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hi 100 - perfect 90-99 - amazing quality, definitely revisiting 80-89 - high quality, could see myself revisiting 70-79 - good quality, probably won't revisit but still enjoyed it 60-69 - average, won't revisit but I didn't dislike it 50-59 - below average, boring 40-49 - bad 30-39 - awful 0-29 - i cant bring myself to rate albums this low unless they are genuinely garbage i tend to value production much more over lyrics, so don't get mad at certain low scores!
New Jersey
Welcome! My ratings follow this scale: 100 = Absolutely perfect, I love every second of it 90-99 = Immaculate quality, near-perfect 75-89 = Great 60-74 = Good 40-59 = Mediocre 26-39 = Bad 11-25 = Awful 1-10 = Borderline unlistenable 0 = Worst of the worst Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Kendrick Lamar are pretty much my favorite artists. I also like Kanye West, Future, Travis Scott, and others, but I'm open to listening to anything. Just remember: I'm right and you're wrong
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ultraviolent uwu girl.
i haven't seen the ocean in years
18 / UK / eyes on horizon
My name is Jack, just got into music quite heavily as of recent (Fav genre: Hip hop/rap) (Least fav genre: Country - Actually this is the only one I'm not a fan of) Rating distribution - 100 Jack approved masterpiece - 90-99 Excellent - 80-89 Great - 70-79 Pretty good - 60-69 Just above average - 50-59 mid - 40-49 not good - 30-39 recycling - 20-29 trash - 10-19 ... - 0-9 not listenable
stupid review man my music standards are low so don't be suprised when i give a high rating
t w i x
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5 things i doing now 1. Writing reviews daily 2. making playlists for every year 3. Getting 1 million songs 4. playing hill climb racing 2 ye ye 5. Also playing cod mobile ye ye ye he/him 19 aka left twix, dark twix ,wall-e, average pingu from rap and hip hop amino (now dead lol) Discord: Twix#9650 you can get the playlists I made for every year on there and also I'm doing every year since 2021 Progress so far: 2018-2021 done
yuci - france - 20yo - she/her
Hi everyone, I listen to stuff I'm more likely to like (indie, k-pop, pop). I mostly review k-pop releases and I aim to be your 100% unbiased stan (100% real 0% lies), rn I'm making k-pop lists based on concepts. I'm open to suggestions and feedback on my reviews! Library is for projects I'm into these days.
Welcome to my page. I like weird music.
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brasil, florianopolis - sc (ele/dele ou ela/dela). 18 anos. (alguns dos discos catalogados, eu já escutei outras vezes. porém estou colocando apenas agora pois ouvi novamente nos últimos dias) 0 - 49: disgraceful 50 - 59: mediocre 60 - 69: meh 70 - 79: ok 80 - 89: great 90 - 99: showstopping 100: masterpiece
19-year-old Bri'ish music enjoyer (he/him). I write mini reviews. All my ratings are 70+ because I don't like bringing user scores down and don't see the point in keeping track of albums I dislike. My opinions are always changing so my reviews/ratings are not final. 100 - Flawless masterpiece 95-98 - Almost perfect 90-93 - AOTY contender 85-88 - Fantastic 80-83 - Great 75-78 - Good 70-73 - Decent Follow my Spotify:
New York
Just a guy discussing his opinions on music for personal enjoyment and whatnot I'll probably be reviewing artists I want to listen to, probably mostly hip hop/r&b but I'll definitely go into other genres down the road. Ranking System 100-Perfect in every aspect 90-99-Excellent, near flawless 80-89-Great 70-79-Good 60-69-Decent/Okay 50-59-Average/Mid 40-49-Not good 30-39-Bad 20-29-Really Bad 10-19-Horrendous 0-9-Unlistenable Liked Albums:My favorite albums ever made.
damn daniel! ar ar ar!
balls anyways here's my rating system: 100 - literally a fucking masterpiece 94-99 - damn this goes hard 89-93 - amazing 80-88 - great 70-79 - good 60-69 - cool 50-59 - ok 40-49 - mediocre 30-39 - bad 20-29 awful 10-19 - godawful 1-9 - ok just stop 0 - kys
i don't know what i'm doing
just a human who likes music I don't have specific criteria for my scoring system, just sort of a feeling I guess... well, except the 100s they must have a personal impact on me to reach that score
Insta: @gavin_hager
100-Obra Prima💚💚💚💚💚🌟 90-99-Excelente 💚💚💚💚⭐ 80-89-Muito Bom💚💚💚💚 70-79-Bom💚💚💚💚 60-69-Mediano💚💚💚 50-59-Meh💛💛💛 40-49-Ruim 💛💛 30-39-Péssimo ❤❤ 20-29-Horrível ❤ 10-19-Horroroso 💔 0-9-FBC❌
GOSTO muito de música, ouço todo dia! Amo canções que tocam meu coraçãozinho, artistas ousados, som carismático e estou sempre de olho em coisa nova. Adoro avaliar, quando tenho vontade. Minhas reviews são muito sinceras sobre um disco, até mesmo impopulares! Se quer conhecer sons diferenciados, confira as listas da minha página e reviews, não são tão detalhistas, mas são cheias de personalidade!
