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Gang of Youths’ Go Farther In Lightness is an underrated indie-rock masterpiece. While keeping with the emotional pathos and complex song-writing of their debut, it is also heavier in sound and much more emotionally immediate. While The Positions opens with the slow-burn of “Vital Signs”, Lightness opens with “Fear and Trembling” which, though opening with a short piano intro, soon bursts into the surge of Arcade Fire-esque indie rock energy that would also carry ... read more

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Weezer’s Pinkerton is the quintessential example of an album that has been misunderstood in its time but has eventually come to be appreciated in the years following. Whereas The Blue Album is a tight set of poppy rock bangers, Pinkerton is a more emotionally raw and sonically abrasive album borne out of Rivers Cuomo’s post-surgery depression, sexual frustrations, and disillusionment from the rockstar lifestyle. This was apparently quite polarising for fans of the band’s debut ... read more
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In an age where a lot of popular music is generally downbeat and often difficult to pin down into genre, I can’t imagine how fresh the trip hop sound must have felt during its peak in the early to mid-90’s. One of the genre’s most essential albums is Dummy, the 1994 debut by British group Portishead - a great example of the genre’s ability to blend its diverse influences. “Sour Times” samples the chiming bells and bassline from cinematic score to create a ... read more
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Now this is the kind of brooding gothic rock I’m talking about!

Often considered The Cure’s magnum opus, 1989’s Disintegration comes in a decade into the band’s career as a result of lead singer Robert Smith’s ambitions to create a defining musical work as he approached the age of 30. In doing so, he created a gothic masterpiece that is dreamlike, sprawling and achingly emotional.

Disintegration is instantly striking to me for its waves of ethereal ... read more
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Joy Division’s 1979 debut album Unknown Pleasures is an important album in laying the foundations of what would eventually come to be post-punk - an offshoot of punk music which preserved punk’s raw energy and infusing it with experimental influences and an overall gloomier mood.

Joy Division aren’t a band that I took to immediately - I used to always feel that they were bland compared to the bright dancey synth-pop that the members would eventually make as New Order. But ... read more
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Until very recently, The National were a band that I only really knew in passing – I had heard some of their songs on indie radio and some of my favourite bands have noted them as an influence. From what I had heard from them, I never found them as a band interesting enough for me to check out. Of course, when Taylor Swift had announced that The National’s guitarist Aaron Dessner would be working on Folklore (and eventually also Evermore), I figured it would be the right time for me ... read more
Dec 26, 2020
Hi! I agree, we do have a very similar taste! I've been working on a top 50 singles list over the past few weeks. I'm hoping to have it finalized in a week or so! I just checked out your list, and I have a lot of the same songs in my list as well!
Dec 14, 2020
Hey! Which song would you say is your go-to/party song? 'Bout to make a list!
Dec 6, 2020
Dec 1, 2020
thanks for your pick, much appreciated (:
Nov 30, 2020
hello abed from popular tv show community i have a question
So let’s say, hypothetically you were up at 3am on a rainy night and it’s really quiet. What album would you proceed to put on for your 3am sad session?
and yeah this is for a list
Nov 21, 2020
Now more than ever is the time for us to be supporting local and small bands that rely mostly on touring. Who are some of your favourite local bands? Thanks!
Nov 20, 2020
I haven't listened to a whole lot of Gang of Youths, but they were great when I saw them in 2018. Apart from True Lovers, I haven't actually listened to Holy Holy...
Oct 5, 2020
My chiptune EP is out! Thanks so much if you decide to check it out! :D
Oct 5, 2020
pop + rock + indie + anything else that catches my interest

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