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Gang of Youths’ Go Farther In Lightness is an underrated indie-rock masterpiece. While keeping with the emotional pathos and complex song-writing of their debut, it is also heavier in sound and much more emotionally immediate. While The Positions opens with the slow-burn of “Vital Signs”, Lightness opens with “Fear and Trembling” which, though opening with a short piano intro, soon bursts into the surge of Arcade Fire-esque indie rock energy that would also carry ... read more

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Every Night The Same Dream is often considered the “oddball” of Ball Park Music’s discography - it failed to yield any “hit” singles on the same level of the band’s biggest tracks, alienated some fans and is still under-represented in the band’s set-lists to this day. However, those who stayed along for the ride were rewarded with what is possibly the band’s most experimental effort yet. Fans of the band’s poppier work (myself included) may ... read more
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Coming off the success of their first two albums in 2012, Sam Cromack of Ball Park Music stated that with the band’s creative energy running high, he would hope for the band to release a new album every year, a schedule akin to 60’s rock groups like The Beatles. The band ended up taking 2013 off, instead opting to retreat to a Brisbane home studio (converted from an old sharehouse) to self-produce what would become their third album, 2014’s Puddinghead - their best album yet. ... read more
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Ball Park Music quickly followed their debut up just a year later with Museum, a step up which sees them refine their formula. Despite guitarist and founding member Brock Smith’s departure prior to this album, the band - which would remain a five-piece for the rest of their career - sound fuller and more fleshed out. Opening track “Fence Sitter” rolls in with manic energy provided by Paul Furness’ circus-like keyboard riff. Lead single “Surrender” follows, ... read more
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Though they may not be the most popular band to come out of the country in this era, Brisbane’s Ball Park Music are a band that I feel best encapsulates the vibe of the Australian indie scene and Brisbane in the 2010’s (they even went to the same university as I did!). Ever since I found out about them back in high school in 2012, their brand of quirky indie rock has been a consistent part of my adolescent years.

Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs is the band’s debut album and ... read more
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Most people who have heard of Filipino-British musician Beabadoobee will know her through her warm lo-fi ballad “Coffee” – or at least the version which was sampled and re-purposed by Powfu’s “death bed (coffee for your head)” which became a slow burn hit this year. It’s perhaps not the best reflection of Bea’s true musical direction, as her debut album Fake It Flowers makes it clear that she is more concerned in re-creating the sound of late ... read more
Oct 5, 2020
My chiptune EP is out! Thanks so much if you decide to check it out! :D
Oct 5, 2020
Sep 24, 2020
I think simply put, a 100 for me from 1971 (Blue) and a 100 from me in 2020 (Folklore + Bolt Cutters) aren’t really comparable. If I rated all my favourite old albums then I’d overthink it so I just don’t bother. But I’m probably going to publish my top 100 albums list soon ish which hopefully will displays the kind of things I like :)
Sep 19, 2020
Community is my favorite tv show❤️❤️❤️
Aug 13, 2020
Please check out my new instrumental electronic album!
Thanks so much! :D
Jul 5, 2020
@thegeecyproject thank you for appreciating the reviews i made, i’ll try to be active here on this site, thanks again
May 4, 2020
Hey, I have a song out! When you have the chance to, please give it a listen. This is a collaboration between my friend Martin and me. It would be nice if you give it a review or rating. I would love to read what you think.

"Spleen & Lockdown" is OUT NOW on soundcloud:
Nov 1, 2019
Supp! I'm doing a challenge at the moment, the "out of my comfort-zone challenge". This is a challenge where I need to listen projects, I normally wouldn't listen too. After some listen I need to state my opinions in a review. If you would suggest an album to me, it would be great! As long as they aren't metal, hip hop or rap!
Oct 6, 2019
worked really hard on it
pop + rock + indie + anything else that catches my interest

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