i live in your walls
• ratings tend to be higher cause i generally review albums i like • predominately hip-hop but i like other genres • recommended me albums/projects to check out • 83 people on this site are chillin pinned review = aoty until i change it library = record collection
Just your average music lover. Favorites include Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Lupe Fiasco, Ab-Soul, etc. Decided to simplify my rating system, but know that some 7s are stronger than others, some 8s are better than others, etc. 100 - Masterpiece 90 - Fantastic 80 - Great 70 - Good 60 - Decent/Above Average 50 - Average/acceptable/Mixed Bag 40 - Below Average/disappointing/eh 30 - Bad 20 - Terrible 10 - Wretched/Abysmal 0 - Pray we don't get here
Reviewing Frank Ocean next =] Loved music as a kid, but only knew what was popular and never delved into an album until 2019. They were Igor and To Pimp A Butterfly and had fond memories of them especially Igor. April 2021 I started listening to albums and found this website September 2021. Fav artist are Kendrick, Tyler, Charli and Kanye. ☆Rating scale☆ 100=Perfection in my eyes 90=Adore it 80=Loved it 70=Great 60=Good 50=Alright 40=Underwhelming 30=Bad 20=Awful 10=Vile 0= Why/Hate
New York, USA
Pi’erre Bourne’s Biggest Fan Reviews are mostly jokes, look at ratings for actual feelings about the song/album. THANK YOU FOR 200 FOLLOWERS!!
Mixing and mastering not for me I rate based on how much I like the music I don't care about whether its good or bad if I like it I give it a good score
Onde você quiser que eu esteja bb 😏
he/him(ele/dele) Eu falo português. I speak english. 日本語が話せます。 Tento escrever umas reviews profundas e bem escritas, mas, no fim, é bem sem personalidade mesmo.
He/Him I like to rate music and share my taste and takes. Every liked album I have on vinyl. I don't have many but you can learn a bit more about me. A very strict 9/10 on vinyl policy! Main Late Nights Playlist: (Shout the recs down below) thanks!
Washington, DC
I listen to music a lot, believe it or not. Rating Scale: 94-100 = Perfection, or close to it. 85-93 = Incredible, nearly no negative aspects. 78-84 = Really great, nearly outstanding. 70-77 = There's a lot to like. 60-69 = Mostly good, but nowhere near great. 55-59 = Mediocre, but competent. 47-54 = Few good aspects, maybe two or three good songs. 40-46 = Bad but listenable. 35-39 = Maybe one redeemable quality. 0-34 = Unbearable.
2022, lets go!
An Indonesian guy reviewing some music here Sorry, if I post rarely. I'm just chilling right here! :)
//Santiago de Chile
He/Him - 24 - I'm just another user on this site. I like to give my opinion of the lp's I usually listen to and discover new music, I'm always willing to discover new artists and genres. <3
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halo semua! i'm farhan, a 17 y/o aro transfem (she/any) who likes music and sometimes "reviews" them yea consider this as a music diary of mine, so don't take anything in here too seriously aka @endlesslyohto + thank you all for coming!! (≧▽≦)
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Just your typical AOTY user (he/him) with a passion for music. Feel free to also follow my RYM and check out my Soundcloud too!
Albert Freeman
Location? I'm a literal nomad.
23yo. Extremely positive reviewer but professional Imagine Dragons doubter and Opeth nº1 fan. Also: software engineer focused on making games, painter and music maker for fun. Yea, I painted my pfp.
100 = PERFECT SCORE -> Magical, perfect 90 = MASTERPIECE -> Near flawless, top favorites 80 = SUPERB -> AOTY or close to it, highly enjoyable 70 = GREAT -> I enjoy quite a bit and likely will re-listen multiple times 60 = DECENT -> A few tracks are great, weak as a whole 50 = MEDIOCRE -> Not bad, not good, forgettable 40 = SUBSTANDARD -> Let down, below par 30 = BAD -> Lousy, tough listen 20 = AWFUL -> Annoying 10 = HORRIBLE -> Almost unlistenable 1-9 = DISASTROUS -> Groundbreakingly terrible
Southend-on-Sea (thank u for 300 x)
hi im dan i like music 100 - Perfection 90-99 - All time favourite 80-89 - Sensational 70-79 - Pretty damn good! 60-69 - Decent 50-59 - Generally indifferent 40-49 - Not feeling it 30-39 - Pretty damn bad 20-29 - Terrible 10-19 - Dreadful 0-9 - Utterly insufferable Don't unfollow me if I follow back, bc i will block you.
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400 FOLLOWERS SPECIAL. /// DAWN FM. THE WEEKND REVIEW OUT NOW. ⬇️ - Check out my 2021 year end lists! - Rating/reviewing mainstream and obscure music of all genres - CATCH UP review series every month or so Rating System (rating in 5's): 95 or 100: Masterpiece!!! 80 - 90: Loved! :) 70 - 75: Solid 60 - 65: Decent 50 - 55: Indifferent <50: Not really suited for me personally 🤷 Continue loving whatever music you love!! ⭐ Hope you enjoy my reviews! ⭐ ~THANKS~
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