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Discography Average: 85/100

Kanye West - Yeezus
UPDATE: Score went from 86 to 91

This is a strong candidate for Kanye's top 3 albums. Yeezus has songs that range from chaotic and energetic to songs that just really hit you in the feels. It's all over the place and that's what makes it work. Even the songs I dislike on here have a place on it. I am just genuinely impressed at how much Yeezus brings to the table with all these different ideas. Overall a genuine masterpiece.

BEST TRACKS: Black Skinhead, I Am a God, New Slaves, Hold My Liquor, Blood on the Leaves, Guilt Trip, Bound 2

Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
This is one of the greatest albums of all time. The tracklist is very consistent and there isn't one song that's bad. This is top Ye material.

BEST TRACKS: POWER, All of the Lights, Monster, Runaway, Devil in a New Dress, Dark Fantasy

Kids See Ghosts - KIDS SEE GHOSTS
This is an instant classic.

BEST TRACKS: Feel The Love, 4th Dimension, Reborn, Cudi Montage

Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak
A very emotional piece of work and easily one of the most important and influential albums ever.

BEST TRACKS: Say You Will, Heartless, Love Lockdown, RoboCop, Coldest Winter, Pinocchio Story

WORST TRACKS: See You In My Nightmares
Kanye West - Graduation
While this might be one of Kanye's weaker albums, it still holds up with some impressive bangers like "Good Morning" and "Champion".

I still wonder to this day why he included "Drunk and Hot Girls" on this album

BEST TRACKS: Good Morning, Champion, Stronger, Good Life, Can't Tell Me Nothing, Flashing Lights, Big Brother

WORST TRACKS: Barry Bonds, Drunk and Hot Girls
Kanye West - Late Registration
Another masterpiece from Ye. One of his best projects with lots of bangers and a great tracklist where even the skits sound great.

BEST TRACKS: Head 'Em Say, Touch The Sky, Gold Digger, Diamonds From Sierra Leone, Hey Mama

Kanye West - The College Dropout
One of the best Hip Hop albums ever. The tracklist is just plain iconic. This is by far one of the best debut albums ever released.

BEST TRACKS: We Don't Care, All Falls Down, Jesus Walks, Get Em High, Two Words, Through The Wire

Kanye West - The Life of Pablo
This album is a mess that just works. The tracklist is full of some of Ye's best work and even the lowest points of the album are decent. This album is a masterpiece.

BEST TRACKS: Ultralight Beam, Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1, Famous, Waves, FML, Wolves, No More Parties In LA, Saint Pablo

WORST TRACKS: Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission
Kanye West - ye
This is an underrated project. With its short length, the tracklist bears a small amount of tracks that have great replay value. There is not a single song that I could really label as a worst track. This project is short but great.

BEST TRACKS: Ghost Town, Violent Crimes

Kanye West - Yandhi
I don't know what copy of the album I have so I will just post all the tracks at the end of the review if you want to know which ones I used for this review. After listening to Jesus Is King, I thought it would be interesting to listen to the original Yandhi project that was leaked somewhile ago. Surprisingly the leaks that I used were pretty decent quality and the listen was quite entertaining. The Storm which ended up becoming Everything We Need is actually way better than the actual version released on Jesus is King and X's verse added a lot to the song. New Body, Bye Bye Baby, Hurricane and Chakras just sound great. The production on this album is more mainstream as opposed to JIK but it still sounds amazing. The features just bring their all to this, especially Ty Dolla $ign who just brings great vocals to every track he's on in this album. While most things on this album sound good, some of the songs still sound unfinished and obviously that is going to happen since it is a leak. The first half of City in the Sky is way different quality than the end of it. Hurricane while amazing, still sounds like a demo. Overall this project is actually pretty good for an unreleased album and while the songs sometimes sound unfinished, for a leak it still sounds amazing.

1. The Storm (feat. XXXTentacion & Ty Dolla $ign)
2. New Body (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Nicki Minaj)
3. Bye Bye Baby
4. I Love It (with Lil Pump)
5. Hurricane (feat. Ant Clemons)
6. Alien (feat. Young Thug, Kid Cudi & Ant Clemons)
7. Last Name (feat. Ant Clemons)
8. City in the Sky (feat. 070 Shake, Ty Dolla $ign, Kid Cudi, Desiigner & The-Dream)
9. We Got Love (feat. Teyana Taylor) [REMAKE]
10. Chakras
Kanye West & Jay-Z - Watch the Throne
It might not be Jay or Ye's best project, but it's still pretty good. The tracklist has it's share of bangers while also sporting a few lackluster and forgettable moments. Overall the project is pretty enjoyable.

BEST TRACKS: No Church In The Wild, Lift Off, Niggas In Paris, Murder to Excellence, Made in America, Why I Love You

WORST TRACKS: That's My Bitch, Welcome to the Jungle
Kanye West - JESUS IS KING
After almost a year of waiting, we finally get Ye's "Jesus is King". Kanye delivers an album with amazing musicality but lacks in the lyrical department. The production on this album carries it for sure. The stellar production gives off some TLOP vibes but it's still different. The features also do great on here with Ty Dolla Sign, Ant Clemens and Clipse doing great on the songs they are featured on. The main problem with the album other than the many missed release dates seems to be Kanye's lyrical content and vocal engineering. While we all expected this to be a more Christian-orientated album with lyrics revolving around that, some of the lyrics just don't come off right and some could even say some of them are corny. However the bigger problem is the vocal engineering on some of the songs. For example on Selah, Kanye sounds way too processed and I've heard some people even say he sounds like an angry old man on some of the songs. With some changes with the vocal engineering this could have been even higher but nevertheless I think Kanye has delivered something great. Overall a great album.

BEST TRACKS: Every Hour, Selah, On God, Everything We Need, God Is

G.O.O.D. Music - Kanye West Presents: Good Music - Cruel Summer
A very forgettable and generally boring project. This is easily Ye's worst project if you count it as one, there are barely any good tracks and the ones that are good aren't even that great. Some of the hooks on this project are also unbearable to listen. Overall not a good project.

BEST TRACKS: Mercy, Don't Like

WORST TRACKS: Clique, Higher
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