Projects of 2021 ranked! Album of the Year: Kanye West - Donda (97/100) Worst of the Year: Tending Bike - Bike's Fun Adventure (0/100)
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Ranking every project from 2022
Updated 6d ago7 albumsRanked
Discography Average: 85/100
Updated 4mo ago14 albumsRanked 5
My hot takes
Updated 7mo ago8 albumsRanked
Some of my least favourite album or single artworks or just artwork that is hilariously bad
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Projects from 2020 ranked
Updated 10mo ago122 albumsRanked 11
Updated 11mo ago18 albumsRanked 6
Top 20 best singles of 2020 in my opinion. One song per artist excluding collaborations.
Updated 1y ago20 albumsRanked 2
The top 20 Worst Singles of 2020 in my opinion. This will not include every single bad single released this year obviously but I'm going to pick out some that really standout as particularly awful ...
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Basically this is the list of my highest rated albums. I will be keeping this list for albums 85 and above.
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Aotycore is a name basically encompassing music by users of the site. Here are the AOTYCORE projects I have heard ranked! AOTYCORE AVERAGE: 51/100
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I consider myself to be someone who has invested probably more time than I should listening to bad music. So I have decided to make this into something productive. I will be ranking all the ...
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I'm ranking all the one hit wonders from the list I made: I will rank all of Toasterqueen12's one hit wonders after ...
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Going from least worst to worst: CONTEXT: Most of these songs were from a listening challenge where me and Toasterqueen12 went through a playlist of some of the lowest rated singles on the site or ...
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The Flight Days challenge ranked.
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All the albums from the album of the day challenge that I have reviewed so far ranked
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A list of one hit wonders and the albums that their hits are from. Inspired by Toasterqueen12's list about Todd in the Shadows's show about one hit wonders.
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Songs that AOTY users hate the most
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My list of my favourite singles/songs from the 2010s YouTube Playlist:
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The worst bars or lyrics from the 2010s decade. The list is in no particular order and if another artist other than the main one says the lyric their name will be included after the lyric.
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Discography Average: 77/100
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Discography Average: 71/100
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Keep in mind these rankings are based on the soundtracks themselves, not the actual movies
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