★ padrão novo em 2022.
GOSTO muito de música, ouço todo dia! Amo canções que tocam meu coraçãozinho, artistas ousados, som carismático e estou sempre de olho em coisa nova. Adoro avaliar, quando tenho vontade. Minhas reviews são muito sinceras sobre um disco, até mesmo impopulares! Se quer conhecer sons diferenciados, confira as listas da minha página e reviews, não são tão detalhistas, mas são cheias de personalidade!
your mom
king gizzard, gorillaz, and ymo fanboy 100 masterpiece 95-99 superb 90-94 amazing 85-89 great 80-84 really good 75-79 good 70-74 nice 60-69 ok 50-59 mid 35-49 bad 25-34 awful 0-24 utter garbage my letterboxd, spotify, and are "geshusbakagen" im also @music_dweeb_ on instagram
Reviewing Frank Ocean next =] Loved music as a kid, but only knew what was popular and never delved into an album until 2019. They were Igor and To Pimp A Butterfly and had fond memories of them especially Igor. April 2021 I started listening to albums and found this website September 2021. Fav artist are Kendrick, Tyler, Charli and Kanye. ☆Rating scale☆ 100=Perfection in my eyes 90=Adore it 80=Loved it 70=Great 60=Good 50=Alright 40=Underwhelming 30=Bad 20=Awful 10=Vile 0= Why/Hate
i live in your walls
• ratings tend to be higher cause i generally review albums i like • predominately hip-hop but i like other genres • recommended me albums/projects to check out • 83 people on this site are chillin pinned review = aoty until i change it library = record collection
New Jersey
Hey, probably won't see too many bad reviews here...why would I listen to music I dont like?
Mixing and mastering not for me I rate based on how much I like the music I don't care about whether its good or bad if I like it I give it a good score
Yeah, I only listen to REAL music, such as Crazy Frog presents Crazy Hits (2005) by Crazy Frog He/Him
the harambe heaven picture
the best opinions ever in the entire world if you don't agree with my opinions then L + ratio bozo 90-100: insulting 80-89: atrocious 70-79: horrible 60-69: bad 50-59: forgettable 40-49: mediocre 30-39: decent 20-29: good 10-19: amazing 1-9: stellar 0: masterpiece
The Netherlands
- Library are my vinyls. - Trying to do both recent and ancient music. I round ratings off because it leaves a bit of margin. After all, opinions change depending on mood, setting, experience and taste. 2022 will be a great year for music and my relationship with it. That's a promise. So stick around and see what I listen to throughout the year! I will be trying to reach 1000 + 200 reviews ratings this year.
He/Him I like to rate music and share my taste and takes. Every liked album I have on vinyl. I don't have many but you can learn a bit more about me. A very strict 9/10 on vinyl policy! Main Late Nights Playlist: (Shout the recs down below) thanks!
Washington, DC
I listen to music a lot, believe it or not. Rating Scale: 94-100 = Perfection, or close to it. 85-93 = Incredible, nearly no negative aspects. 78-84 = Really great, nearly outstanding. 70-77 = There's a lot to like. 60-69 = Mostly good, but nowhere near great. 55-59 = Mediocre, but competent. 47-54 = Few good aspects, maybe two or three good songs. 40-46 = Bad but listenable. 35-39 = Maybe one redeemable quality. 0-34 = Unbearable.
2022, lets go!
An Indonesian guy reviewing some music here Sorry, if I post rarely. I'm just chilling right here! :)
I hate it here...
//Santiago de Chile
He/Him - 24 - I'm just another user on this site. I like to give my opinion of the lp's I usually listen to and discover new music, I'm always willing to discover new artists and genres. <3
new jersey
17 | he/him | transmasc/mlm rateyourmusic: beachfruit instagram: nico_eli0 all-time favorites are car seat headrest, the beatles, beach house, the smiths, and nirvana library is cds/vinyl -- rating system -- 100 = perfect, would not change a single thing about it 90s = god tier 80s = amazing 70s = good 60s = alright/forgettable 50s = mostly bad, maybe a good track or two 40s = not good 30s = bad 20s = very bad 10s and under = holy fucking shit that's awful
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brasil, florianopolis - sc (ele/dele ou ela/dela). 18 anos. (alguns dos discos catalogados, eu já escutei outras vezes. porém estou colocando apenas agora pois ouvi novamente nos últimos dias) 0 - 49: disgraceful 50 - 59: mediocre 60 - 69: meh 70 - 79: ok 80 - 89: great 90 - 99: showstopping 100: masterpiece
Rating albums. 100: One Of The Best of All Time 90: Amazing 80: Great 70: Good 60: Decent 50: Meh 40: Bad 30: Really Bad 20: Awful 10: Trash 0: One Of The Worst Of All Time
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